What’s Good for the Gander

We’ve all heard the expression, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” right? I had that brought home to me recently in a couple of different ways.

I’ve probably mentioned before that I generally have girls come over to my place when I’m in need of company. After living in San Jose for eight plus years, I have a sizable roster of girls I have met over those eight years, and they will often call me asking if I need “company.” Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, no big deal.
At any rate, I got a call from one I hadn’t seen in a long time who is not a super model by any means but happens to be a stellar performer, as far as what I like, at least. I had heard a rumor from one of her other ‘clients’ that she now had a boyfriend, so I hadn’t called her.

She asked me if I wanted “company,” and remembering the pleasant experiences I had before with her, we arranged a “date.” In the course of the proceedings, or in between rounds to be more precise, I asked her if it was true about her having a boyfriend. She told me yes, she did have a boyfriend. Apparently he’s a decent looking young Tico who has a job and helps her out. They don’t live together but they are a “couple.” She called me because she could use the extra money, and because she liked the sex. She said that she only did ‘it’ with the boyfriend about twice a week. Now, knowing her as I do, in the Biblical sense, twice a NIGHT would seem less than she would want. So it would seem she was killing two birds with one stone by seeing me.

She wasn’t the first girl to visit me who had a boyfriend, or even a husband. Extra money was the main motivator, although every one I can think of rather enjoyed the sex part as well. I know many of us (males) long for the good old days of the double standard where men were excused for being dogs but women were faithful all the time. As if. But that was the ‘code’ even if it wasn’t followed, it was accepted.

Asian Girls in Costa Rica???

Giving examples of female infidelity probably fans the flames of the jealous types, and supports the arguments of the “you can’t trust any of ’em” crowd, but wait a minute! Let’s take an imaginary stroll through the Hotel Del Rey or Sportsmens Lodge. Are you going to tell me that all these guys are single? Really? Of course not.
Women are the most deceitful, unfaithful sex by far, as long as you don’t count men.

Sadly, if you were born with a jealous or suspicious mind, there’s not much you can do about it, as far as I can tell. I know there are undoubtedly support groups for overly jealous types, but I’ve never seen anybody really change. About all anybody can do is hope to find somebody who will be faithful and accept that you will probably STILL feel jealous whether or not she cheats on you.

To give a counter example, one of my favorites is now “off the market,” so to speak, in that she found herself a boyfriend and has forsaken “the life” as long as it lasts, which could be quite a while if things go well. He’s youngish, nice looking, and affluent. Younger than I, better looking than I, and richer than I, for sure. I’m pretty sure she won’t be needing any “extra money” and probably not more sex, though if she does I hope it’s ME she calls. Yeah, I know, I’m dreaming.

I also know some guys who are quite faithful to their S. O.s. It’s a darn shame that there isn’t some easily detected physical characteristic that can be used to indicate whether or not someone is the faithful type. The unfortunate fact is that you can’t judge by eye color or hair color or foot size. You have to go by behavior. That means you MAY have to pause to listen and observe the other person more than you enjoy.

I’ll give everybody one piece of wisdom that may be of use: If you hear person X lying to somebody else, person X will lie to YOU. If you hear person X talking trash about somebody else, person X will talk trash about you. If you see person X mistreating somebody else, person X will mistreat you. So what have we learned? Anybody?

“Avoid anybody named person X!”

I need a drink.

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  1. Welltannedman says:

    When I'm in Costa she with me.When I'm not in Costa she in the bars drinking every night at my expense talking to whoever. and saying whatever about X.I want to trust what she tells me but she has lied before.I believe that is just the life of a Tica….Good Luck Guys……

  2. GJ Magellan says:

    Well when it comes to that game, you have to assume that they all lie..And plus jealousy is one of the wasteful childish emotions, especially with Ticas, But the best advice I ever recieved when it comes to your girl cheating is this. No need to fret if your girl cheats because if she cheats she AIN'T YOUR GIRL..

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