General Observations 2 – The Cost of Love

The first part of this went into why older men (such as General Dave and I) chase younger women. NOW… I’m going to talk about the difference between General Dave and me, and possibly you, if you so choose. Onward…

Imagine Paula Broadwell, the General’s lover, dressed up sexy and strolling through the Del Rey hotel, looking for a client. Not bad looking for 40. Would she be my first choice? Not based on looks alone. She wins points for speaking English well, but since I can speak Spanish, that’s no big deal.

In any event, she will never have to make her living as a working girl in Costa Rica. Obviously. But somehow she was able to ‘hook up’ with a five star general, and the head of the CIA. Kind of like Monica Lewinsky, you might scratch your head and say… Jeebus! SHE was the best he could do?

Ah, but most of us know, at some level, that there’s a difference between Bill or Dave and a guy like me. The main difference? Well there are two, actually. First, I am not married or even promised to be ‘faithful’ to anybody. But the BIGGEST difference is simply this: THEY live in the USA and I live in Costa Rica.

Other than at the highest reaches of the economic ladder, and even there sometimes, the ‘mating’ game is inseparable from economics. Back in the olden days, it was more obvious. Even in my living memory, women were mostly expected to stay at home, do housework, tend the kids and so forth while the man was expected to bring home the bacon, so to speak. Making a good ‘match’ has been the theme of countless novels and movies. A couple I recall from the 50s would be “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” and “How to Marry a Millionaire.”

But times changed and so did the economic situation. A higher percentage of women began to work, for one thing. Also, it became easier for single men and women to live alone, since a lot of the things women used to do were becoming automated. I remember my first TV dinner! They weren’t bad, and Mom loved them… not for the flavor, but for the fact that in a pinch she could shove four of those in the oven, set the timer, and that was dinner for the family!

We men were able to cook TV dinners as well as any woman, and the ‘labor saving’ devices freed up women to work. The old ways were dying out. But the new ways were the same in one sense. Both sides of the ‘match’ game were, and still are, looking for the best they could do.

Here’s the deal: The best you can do down HERE is not the best you can do BACK THERE. When you come down here, that $1200 a month Social Security income puts you in a different class than the one you’d belong to back ‘home.’

You can take it from me, there are a double truckload of women down here to whom a husband who brings in $1200 a month is considered a MAJOR catch. Not all of them, of course. But whereas $1200 a month is poverty level in the USA, it’s upper middle class here. Add to that the fact that the poorer class here is enormous, and you have a situation where even frumpy old men with limited budgets can enjoy the company of lovely young women.

At the same time, back North, a pretty woman, or even a semi-attractive one, doesn’t have to settle for an old duffer who can promise her a rented home in a trailer park and ramen noodles every night, perhaps by candlelight if there wasn’t enough $$$ to pay the electric bill. She knows she can do better and can probably do better ALONE than with the duffer.

I have gone over this all before in my article “It’s the POVERTY, Stupid!” Still it bears repeating. Your ‘market value’ down here is higher than it is up North. Of course, what you do with it is another issue which Clueless Clyde is dealing with. A new episode will follow shortly. In the mean time, enjoy your life the best you can. Hasta luego!

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  1. Where is the house located for sale for 124,000?


    This is the link for more info.

  3. Thomas I ended up reading your blogs. What areas would you recommend for a 65 yr old retiree? A fairly safe neighborhood that I would feel safe walking to the local bars and restaurants. Prefer to rely on public transportation when possible. Reliable internet connection and reasonably priced. If you have any suggestions for both San Jose and the Pacific coast area. A daily walk on the beach sounds nice but realistically I would probably end up in San Jose for the convenience. Thanks Tom

  4. Dave, Great info. Happy to tell you that I now consider myself a wonderfull catch for some of your also ran Ticas. My SS check is over $2100 and I have 2 other checks monthly that total more than SS.Plus my investment income. Please give my email to some of your close personal friends so that when I get to Costa Rica for retirement living in June I will be prepared.

  5. Good story. Waiting for the next one.

  6. This is a good perspective. Now if I just didn’t give it all away.

  7. Don Quixote says:

    I think $1200 a month is cutting it a little too thin unless you have a roommate and paying $200 a month in rent.

    • Don, I realize cutting it too thin for some people means not shopping at Brooks Brothers. Applies to some jet setters I know… well ONE guy I know, anyway. But there are lots of things you can do here for free, like check your bank statements online. Sitting at a table in the Del Rey girl-watching with a bottle of water you bring in and refill at the tap in your home is free. Taking brisk morning walks is free. I know a guy just full of great ideas like that, I'll have to see if he has any more. I'll pass them along when I get them.

      • Don Quixote says:

        Another great idea I think is to get a live in girlfriend so you don't have to pay for it. Also get a guard dog like I have for protection then you don't have to pay a guard.