GQ Does the Del Rey (and more!)

HermosaThere is a website called Costaricantimes, who posted an article (4 articles, actually) called “CR Sex Tourism; Loving Gringos for a Living.”

I got suckered in and clicked on the link. What I found was a reprinted article from GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) written in 2007 by Sean Flynn. Still, I was curious as to what the overall spin would be and to see if there was anything to learn there.

The article begins with a neutral point of view, at least to start with. For example:

The chicas — Christ, there’s a lot of them. … Are they looking at you? Hell yes. A hundred brown eyes turn on you the second you walk through the door, trying to catch your attention before you even get past the security guard with the metal detector, like you’re Brad Pitt or something. When’s the last time that happened at the Bennigan’s in Parsippany? Never, that’s when.

So… the writer is familiar with Parsippany, NJ, which is a short drive (traffic permitting) from New York City, presumably the HQ for GQ. A little later on, we get a hint of what’s to come:

Thing is, they all seem to enjoy being around you. Prostitutes are good like that. The best ones make you forget they’re even prostitutes, make you think you’ve stumbled into the greatest singles’ bar in the world. That girl you’re talking to, she’ll tell you that you’re handsome and sexy and intelligent, and she’ll make you believe it no matter how fat or dumb or ugly you are because she knows you’ve got a hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket. Back home, you’d spend that on dinner and a movie, and for what? A kiss on the cheek? Down here, that gets you laid, and by a woman who pretends she doesn’t think you’re a pig.

Ah, at last, he leaves neutral ground. According to Sean, all the chicas here think their customers are pigs. A little further on we get a little interesting info as he writes:

For one thing, prostitution is legal, or at least isn’t illegal: The business isn’t taxed or regulated like, say, casinos or bars, but there is no law against an adult selling his or her body for cash. So you’re not going to come down to San José and get busted by an undercover cop. Prostitution is also indigenously rampant and culturally, if quietly, acceptable—70 percent of those who pay for sex are locals—so you don’t feel all that awkward with your arm around a whore.


Alright, that’s something approaching a fact, though where he got the number is anybody’s guess. A little later one, we get:

Stand at the edge of Parque Morazan and watch the parade of white guys with young brown girls. “This place,” says that American expat former cop, “has to be the number one destination in the Western Hemisphere for horny, middle-aged moron-loser-gringos jacked up on Viagra.”

Now, the quote is supposedly from some ex-cop, not the author. But if the author disagreed with that sentiment, he lets it pass. I don’t doubt he feels that way. A little later on, he quotes somebody named Franzblau, who is… well, the author doesn’t say, but obviously an expert:

“I tell you what,” says Franzblau. “If these guys knew how many of these girls are thinking about sticking a knife in their back while they’re having sex with them, they’d be amazed. Forget amazed. They’d be staying home.”

But they don’t know, so they keep coming. Who cares what the tourist board says? The hotel clerks, the bartenders, the cabbies—they’re all part of the fantasy, all in on the hustle. No one looks at you funny down here if you want to get a girl for the night or just for an hour. No one calls you a loser if you pay to get laid.

So we return to the loser and all the girls hate gringos theme, both at once. A little further down, he gives us another “quote.”

Americans, the tico says, are like “Attila, you know, the Hun,” but they’ve got dollars.

You have to love his objective viewpoint. Or not.

He frequently sites the Holiday Inn on the far side of Morazan Park as where the gringo mongers stay. Even 6 years ago, and long before, it was on the list of places NOT to stay if you were thinking of bringing back a woman ‘guest’ with you. They have been charging a very steep guest fee since I first set foot here in 2003, and the last I heard, this was still their policy.

Regarding the quote above about the “parade of white guys with young brown girls” through Parque Morazan, I have walked through Parque Morazan at all times of night for years, and I NEVER see white guys with young brown girls. Yeah, there are plenty of places white guys and young brown girls cavort, but the only reason to walk through the park from the Del Rey or Key Largo is to get to the above mentioned Holiday Inn, where NOBODY who isn’t absolutely CLUELESS® tries to take a girl. The hotel is definitely unfriendly to working girls. In fact, I recommend that very hotel to “family oriented” tourists for just that reason.

Then we get this:

Most prostitutes—the ones controlled by pimps or traffickers, the minors, the illegal immigrants—aren’t in any position to ask for government help, and the ones who are usually don’t want an official record of a profession they hope will be temporary.


Exactly how he learned that most prostitutes are controlled, slaves, minors or illegal immigrants, we’ll never know. And neither will he, since he is either just repeating something he heard or read somewhere or it’s just a pseudo-factoid he pulled out of his posterior. He doesn’t cite a source, and it’s obvious he didn’t spend all that much time in Costa Rica or he might have known about the Holiday Inn’s policy. He also doesn’t mention whether he could speak Spanish, and doesn’t mention talking to a single working girl. But maybe he’s a mind reader.

To Be Continued Next Week

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  1. Dan Stevens who runs and I guess owns this web site. It is all about how he can make money on advertisement. Promoting high end dentistry, hotels and the like. He is also on the Monday radio as a "guest" touting the areas of interest from Jaco Beach.Again I find the Mondayy program that goers on and on a waste of time could have been summed up in ten minutes or less. I find his information useless and only a gripe about everything here that does not work. I have not seen this article nor do I care too. Nice of you to be calling him out, using other re run articles, giving out OLD information now . You wonder why he would even stay here if it is sooo bad.

    • Dan simply points out realities in my opinion.. I have found him quite helpful really. Here in Hermosa Beach a tourist couple was stalked down the beach, and yet another robbed whilst they slept in their rent a house… It is a bed of Roses here…. but at least one can have a pretty young friendly woman for a bit under 500,000 as required elsewhere…

  2. I guess Sean from GQ is still young. It'll be funny how his views will change in a few years.

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