A Judgment Call

Every so often I’ll go watch the parade in the Del Rey or maybe I’ll go to Sportsmen’s or the Key Largo and girl watch. More often than not I’ll be sitting with somebody I know and the natural topic is the quality of the chicas, comparing our opinions and rating the ‘talent’ as if we were judges at the Miss Universe pageant.

It takes a certain amount of chutzpah for a guy of my age and physique to judge ANYBODY, let alone very attractive (sometimes) young females, but I pay for the privilege by paying 3 times the cost of the beer or soft drink I buy. And after all, the chicas don’t come there to be ignored, though with some of them and the way they stick their noses in the air, I sometimes wonder. And my judgment/evaluation had no impact on whether any particular lady in question will find a customer or not. So I don’t feel too bad about it all. It’s not as if my dislike of tattoos is going to send anyone to jail. And even if it did, they might feel right at home there, right?

The easiest judgments to make are the purely physical. We all have our preferences, but a large majority of us can generally agree that a giant gut, a pimply face, bad teeth, and such are not attractive. And even among guys with pretty different ‘idea’ girls, we can usually agree that chica X has a pretty face (or not) or nice legs (or not). It isn’t by accident that certain women get attention and others don’t. It isn’t totally random by any means. Even for guys who like big butts, I don’t they would take Roseanne over Angelina Jolie.

The attitude factor is a little harder to factor in. I think virtually all of the ‘boys’ sitting around girl-watching and contemplating paying for some chica’s company hope that their chosen one will have a good attitude once they get up into the room. A ‘good’ attitude isn’t too hard to evaluate after the fact, but before the fact, it can be extremely hit or miss. I know I have preached this sermon before, but the most important factor in the quality of any session is the girl’s attitude. At the risk of repeating myself, a friend of mine was GIVEN a session with one of the top Del Rey Barbies. He said she was the WORST he ever had. She had all these “Don’ts” and he ended up just telling her to go.

I have actually found, at least among my experiences, that the really good looking girls TEND to be lousy performers. Why? Because they CAN (and still make money). I actually broke down once in the last year and paid retail for a “smokin’ hot” chica from the above named place. She was a nice enough girl, and looked as good unclad as I had hoped, but the session was like a REALLY badly acted p*rno video. Nothing turns me off more than hearing ‘leche, Papi!’ about 2 minutes into the session.

On the other hand, I have had some really fun times with girls who couldn’t demand $100 anywhere but on a desert island, but who were just plain INTO IT. I know some who are very happy to do the wild thing as long as you want to, and they are STILL ready for more. None is a supermodel, though maybe at one time they were, but they stuck in the biz because they simply LIKE sex.

But enough of that, let’s look at this from the other side of the fence. What is it that the ladies like and don’t like? As far as like goes, #1 is: GENEROUS. As far as dislike goes? CHEAP. Any questions? This goes for ALL girls, from the overpriced Barbies to the soon-to-retire grandmas. What else do they all like? Well, clean, courteous, able to speak (at least some) Spanish, and… GENEROUS. What do they NOT like? Well, the opposite… dirty, rude, unable to communicate and CHEAP.

What is cheap? Well, I have one guy in mind that I know who could be the poster child for cheap, if he was a child, which he isn’t by any stretch of the imagination. He regularly cruises the lower end pickup bars, makes low-ball offers ($20 for example) then expects the girls to stay all night, AND to… shall we say, perform all night as well. This guy isn’t on poverty row, and he doesn’t NEED to pinch pennies. I have seen him spend $30 on alcohol, then try to find somebody to spend all night servicing him for 2/3 of that. And he IS able to find some girls desperate enough to say yes, but those I have talked to hate his guts, and would never ever go with him if they were NOT desperate.

Once again, there are those who truly don’t care what the girls thing, and those who don’t much care if the attitude sucks either. To each his own. The only way that would work for me would be if I had my 18 year old sex drive back. Then I would be finished before I even knew how bad she was. Another advantage of youth.

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  1. Your penny pinchin friend knows the secret to how to be a gringo. It is you that is as clueless as Clyde. Be clean dont be rude and learn a little of the language is basic common sense wherever you are or wherever you may go. If you think for one iota of a second that these ladies respect or like you because you spent big bucks you are wrong.. Its Gringos like you that makes everything exspensive. Youve forgot but your penny pinchin friend has not. He understands that this is a business not a popularity contest. What would happen if every gringo decided they would not pay anyone more than $50. Well the price would become $50..

    • Thomas O'Brien says:


      I'd love to introduce you to my penny pinching friend, see how you two got along. But aside from that, you seem to be living in a fantasy world where you think you're going to get $100 Barbies for $50. Your 'What if' is pure dreaming. There is absolutely no way get "every gringo" to be like you and only pay $50. If youhave some sort of mind control machine that gets "every gringo" to do what you want, you would be rich enough to pay $1000 a pop.

      By this logic, we should be able to get hotel owners to lower their prices to $10 a night for the penthouse and airlines to offer round trip tickets from anywhere for $50 (or less). It is your choice what you pay and it is another man's choice what HE is willing to pay. If you want to try to organize a boycott of high priced girls, go ahead. Won't happen in the real world.

      There are plenty of cheap options in San Jose. I know places under $15. I can tell you how to get there, if you like. Don't expect hot Colombianas there, though there can be some real winners in the cheaper places.

      Regarding my cheap "friend," most of the lower tier girls I know would rather go hungry that spend 8 hours with him for $20. He has no gringo friends either. Luckily for him, he is such an egotist he doesn't care. Fine. He can troll for the cheapest hooker he can find and go home alone or with some street girl who will drug him and rip him off (which has happened). Luckily for him, one of the girls who won't go with him still had enough heart to take him by the hand (he was wandering the streets) and lead him home and tuck him into bed, no charge. If the rest of the world was like him, they would have rifled his wallet and left him for dead.

  2. Lets not make this a pissin contest sir but do you think youre paying the same as the native costa rican for anything. If you know of places where you can find "real winners" for $15 why are you at Del Rey chasing Colombian fake breast & asses. Guys come to CR and play the rich gringo thinking they can buy friendship and love. At the end of the day those ticas go home to their boyfriends & families. You spoke of "lower tier girls", what the f #$ k does that mean. They are all putas doing the same thing.
    As for your remark about Airlines and Hotels their prices do change. Each time you give a tica $100 for an hour of sex has she ever given you a discount (any frequent flyer miles) I think NOT. Im sure youve been in Del Rey or Key Largo around 2 or 3 am and watched the prices fall like the Dow Jones. That same Tica talkin $100 at 9pm will be talkin $50 at 3am and 40 before the sun comes up
    I ask your forgiveness in comparing you with cluess Clyde. I should keep comments in a general form.

    • Thomas O'Brien says:


      No pissing contest, I welcome debate and discussion. But you don't seem to be responding to what I wrote, but what you read between the lines. But to clarify a few things:

      1. I KNOW I am paying the same as Ticos at most of the places I go. My Spanish is nearly fluent and I have lived here 7 years. I always ask how much before I do anything, and I usually ask one (or more) of the girls or even some of the other "customers," not the management. I can't imagine the $15 dollar places charging less to the Ticos. (I don't go there often for reasons other than price, mainly, I prefer to have some of my favoritas come to my apartment. My usual rate is $40 and they are happy with that and so am I.

      2. You make the assumption that I chase girls at the Del Rey. If you will re-read what I wrote, you will see that I say that I go there to girl watch, not to look for company. I DID pay retail ONE time in 7 years, as an experiment. The number of times I have paid less than $20 probably approaches triple digits.

      3. Lower tier means those that are less attractive or older. I don't see the mystery here. Top tier are the Barbies who want $100. Think of it like a used car lot. A used BMW with low miles will cost you less than a 15 year old Hyundai. You'll get worse gas mileage but the BMW still will cost you more.

      4. You speak about prices changing. You are right, to a point. But no matter how many girls are there and how few customers, try offering each one $15 and see how you do. Then let me know, might make a good article.

      Supply and demand does work here, but, it's a two sided coin. Side one is the supply of chicas and demand in terms of gringos. Side two is the supply of gringo money and the number and "quality" of girls. You say " Guys come to CR and play the rich gringo…" The truth of the matter is, many are NOT playing at being rich, they ARE rich, particularly by Tico standards. Plenty are rich by MY standards as well. Plenty of guys come here whose hotel room costs as much as the monthly rent of the girl they are spending time with. I know several guys worth over a million, and you will never get THEM to join your boycott because $100 to them is like $10 to you or me.

      I'll go back to my airline analogy. Never mind discounts for the moment, though I have gotten deals, even freebies. Suppose you could organize all passengers to only pay $50 from wherever you live to here. What would be the real life result? The airline would stop providing flights. There is a cost point below which they can not go and stay in business. As for hookers, if you magically made the top price $50, you would see a LOT of these girls disappear. The Colombianas would return to Colombia and the better looking locals would also diminish significantly. There is a cost factor to spending all night hoping for a customer. The girls have to pay transport and babysitters (usually) and despite what a lot of mongers think, they do NOT do 3 guys a night. 3 a week is pretty good for even the prettiest of them. There are exceptions but not many. I would go on, but I think I am in danger of writing an entire article here. Might as well save it for another day.

  3. Geoff Speed says:

    Some girls have that special something…it is up to me to find what I am looking for. You pays your
    money and takes your chances!!!!!!!!!!! Some people learn right away..some never do. Just treat them
    nice and spend a little money..

  4. There is a world of difference between a man who regularly seeks out a desperate woman he can have sex with for $20 and a man who negotiates to fairer $50 for a decent provider. The point I read about the $20 guy was that paying $20 for a night of sex was his thing. His pleasure would be bragging about it. Sorry I enjoy sex not the after party amongst fellow travelers. 
    I rate the experience first and a great experience with a great looking woman can make me generous. I have met very good looking women who were actually excellent in bed. Was the price worth it? I believe so. These women are into sex and as a result being generous makes the experience better. Or if I had some poor desperate woman who wanted to go with me for $20 and I wanted her for sex not bragging than I would pay her more. The best sex I regularly have is with a woman who will not name an amount. But when you are through with the session you pay her what she is worth. Well you don’t have enough money for that so you give her about $60 and she will see you again. 

  5. All I can say is that the girl in the red dress (above photo) with big lips, has a serious attitude problem!

  6. My eyes must be getting bad, I don't see any red dress. I do see that I messed up and posted the same pic twice. Old age, I guess.

  7. I'm somewhere in between Mike and Thomas on this. On the one hand, you don't want to argue/bargain with these girls too much over price as it can sour the experience. However, you also don't want them to view you as a pushover, which can also sour the experience. In many years of mongering, I've generally seen little correlation between price paid and quality of the experience.

    Frequently, paying the girl's asking price and throwing lots of money at them will cause them to respect you less, and sometimes take (more) advantage of you. It can also make you a target in a poor country. IMO the smartest policy is to pay roughly the "market price" wherever you may be. And of course, treat the girls decently – as you would any other human being.