I Felt the Earth Move – Send Money!

Wednesday morning Costa Rica experienced a 7.6 earthquake. I was sitting in a bus, stopped at a stop light. I suddenly felt the bus shaking as if it was driving over a rough stretch of road, but we weren’t moving. Huh? It seemed to strike everyone at the same time that we were in the middle of an earthquake. I looked out the window and saw the light poles swaying back and forth. I had no idea how strong it was at that point.

The bus headed on up the avenue and my first hint at the severity of the quake was when we passed the INS building and saw all of the employees being evacuated. They were still outside the building an hour later as I returned and didn’t find out the severity of the earthquake until I got back to my apartment.

I turned on the television and had talked to my roomie and knew the magnitude of the quake. Having grown up in California, I had been in earthquakes before, but by way of comparison, the 6.9 quake that toppled the Bay Bridge and crushed people under the freeway in Oakland was SMALLER than what we just had. So you might expect that a poor, third world country would be suffering much worse damage. WRONG!

One of the few things this Mickey Mouse country does right is require buildings to be built to withstand earthquakes. The Loma Prieta 6.9 quake killed 53 and injured nearly 4000. Here, two people died, one of a heart attack. I watched TV and all I saw was some minor damage barely worth looking at. Did it scare us. You betcha! Did it harm us? Not much.

In my apartment on the 5th floor, there were some glasses that broke and a plate or 2 that fell on the floor. My room was a mess with books strewn all over the floor. An hours worth of straightening up and we were back to normal.

THIS morning I talked to one of my favoritas, an honest and wonderful working girl who is quite well known for her performance and personality. She was appalled how many girls she knew were busy sending emails to ALL their novios, most of whom think they are the ONLY one, telling them how their houses had collapsed and their children in the hospital and begging for money. IF you are one of the lucky(?) recipients of such an email (or two), understand it is ALL BS!

My favorita has told me many interesting things about her co-workers, but this bit can be believed, she has absolutely no reason to lie to me. If you got one of these emails, you are being played, brother.

It’s an old, old story and it will never end until the Sun explodes, goes nova, and swallows up the planet. Let’s look at reality for a moment, even in an election year (I hope this doesn’t put me on a travel watch list). Guys, if you think you have a girlfriend down here and are carrying on a long distance romance, you are living a fantasy. Now, there’s nothing wrong in itself in living a fantasy. We all have our delusions, one way or another. The fantasies we all have are only harmful when they are harmful. If you are sending money from Cleveland to some hottie in San Jose and think she’s in love with you, you are getting your payoff from your fantasy. The only hazard is if you find out the truth OR if you can’t afford what you are sending. Either or both can happen, but it’s hard to estimate how often or what the percentage is of the fantasy boyfriends who find out the truth and feel like homemade doodoo afterward.

My own case is that I have been taken in myself, not because of my fantasy that I was the great love of her life but rather due to my nature as a push over and a sap for a sob story. I do have girls that I believe have feelings for me. I have been proposed to a few times, in all seriousness, and I do believe that IF I were looking for a long term relationship, I could have my pick of a handful of working girls who want to retire and just be a housewife.

The BIG difference is that I actually live here and can, if I want to, go see if their roof has caved in. I could, if I wanted, keep a close eye on any girl who says she’s giving up ‘the life’ for the grand privilige of being my girlfriend. This won’t happen, of course, because I don’t want a girlfriend, but most guys seem to have the ‘girlfriend deficiency syndrome’ built into their chromosomes. It has it’s pluses and minuses. We are what we are.

Bottom line, if you get a call or email claiming major damage, don’t believe it. If she says the top of her toilet got broken, it’s likely true. If she says she lost her house, it’s a lie. If losing your fantasy girlfriend is worse than the money she asks for, go ahead and send it. You probably have more money than you need anyway.

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  1. Just tell em you're bringing it at halloween. Then they can earn it cause they always forget to fuck you back.

  2. I have met dozen of guys here HOMESTEADING their Novia! They come here maybe 3 times a year.. Fantasy or stupid it is all how you look at it. Pretty Little hot liars!

  3. Hi TO…I'm back!!!!!

    You – "This won’t happen, of course, because I don’t want a girlfriend, but most guys seem to have the ‘girlfriend deficiency syndrome’ built into their chromosomes. It has it’s pluses and minuses. We are what we are."

    Me – That's because, IMO, "when all is said an done"…especially as the "sexpats" and sex tourists get on in age, and I include myself in this opinion, many "reshuffle" their priorities. I believe many would trade all the "Penthouse Forumesque" sexual encounters that they may anticipate having in the future with multiple, paid, sex partners, for a TRUE bf/gf relationship with a *GENUINE lady who would love. care and be loyal to them for who/what they and not just for what they have so can steal from them using false pretenses.

    IMO, this is tough anywhere in the world for someone who is not "buff", young and weathy but especially challenging where there is a concentrated area of prostitution!

    The equation of sex = money , or, as I have heard too often in San Jose, "no dinero = no chicas" seems to be more than just a slogan but a deeply rooted, uncompromising, unshakable way of life!

    It's too bad as many of the "taken"(as in "taken for a ride") are sincere, kind gentlemen and would make excellent bfs, husbands and partners!

  4. Amen brother! I also felt the quake, and was stunned that the lack of damage to the area. As for the sending of money. You're right, if a guy sends it to them they have too much money anyway. Good luck to all of you out there. Have a great time, but be careful.