Love is a Many Splendored Thing!

My friend Jimmy told this story to me one day, and I asked him if he’d be willing to share his story on video for y’all. He said ‘Absolutely!’ and below is the Video.

Sometimes I am accused of being unduly negative. Why is it that I only tell stories about love gone bad? Well, one reason I lean that way might be because the stories are just plain more interesting. I mean, do you REALLY think the story of how Ward and June Cleaver or Ozzie and Harriet met would be chock full of excitement? Of course not.

But just to provide a ‘fair and balanced’ story, I was sitting at the bar in Joe B and Karen’s last weekend, and sitting next to a guy who is married to a Tica I have known for at least six years, and he told me, and she concurred, that in their 5 years of marriage, they have NEVER had an argument. So, for all you optimists out there, there ya go! A happy ending. Exciting, wasn’t it? No? Hmmm…

Jimmy’s story, by contrast, is full of drama, just like the telenovelas that the Chicas love so much. I wouldn’t call his story typical, but I wouldn’t call it incredible either. Back home in the U S and A I can’t really think of any guys who were attacked by their girlfriends. Down here? Quite a few, and I know a lot more guys back there than I do here.

It wouldn’t be fair to paint all Latinas with the same violent brush. I know a lot of very sweet natured girls that would be great wives for somebody who was actually looking for a good heart and not six pack abs or whatever. I can’t be too critical of guys who are focused on looks, I’m as guilty in my way as anybody. I can only say, in my own defense, that looks are not ENOUGH for me. I can be a sucker for a pretty face but I never lose sight of the person beneath the skin.

I think where most guys go wrong is that they love the rush of infatuation with some hot chick enough to tune out obvious warning signs that are glaringly obvious to anybody other than the guy involved. It’s like you’re running down the football field of life, and see the goal line, and think this is it, not looking close enough to see that this particular end-zone is actually a minefield. Okay, terrible metaphor, but I hope you get my point. Sometimes we WANT something to be true so much that we lie to ourselves or blind ourselves to the obvious. It’s like… wow, that chick is SOOOOO hot, and she says she loves me. HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? So the poor sap convinces himself, sells himself, and reason and facts be damned. I’ve told that story way too many times to do it again, but if you don’t think it happens… Would you be interested in some nice beachfront lots I know about?

My next installment of the Clyde Odyssey will see Clyde struggling with the major temptation of a hot chick who seems interested in being his girlfriend. Now, Clyde has been pretty clueless in the past, but he isn’t a total idiot, he does learn. Has he learned enough to find happiness in Costa Rica? Stay tuned for the next EXCITING episode…

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  1. You become what you are by a series of choices. This guy has made lots of them,bad,in his life. And if you continue to show foolish video's like this,you will bad choice your way out of business.

    • Bubba, I wonder what business YOU are in? Wouldn't be CR Real Estate by any chance now, would it? Or anything to do with making money off gringos who think Costa Rica is paradise? Nawww, No way. Undoubtedly just a good man of faith who never made a mistake in his life. Read Matthew 5:22. Have a nice day.

  2. Theequation says:

    Even in the USA, the evidence is circumstantial. The recordings threatening murder, in and of themselves, would possibly constitute a crime (in the USA), but not full on "conspiracy to commit murder". She probably is guilty, and I've seen the ambivalence of the CR police firsthand, but I don't fault them completely for saying they don't have proof. The fact is, despite the threats, the gunshot could be an unlikely coincidence.
    Very unlikely, to be sure…

  3. He is angry. His experience is out of the norm and he was very frightened. I would like to say that his experience was exceptional but was it? Certainly lack of cooperation from the police is the norm from all the stories I have heard and personal contact. I don’t think it is being a Gringo that weakened his case as the police seem indifferent to the welfare of their own people to an equal extent. They are just very bad.

  4. Fireman Jimmy from Washington DC, You told me this story. About the car, and bullet. Your the one shows us all a stun gun however, Standing across from Papi's got cold cocked and broken jaw from some Tico. I also saw you come out of the NY bar yelling at a hooker and pulled out a knife. Your the one who also got into it with Larry and in front of NY bar Wednesday on the last day open. Almost got choked to death by him over a HOOKER Mari. In the short time here what 6-7 years you had more bad luck, poor choices than about anyone I met. I know you avoid certain gringo bars downtown in fear of Larry. What surprises me you put yourself on tape for the world to see. Hey man live in peace. I wish no harm too anyone here. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy.

  5. Sorry to be cruel on this one but it's just another story about a "desperate for young, attractive Ticas(and in some cases Nicas) pussy/companionship" story about a too-old looking "sex tourist gringo" who tries to buy in Costa Rica what he can't have in his own country and he is "shocked and awed" at the results!

    Get use to it that, in the vast majority of cases, you are nothing more than a "walking ATM/Bancomat" and, once the local female population has "gotten as much as it can for as long as it can" from you you're considered as flushable as the last time you did a number# 2 in a WC"!

    Jim…why so surprised that the police would refuse to help a person who was identified as such?

    Guys…face the facts…your not, technically, entitled to what you can buy with money in CR(at least for a short time) because you aren't young, buff and "culturally connected" with the girls/women you "buy time" from and who you foolishly believe actually care for you!

    IMO, UNLESS one has the attributes that would attract similar girls/women in Canada(I'm Canadian, BTW), the US, Europe…wherever.."forget about it"!

    You're just lucky that the "relatively low-maintenance and not nearly as choosy as the Ticas" Nicas(as "normal" and paid GFs) are around or you're ONLY option would be to stay in your native country, be lonely and only have a "spank the monkey" sex life!

    Consider and get use to this…IMO, old/older Sex Tourists are despised in, just about, any location they travel to in the world and CR is no different so don't expect to be treated any better(by the general population…including the police) than a worthless "piece of sh**'!

    • Lexp,

      I am not so sure you are sorry to be cruel, seems like that was the primary motivation behind your comment.

      Beyond your obvious rancor, I have to wonder: what do you base your sweeping generalizations on? Were you a sex tourist here and it didn't work out? Did you live here? Do you speak Spanish? Do you know a large number of older men living/visiting here?

      I have lived in CR for 7 years, and have met and gotten to know a large number of locals, as well as a large number of expats and so-called "sex tourists." I base my observations and conclusions on what I have seen and heard here, over 7 years. Can you say the same?

      No matter what the basis of your opinions, you contradict yourself. You say "UNLESS one has the attributes that would attract similar girls/women in Canada(I'm Canadian, BTW), the US, Europe…wherever.."forget about it"! then in the next breath you say we are lucky to have undemanding Latinas around because our other alternative is to spank our collective monkeys.

      The truth is that we ARE lucky. We do NOT have to be "young, buff and culturally connected" in order to have a pleasant social life. Seriously, do you think money doesn't matter in Canada/USA? Does the name Anna Nicole Smith ring a bell? Do you think Hugh Hefner's endless parade of centerfold girlfriends has nothing to do with his money/power?

      In any case, I want to thank you for giving me the topic for my next blog topic.

  6. metalcuban says:

    He deserved it for being ESTUPIDO

  7. CaliDave says:

    Guys, guys calm down. Let's face it. We're all fortunate to be able to enjoy ourselves in countries like CR. Sure the money comes first for the ladies. So what. That's the way it is everywhere in the world that I know of. Whether you're a sex tourist or a young guy. It doesn't make it bad in my opinion. I don't doubt that some women actually like the American tourist they're with, but not always. But we can choose and pick. They rally can't. I think we should just enjoy the stiuation as much as we can without hurting anyone, or getting hurt.

    Good luck to all of you, and have a great time. Ciao

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