Annoucing New eBook: Clueless Clyde in Costa Rica

Clueless Clyde in Costa Rica

I’d like to thank everyone who has enjoyed the Clueless Clyde series, and encouraged me to put it into eBook form. I went back and revised the material and have added mostly new photos. For those who haven’t been following the Clyde saga, It’s about a guy not too much unlike how I was when I first discovered Costa Rica, though I like to think I wasn’t quite as “clueless” as Clyde. Perhaps you’ll even see a bit of yourself in our “hero.”

In order to publish the eBook I have been required to remove all of the prior blog entries. The story isn’t over yet… there is more to come… but it will be in eBook form. Thanks again for the all the positive feedback and please tell any of your friends who might enjoy the book about it. And stay tuned for the continuing adventures of “Clueless Clyde in Costa Rica.”

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  1. Perhaps the most accurate portrait of the incidental monger in Costa Rica. An excellent read from Thomas!

  2. Bought it.

  3. Thanks for the lovely post really a great way which is portray in the article is Clueless Clyde series ebook information.

  4. El Viejo says:

    I downloaded the Kindle book, but it ends with Clyde Ponders His Future. Is this the end if the book, or did I just get a partial download? Please respond, I do want to read to the end, and I read more stories here on the web site.

  5. El Viejo says:

    Thomas, please tell me how I can download the total Clueless Clyde book, I still think Amazon only gave me the first part of it!

    • Thomas Ray O'Brien says:

      The first book is the first of three volumes, a trilogy if you like. Part 2 should be out in a matter of a week or two and the conclusion is still being written and may be a month or more behind that.

      Thomas Ray O'Brien