Thinking of Moving to Costa Rica?

There are plenty of reasons NOT to move here. Family ties. Job. Friends. Decent Mexican Food… and too many more to list. But let’s suppose you have minimal family ties, don’t spend all that much time with friends, don’t need to work to live and can live without great Mexican food. Maybe you are thinking of moving here. Maybe you only wonder what it’s like or wonder how it might be done. Well, amigo, this post is for you.
The pluses here are 1) available (often attractive) women, 2) nice weather, 3) cheaper rent and so on. I’ll get into the ‘and so on’ a bit later on. But let’s start with one, two and three.

Number one is pretty obvious to anyone who has been here. In my own case, I know from experience that a man over 50 generally has seen a decline in the level of appeal of women who will give him the time of day, and I can tell you it doesn’t get better as you age. At 50 I didn’t have a lot of options, but I had a few. Now that I’m in my 60s, the “pickins” have gotten slimmer (in number, that is. They haven’t gotten physically slimmer). But down here in Costa Rica I have much more appealing options. Yeah, the illusion that I wasn’t “paying for it” is gone, but there was always a price to pay one way or another, at least since I got too old to play the role of minor league rock star.

The weather and the cheaper rent are pretty much given. There are other places on the planet with very nice weather and women, and I don’t pretend that Costa Rica is the cheapest place to live either, but here I am and it IS cheaper rent and nicer weather than any place I know of in the States. Perhaps rent in small town Nebraska might be reasonable but heating and cooling bills add up, and I don’t have either here in San Jose.
There are guys who would love the weather here and the ladies, and might like the gambling and the beaches and whatever else, but can’t take the thought of being away from friends and family, or their furniture even (one reason I heard one guy give me). Fair enough. There are guys who make quite frequent visits and it works just fine for them.

But if you ARE considering moving here, I will give pieces of advice in hopes of answering some frequent questions.

Q: Should I move down lock, stock and barrel or do a test visit?
A: I recommend a test visit, a trial run. You can stay 3 months on a tourist visa and that’s what I recommend. You should have enough time to decide if CR is the place for you, or not. If you are still ‘on the fence’ after 3 months, you can make a trip to Granada, Nicaragua and get your visa renewed. If you decide CR is NOT for you before your 3 months are up, you can pay a little extra and get your return date changed on your plane ticket and chalk it all up to experience.

Q: Where should I live? How do I find a place?
A: There are at least 3 places that are “monger-friendly” not too far from “the action.” Vista Linda, Scotland Apts and Sudamer are all options that aren’t bad for starters. You can also do what I did and live in a hotel while you look for an apartment. I only spent a few nights in the hotel. I found a nice place on the outskirts at a reasonable price and about 20 minutes from downtown by bus. It turned out that I didn’t like being quite so far from town and ended up about a 15 minute walk from the gulch.

Q: What should I bring with me?
A: Not a lot. You won’t need a lot of clothes here because of the climate and most likely you don’t want to bring down anything that can’t fit in a carry one and one checked bag, particularly if you are doing the recommended “trial” bit.

Q: Can I drive my car down there?
A: It is possible, but I advise against it. First of all, it’s a long drive and quite dangerous, particularly through Mexico. Secondly, depending on where you live, a car is not always necessary, in fact, it’s usually just a useless expense. You can have your car shipped down here, but taxes, import duties and shipping costs will be high. I highly recommend that you spend time in the country before you ship down a car. On the other hand, if you are filthy rich, go ahead, but be prepared for BS at customs and a hassle getting it registered, etc.

Q: What about not living in San Jose? How about the beach or a small town/rural place?
A: The only beach town with a fair number of working girls would be Jaco. I don’t care for it because it’s too hot and humid for me, not to mention it’s not the cleanest of safest place on the beach. In places other than San Jose, you will have to work harder to find female company. If you speak fair Spanish and are comfortable making random contact wherever you find a woman who gives you a smile, and if you are looking for a girlfriend more than a series of adventures (paid) then you may be happy almost anywhere in the country (weather permitting). But the biggest selection and easiest connections are to be found in downtown San Jose.

Q: What about x, y, or z?:
A: I don’t have the space to go into detail about everything you may want to know. There are a series of articles here: about relocation, real estate, and such. That will take you to the last page/first article in the series and you can work your way forward from there. It’s a general approach meant for anybody but you can filter the info as it applies to you.

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  1. Hello, Tom!

    I've spent quite a bit of time in San Jose and I agree with your assessment, in general.

    In Canada(and I would hazard a guess that this is also true for the US), I personally believe that, in general, men "hit" a desirability "brick wall" with younger, more desirable women at age 40(+/-)..

    The older chaps I have met in San Jose that make the appearance of having even a remotely good time, socially,(defined as not having to "overtly" "pay for it" all the time…cash being handed over once the "hour is up"…but having a "girlfriend" and paying for her living expenses as well as, possibly, for her family doesn't "count" but only doing what a wealthier "boyfriend" should) have a great deal of disposable income and are not afraid to spend it!

    I feel sad for the blokes who come here expecting to be desired by the local women because they've read on the Internet that their Old Age Pension monthly stipends make them in the top 10% of Costa Rican income earners!

    Sorry, mates, these women want GENUINE WEALTH…no less, and pretending to be your "girlfriend" is just a calculated way to steal from you for as long as possible using your heart, "hornyness" and your distorted view of reality against you!

    To them you are just an undesirable old/older man, who is, in general, bad physical shape, bald/balding, gray haired(except for those who dye it or wear an obvious hairpiece), who, with age, has become rather 'smelly", snores, and is more susceptible to health issues as age increases!

    After all, having to live with "any, all of the above", in their minds, they "deserve" your wealth and you should be happy with ANY of attention you get from them…regardless of how fake it is!

    IMO, San Jose abounds with "Selena on steroids" type of women who pretend to be what the "unwanted" are looking for!

    It's a pathological shame it has to be like this as most of the gents I've met in San Jose are decent chaps deserve a much better social experience than just to be used as targets and victims!