More BS From GQ

Continuing from last week, after characterizing all mongers as losers and most prostitutes as sex slaves, underage or illegals, GQ writer Sean Flynn on to make all of the standard arguments against prostitution, avoiding only the “It’s a sin!” angle. I won’t bore you with it all, you can read the article HERE if you are a masochist.

2945972971_0261e20729Beyond the writer’s obvious agenda, the article itself is out of date, and not all that accurate even when it was written back in 2007. For one thing, tourism of all kinds is down since ’07. But business it’s still business as usual for lots of the hangouts that used to be frequented almost exclusively by gringos. Most of the old timers here will tell you that since 2007, there is a much higher percentage of locals in such venues as the Del Rey and Key Largo. Just last week I took a walk through the Key Largo at about midnight on a Friday night. The three back bars and dance floor where the live band was playing were all pretty desolated, nothing like 2007. But at the front bar, in the recently installed disco area was, it was jammed with locals and a fair number of gringos who just wanted to be where the ‘action’ was. (Reggaton is a sort of Caribbean rap music). They have changed with the times to cater more to locals, and it is working.

So, after expressing his contempt for the customers and his ignorance of who most of the working girls are, we get this:

When you get off the plane, there are posters taped to each of the kiosks where the immigration officers stamp your passport. They show the large, sad face of a teenage girl and, smaller and down in one corner, a pair of white man’s hands poking out through what appear to be the bars of a prison cell. “Her soul torn to pieces,” the text reads, “and you…behind bars.” …

Welcome to Costa Rica, where it is illegal to rape children. Where it is necessary, in fact, to remind every single tourist entering the country that it is wrong to rape children.

You do not have to come to Costa Rica to abuse children. Hell, you can always join the clergy or contribute big bucks to a college sports program like Penn State.

He cites a study of prostitutes and how many were sexually abused as children. 84% in Canada, of all places, not exactly a sex tourist destination. If Sean Flynn had actually talked to the girls here, he would have found that a significant number of them had children before their 18th birthday. I have met MANY, and not one father of their first child was a sex tourist. But if you use his definition of child rape, there are a million plus victims of child rape in the country, and a million plus child rapists running free. I don’t see the local law going after these rapists. Not even for child support (lots of luck with that).

In short, the article mixes some facts and accurate observations with a lot of unfounded speculation and opinion, all presented as fact. Sadly there’s a big market for that sort of pseudo journalism.

8376590201_4365d78e07As part of my research, I visited both the local web site and GQ’s web site. GQ seems to have no problem with using scantily clad women on their covers and in their articles to boost sales. The local web site also used a liberal amount of ‘sexy’ photos to spice up its article. In fact, you have to wonder what the point of the GQ article was in the first place, if it wasn’t to boost circulation. The article bemoaned the fact that prostitution exists, but other than opposing legalization, offered nothing in the way of solutions. Making money off sex is okay, apparently, as long as you’re well dressed. I suspect GQ has enough dollars to spare to open a nice home for wayward girls here, keep them from “the life.” But that doesn’t generate revenue like a good article that pretends to care about them.

I never was GQ material in any way, shape or form, but I have a pretty fair idea who their audience is. They are mostly yuppie types who believe they are a cut above others because they spend more on clothes, or cars, or whatever. Maybe some of their readers are former yuppies who have made the grade, but still need to know what’s “in” and what isn’t… what the well dressed gentleman is wearing this year. It probably does their egos good to think they don’t have to pay for sex while others do. They may even feel that way after their divorce settlements.

6382586751_63d9e51ae0Writer Sean Flynn made it a big point to call mongers “delusional” to think they aren’t scum, and not hated by every chica they have been with. Maybe I think GQ types are delusional in thinking that expensive clothes, car and wine makes them superior. Who is right and who is wrong? Are we both wrong? Both right? If I had to guess, I’d say both right, to some extent at least.

But delusion has gotten a bad rap, to my way of thinking. Just try getting through life without delusion and rationalizations. In my humble opinion, if you think you have no delusions, you’re deluded!

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  1. I've been comming to C.R. for over 10 years. I have yet to see a pimp or "sex slave". What I do see is women who have families to support or bills to pay. They see an opportunity to provide what their baby-daddys won't by entering into a short term mutually benefical relationship with a Gringo. More often than not they are making the choice and the first move.GQ Sean is really clueless

    • Thomas Ray O'Brien says:

      You nailed it. He has no grasp of reality. Whatever he got paid for that article, he was way overpaid.

  2. mindsub says:

    "They may even feel that way after their divorce settlements".. That was a good comment.. lol

    * i enjoy your real world semi neutral articles..