Anayeti’s Story

A guy came into the Park Hotel one night and offered to buy me a drink. I didn’t drink back then, I didn’t do drugs either, so I told him he could buy me a soft drink. He said fine, and bought me a Coca Cola. A guy came around selling roses, and he bought me three roses. It was very sweet. He acted very attentive and kind. He told me he was staying in a nice hotel down near Hospital Mexico [west of town, about five miles] and he wanted me to go there with him. I said okay, and we got in a taxi and drove there.

The hotel was an expensive hotel, very nice. We went up in the elevator to the fifth floor where his room was. Once I got inside the room I couldn’t get over what a fancy place it was. I thought to myself how special it all was, and how nice it would be, but it was just the opposite.

I sat down on the bed and he went into the bathroom. I was waiting for him to come out, but five minutes passed, then ten, then fifteen, twenty… Finally, after almost half hour, I went into the bathroom to see what was taking him so long. I opened the door and I could smell marijuana and see a couple of lines of cocaine on a mirror he had laid on the sink. His mood seemed to have changed. He basically ordered me to go back into the bedroom, take my clothes off and get on the bed.

I did what he told me, but I felt something was wrong. His eyes had a really strange look and the way he talked to me wasn’t nice. He wasn’t the same as he was back at the Park. He saw me looking at the cocaine and he offered me some and asked if I’d like to smoke some of his weed with him, but I didn’t do anything back then and I told him no.

I went over and got undressed and lay down on the bed. He came over and started telling me what to do. He started by telling me he was going to put himself in my mouth, which was okay, that was nothing new. After a little bit of that he told me he wanted to do me Greek style. I told him no, I had never done that and I was afraid it would hurt. He told me I HAD to, and he grabbed me by the hair and tried to force me. He said ‘You’re a wh*re, and you’re going to do whatever I want!” I told him no, I didn’t want to. He got extremely angry at this. He told me I would either do as he said or he was going to kill me.

He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me over to the open window, and he said he would throw me out the window if I didn’t do what he told me to do. He was drunk and drugged up enough to do it, and I was scared to death. He dragged me back to the bed by my hair. Although he was very drunk, he was a lot bigger and stronger than I was. He dragged me onto the bed and put me on my stomach, and he was on top of me, with his legs on either side of me. Well, my legs were together and he couldn’t do what he wanted while we were in this position, so he had to move off me to try to get me to spread my legs apart, but he was drunk and clumsy and I saw my chance while he was trying to get in the right position, and I kneed him right in the groin.

That caught him by surprise and howled and he jumped off of me. I was totally sober and he was drunk and drugged up, so while he was howling in pain I was able to get off the bed and run out the door before he could recover. I ran down the stairs, all five flights… I wasn’t going to wait for the elevator. When I got downstairs, the guard asked me what I was doing there, naked. I told him what happened upstairs. He went and got me a jacket to cover myself, and went up to talk to the gringo. The guard came down with the gringo, who called me a liar and said I had tried to rob him and that is why he threw me out.

Of course none of that was true, but the guard didn’t know who to believe, and even if he believed me, the gringo was a paying guest I was just a pr*stit*te. The guard and the gringo went upstairs and the guard brought me down my clothes and my purse. My purse was empty except for my ID card, a couple of pictures and some personal things. I didn’t have any money in there. I had no way to pay for a taxi and this was back before anybody had cell phones and I didn’t know anybody who had a car to come get me, so I ended up having to walk all the way from his hotel near Hospital Mexico to my house in Alajuelita, which was probably at least five miles, in the dark and in my high heeled shoes.

It was the worst night of my life, but I’m still alive to tell the story.

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  1. There is danger on both sides of the fence. Be aware of where you are at all times. When things get hinky just get out of there. As my old sales manager use to say "Next". There will always be another. But there is only one YOU.

  2. T.O. I met her with you one day at Bar Poas,. She told almost word for word this incident. I will not say her name However she seems well adjusted considering her history.

  3. Good to read this story which I have also already heard parts of. It reminds me of the disrespect that many men have for working girls who are mostly just trying to get by.

  4. metalcuban says:

    This story is all made out cause ticas dont talk about miles but meters or KM.Did she really mention she had to walk 5 miles from Hospital Mexico to Alajuelita?

  5. metalcuban,

    she told me the story in Spanish and I translated into English. I translated her approximation of distance into what's used in the USA, where most of my readers are. But her distance estimation may be off, of course. I did not do a measurement myself.

  6. But if you think I made up the story, I did not. SHE may have made it up, but I don't think so. Believe what you like.

  7. RonnieBarnesNC says:

    I believe it! I also think that anyone who would treat a woman like this should be treated in the same fashion … Most of these girls are just trying to make it and guys like this are pigs.

  8. It's hard to trust to strangers. You didn't have a clue what he's real color is. But staying cautious is always your option. Even though that person acted so kind but you never know what's twirling in his mind.

  9. oh you shouldn't have went with him on the first place to his hotel room. Once tthey are hign on drugs, their mood changed and of course their behavior too. hauppauge ny multiple listing real estate