Having spent more the eight years down here and gotten to know more Ticas (and others) than I can remember, I have at least a shaky grasp of what many of the local girls are dealing with. I have also talked to countless gringos, travelers and expats, ABOUT the local girls. I have come to the conclusion that there is a wide gap in the understanding each group has for the other. Since my readers are gringos, I will do what I can to explain the economic situation of the majority of working girls in the hope it can help gringos avoid some of the irritation and anguish they experience dealing with the ladies here.

A working girl friend has been going through some tough times and I offered to lend the wisdom my 1st world mind to her 3rd world economic problems. We started with a sort of income statement, as follows:

$400 per month salary at supermarket

$300 rent
$50 utilities
$80 transportation

Whoa!!! Expenses just exceeded income and we haven’t even mentioned food or anything else!

I knew that she had been having problems recently keeping her head above water, but since I have known her for years, I asked her how she used to make ends meet. Basically she used to make ends meet the same way she’s trying to make ends meet now, by selling her favors in bars. I asked her why things are worse now. The answer was: fewer customers, and with less money to spend.

She says at she used to have a pretty reliable group of repeat customers who would come down and spend weeks or even months. Now she says that those who still come are here for shorter times and don’t come as frequently. She didn’t mention it, but it’s also true that she’s getting older. She still has a very tiny spinner body and still provides great service, but she appeals to a smaller subset at 40 than she would have at 25 or 30.

And finally, I guess I should mention the expat customers she has accumulated over the years have been changing over the years as well. The most obvious way they are changing is that they are getting older. Male sex drive tends to decrease as the years pile up. There are definitely guys who can get ‘er done into their eighties, but there are also plenty who go from twice a day in their 30s to twice a week in their 50s and downhill from there.

Another problem working girls face is the fact that many of their customers, if not most, crave ‘fresh’ and ‘new’ company. I am that type of guy, though not as extreme as some. I know a lot of good performers who barely interest me any more simply because I have ‘been there, done that,’ so to speak. The chica in question is a good example. She used to have a fair number of steady customers that just lost interest because the grass seemed greener elsewhere.

I should mention one more thing, and that is the fact that those who live here tend to get tighter with their money as time goes on. It might be that they have run through some nest egg or other, or it might be that they have been here long enough to realize that they can obtain what they want quite a bit more cheaply than what they used to pay. As experience piles up, most guys will run into a ‘provider’ who is so desperate she will sell her ‘product’ very cheaply. As good consumers, we have been taught that it’s wrong to pay more than we have to. Newbies can be forgive for overpaying but the seasoned veterans know that spending a lot isn’t any guarantee of a good time.

To return to the original topic, I feel I should mention that there are some girls who make enough to live a pretty decent living. They are not typical but they exist. But the large majority of working girls are not doing much more than getting by. For every girl that averages more than one customer per night, there are twenty (or more) who average one or two a week.

I believe that many gringos have an unrealistic view of how much money their ‘companions’ are earning. $100 an hour seems like a lot, and if you assume that some chica is doing five customers a night at $100 a pop, then yeah, it IS a sizable amount. But even the above average girls don’t always get $100 and almost all I have ever talked to have had nights where $0 was the amount they earned.

When you get down below the top tier, it gets even worse for the girls. The chica I mentioned above has weeks where she goes directly from her day job to the gringo bars, and lately she hasn’t had much luck. Last week it was zero and as this week is the dreaded ‘Semana Santa,’ things don’t look good for her this week either. She does have one steady customer who is good for about $40 a week, so with one or two more ‘clients’ she can about scrape by, which she does.

There is a common saying among the monger community that “It’s all about the money.” I disagree with that statement, in its strongest form. It isn’t ALL about the money. But ask yourself where your priorities would be if you faced the possibility of eviction every month. Gringos look at life from their perspective and the Chicas look at it from theirs. I have seen guys who get angry because they take some girl out to an expensive dinner and she still expects to get paid the same amount for sex. From the guys viewpoint, his wallet is lighter by a sizable amount and feels taken advantage of. From the girl’s viewpoint the dinner was nice but it doesn’t pay the rent.

Bottom line is, the girl may like you a lot and still need the money. Maybe if she were as rich as you she’d be happy to do you for free. Until such time, don’t be surprised if she wants money.

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  1. Andrew Bottelson says:

    What about 'love' and a 'permanent' partner?

    • Look else where than Costa Rica. You want love you need to find a different culture.

    • Andrew, it can be found but there are hazards. I recommend the 'Girlfriend Experience' series. There are at least 20 posts there, browse the topics until you see something that interests you. If you avoid the obvious mistakes you have a chance, but it pays to know a little about what's going on down here. Good luck.

    • Now that funny! What about that anywhere in the universe. Here no way Jose!!

    • With a great deal of luck and knowing the right people that have lived here for a few yrs., I was able to meet a great woman that has been living with me for the last 9 months. She was never a professional girlfriend , so she doesn’t ask me to pay her by the hour. I enjoy having
      I pay the rent and but all the food. She takes great care of me and my needs and she also does the cooking.
      Some guys are more than happy to have a girlfriend for an hour or two. Once or twice a week
      is fine for them. I’d rather have a relationship with someone who is around as the mood hits. There are women around that don’t have kids that they have to get home to, but it’s usually older women. I would think that there would be more women that would be happy to have room and board, even for a month.
      All I can say is that it is possible to meet intelligent attractive women that speak English here,it just takes a lot more time to find them. You can’t expect a woman who asks for $100 an hour to drop everything and move in with you. I think a lot of the women I’ve met have never really had a relationship and it’s very frustrating trying to instruct them what it is you are looking for.
      Gracias to Thomas for the great advice on life in CR !

  2. Phil Parker says:

    The article serves a good purpose!! Greedy fuckers that we are, we all feel like this is a place for bargining which it shouldn't be if you are choosing right in the first place..thanks for the insight

  3. Big hammer says:

    Poor Little Tica Rica Chica's.., They Get It Going And Cumming,..

  4. same same all over the world But!, when you get into a big pond like the Philippines, there are so few guys willing to cum for such a large population. PI get only 2 times the tourists and has 100 million people compared to 4.7 million in costa rica, 25 percent of the PI visitors are from korea, and 15 percent from USA. My point is to give up on ticanomics and go towards pinayonmics, it will always be cheaper, a never ending pool of talent for your foreseeable lifetime. Get even by getting better odds, not by understanding the odds in a small country so close to the usa…Been to the CR, 4 times, and btw, pun was intended for those familiar with filipino culture, and nothing beats the Philippines… I just don't get paying inflated short term prices when you can obtain girlfriends p4p for a fraction there, and girlfriends for free just by dating, and get 20 years olds…, Costa rica never seemed like a good place to settle down….Hell, soo many girls can not even get a job , let alone want to live screwing for so little that you can get live in girlfriends plural that you can have a harem!! certainly more life and larger life than in the CR, again Pun definitely intended….

    • I'm glad you found your paradise, Billy. I don't like hot and humid weather and I prefer the looks of Latinas to Malay types. But to each his own.

  5. If they would try and be honest.I have been coming for 8 years.Four to five times a year.I finally met a great one that owns a business.Has education.Has never worked at the del ray.Has a visa.i believe her when she says she loves me.not After a first night romp session .Then a week later asking for money for a bigger apt.

  6. T.O. My Nica friend makes $600.00 a month now Knowing the job can end anytime. The job could end tomorrow that is 8.5 hours a day 6 days a week. She gets paid bi-monthly and with deductions each payday has 127,000 colons to support her and son now. One full check for rent. Then food ,bus, school for son ( father never paid for support) , utilities. Day off she cleans my place just gets by. She has 200 bucks "savings" . Her sister, mother and all pitch in to help each other. So Thomas is right about dinner does not pay the bills, they would rather have the money anyway and buy food at the market too feed themselves for the week. She lucky to have a "good paying job" many do not.

    Unless you have a high school diploma jobs at Wal Mart no chance. Micky D'd and the chain burger places only hire young grads they last average 6 months. Bars and restaurants 18-25 otherwise your out of luck. So Tica's are left to do house keeping , work long hours in factory or the massage parlors. It is a rough life for most here.

  7. I like to do the math once in a while. My favourite provider would seem to have it all. Has looks, is young, strong sexual prowess, she is nice and only in a minor way a moocher.
    In the last year she has learned English in a useable way. She is rarely more than bus time late. Yet she is struggling big time. I could beat her down 5mil but do not.
    Yet I know she blows off clients all the time. The short term thinking nemesis endemic to this country.

  8. Esuran, your short term thinking that 5mil is a "beat down price" is extreme short term thinking, both on her part, thinking that you are going to last forever as her best provider, or that she is going to find another sucker willing to part with that sum…and you can get more bang for your poontang colons, defintely for what you are spending now, and you will wake up soon to see the short term thinking when you actually find one that is better for a fraction there in pura vida land, and if you travel to the PI you can find young pussy for a fraction of a fraction!

  9. I have a friend in The Dominican that works at a supermarket in Santo Domingo – she makes $6 a day, so twice a year she travels to Sosua and works at Passions where she makes about $150 a day – she stays in a hotel room with 4 other girls that are doing the same thing, they stay for about 2 months then head back home – when the money runs out they repeat the process. Oh by the way she has to support 2 young kids and her mother. She really doesn't like living the double life but has not choice, she's 26 now one has to wonder what happens down the line .

  10. As far as their $100 for an hour, think of it as if you were providing some other service. First you have to buy the uniform (hooker uniform and those special cfm shoes ). They have maintenance costs: hair dresser? makeup? Maybe babysitting costs while they work. Then you have travel time and costs both ways. Waiting for bus or paying for taxi. Then you have waiting time (as in the Del Rey or other places). Hell, when you order redimix concrete they charge you almost $3 per minute after a certain time. Maybe waiting for a hour or maybe all night. Also maybe while they wait they may have to eat or drink.
    So by the time you add up and deduct all the overhead and other costs that $100 (or likely $60 or $80) doesn't necessarily look like so much. I know it is alot more than working in a store or soda but still not as good as you might think.