More about my Early Days in San Jose

Quoth the raven "Nevermore"

Quoth the raven “Nevermore”

My main hangout in my early days was the old NY Bar. It was a mix of gringos, mostly men, and locals, both men and women. The women there were not all hookers but there were always a few hoping to snag a customer.

One of the more unusual experiences I had there was one Saturday night when I got picked up by a chica I thought must have been working, but she assured me she wasn’t and didn’t want money, she just liked my looks or whatever. She spoke English and apparently wasn’t desperate for money. I did end up taking her home, and saw her a few times again, though never took her home again. She was quite a character. This was back in 2004, and she told me her fantasy was to have sex with George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden at the same time. Uh… yeah. Dingy as hell, but she was decent looking and decent in bed.

DSCF0048It was one night when I was just hanging out there when I ran into a guy who is still a friend, and he convinced me to make a visit with him to a place called the Molino Rojo. When I got there and looked around, and heard how cheap it was to get laid there, it was as if someone had taken the scales from my eyes! I ended up going back time and time again, which was the basis for the series “5 Years in the Molino Rojo.” There are a number of stories there, some funny, some weird, but it opened up a door for me to the scene in San Jose beyond the well known places such as the Hotel Del Rey and Key Largo, or the upscale massage joints.

2762388312_b06beaa34fIt was at a cut-rate strip joint that I met my first and last girlfriend in the country. She was tall, slim, and had a face that reminded me of Julia Roberts. I remember our first session together upstairs from the bar, and although she seemed to be suffering from a cold, she did an outstanding job and really seemed to find me desirable. I got her phone number and we went out a couple of times, which ended up in us becoming ‘novios.’

It didn’t last very long, maybe a month. It really wasn’t her fault as much as I just realized I really didn’t want to get involved with anybody. There were a few little things about her that turned me off but the real reason I broke it off was because I wanted my freedom to do whatever (and whomever) I pleased.

Since then I have had plenty of offers from working girls who wanted me for a novio or even wanted to get married! I was flattered, but I was becoming more and more certain that my freedom was something I just wasn’t going to give up.

I have long since lost count of the number of chicas I have been with. One funny thing that happens when you live down here is that there will be times when you run into some girl in a bar or someplace and although you recognize her from SOMEWHERE, you can’t remember if you had sex with her or not. It’s a little like what I heard from teachers I have known. The really good ones, you remember. The really bad ones, you remember. Those in between, you tend to forget.

Molino VID00015_0001There’s a commercial for a Mexican beer about the most interesting man in the world, and they say he has two little black books just for women named Juanita. That is obviously an exaggeration, but if you take the trouble to collect phone numbers, you will eventually have so many that you won’t remember the face that goes with the number. I’m no longer actively trying to collect more phone #s but I still find numbers sometimes and have no idea who it is. It’s an embarrassment of riches, let me tell you.

I think I’ll just wrap it up. I could go on and on talking about myself and my life but I find it boring when other people do it, and so I will just stop HERE.

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  1. Hi Thomas i really like to read your stories and histories
    all of them trough or just a part but in this story you say
    something very very special……

    " I wanted my freedom to do whatever (and whomever) I pleased."

    thats the point i really believe because there is nothing more a person
    need in life freedom…..
    keep going on
    pura vida

  2. michael grabelsky says:

    Believe or Not the old New York Bar made a great Burger and fries for about two bucks!! I miss that pace!

  3. Hey Thomas love your stories! Keep up the good work! Probably a crazy question but here goes: Do you have any reviews of the golfing experience down there?

    • Thomas Ray O'Brien says:

      I played once out near Santa Ana. Nice course, my playing sucked. I can't remember the name of the course but you can find it with a search.

  4. Don Quixote says:

    I remember that very special night at Molino when we saw that chica on stage doing herself with a beer bottle. That was a big turn on and also she was a very sensual dancer. As you may know I returned a couple of nights later at 2 in the morning and took her back to my hotel.

  5. More fascinating true stories from one of the most knowledgeable men I know in Costa Rica.
    I always enjoy your views on life here in Costa Rica and your continual advice and assistance .
    If I wasn’t living here , I might think that this was fiction, but I know all you say is the Truth !

  6. Richard, The owner of the NY bar ran it into the ground by not paying rent, TAXES and the CAJA. What I liked was the U shaped bar so you could see about everyone sitting in one place and the 6pm matching your drink. Many nights there could be 50 to 75 gringos/Ticas/Nicas all sitting around. I remember the last night open Wednesday,, and the Two old gringos ( Larry and Fireman Jimmy) fighting outside the bar and over a hooker, Go Figure! Since it's closure a couple other business tried to open all closed. Too bad was a nice option for the time it was open. And Thomas with his friend Mike in the band singing Ha! Memories