Hard Times

No need to discuss why times are tough, suffice it to say that times ARE tough for the average working girl. I can’t say much about the DR Barbies, as there is probably only one I could ask and I didn’t think to ask her last time I saw her. But among my friends who like to frequent the Rey and Sportsmen’s Lodge and the Key Largo, the consensus seems to be that business is down. I am told tourist business is off in general, and the ‘single male’ type is no exception. In addition to more guys simply not having the money to spend on ‘fun’ vacations, there are now lots of local options for a lot of guys. Craigslist may have shut off the tap out of fear, but there are plenty of other enterprising types such as ‘back page dot com’ [can’t print out the name here or put a link for reasons I won’t to into] where guys can find company for prices that can be almost reasonable. 

Does this mean prices are coming down? I really wish I had some way to know, I really do. The Costa Rican Govt. isn’t big on statistics, and even if it was, the last thing we’d ever expect to see would be stats on h00ker pricing. For what it’s worth, I’ll pass along my anecdotal evidence.

Item #1, chica calls. Living here for seven years, I have a long, long list of ladies who have had the pleasure of my company (read: money). The lineup has changed over time, and I have done what I could to thin out the herd, but I am getting a substantial number of calls, asking me if I want ‘company.’ One of the ways I thin my herd is to say I am low on funds and offer them less than my customary $40. Times seem to be such that I may have to use some other means of discouraging women I have grown a little bored with. Like just saying no. If I had the sex drive of my 20s I could rather easily have ‘company’ every night of the week for $20 a pop.

I have gotten to the point where I would rather spend my time alone than a ho hum session. Not that the girls are bad performers, but really, how many times can you watch the same movie over and over and still find it interesting? I have definitely gotten to that point with the majority of my ‘one night at a time novias,’


It’s not just the gringo joints that are slow, the local spots aren’t all that hopping either, at least from what I’ve seen. One thing I have noticed is that some of the ‘night clubs’ have lowered their prices, in particular many are no longer asking an arm and a leg for cover charge and some former clip joints are now actually being run as if they wanted some repeat business. All good, there.

Another side effect of the economic situation is that I’m seeing some older ladies who had given up ‘the life’ and found steady, if low paying, regular work, back in the game. They aren’t having all that much luck, at least the ones I talk to. But they have to do something. There are a few lucky ones whose offspring can provide mama with a place to sleep and some rice and beans, and they just work because they enjoy the party life. And some of the other older ladies don’t mind the work but are in a state of constant anxiety trying to find enough business to pay rent on their hovels in the slums.

Something else that I’ve noticed is that a lot of non-pros are open to a financial transaction if it’s properly approached. In the last few months, I have had two very nice experiences with two very attractive ladies who would not normally do such a thing, not to mention a couple more whom I have sort-of shined on because of other chicas I was more interested. These are girls that I would normally have jumped all over, pardon the expression, but the pond is just too full of tastier fish for me to bother.

All of this is just anecdotal, of course. I meet guys down here who think the local economy is doing great and all the h00kers have money to burn. If you never leave the Rey or Sportsmen’s and your taste runs towards the Barbies, I suppose you could draw that conclusion. If you have a pad and a yacht at Los Suenos, I suppose you could come to the same conclusion.

But what inquiring minds really want to know is this: Does this mean the Barbies will be lowering their asking prices? Short answer… probably not. Some may, but I suspect most won’t. This may seem irrational to you and to me, but then, so does the idea of buying stock in Facebook. Lots of people bought it despite my misgivings. Maybe they just didn’t get my email? But as far as chicas go, they can be every bit as irrational as the stock market, and then some.

But my advice to anyone who fishes in those waters is to never ask how much, but to offer what you are willing to pay, maybe with a little wiggle room. If she isn’t interested, remember that the most important four letter word in your vocabulary…. ‘NEXT!’

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  1. Theequation says:

    Well this is all very good news, as I'll be in San Jose' on July 2nd.

  2. Don Quixote says:

    This is terrific, I will be down late June for 3 weeks. I can hardly wait to hit the night spots with you and avail myself of all the bargains.

  3. Cant wait to get there and let the auction

  4. Earlier this week I was with a friend at the Rey and while he was playing the slots I couldn't help but notice a young lady who looked like a young Naomi Campbell. I said my usual "hola mami" and she responded with a smile, a kiss on the cheek and a sultry "hola papi" She asked for a Coca Cola and then sat her tiny round ass on my chair. More grindage than a good Ohio lapdance for the price of a Coke !! Dios Mio!…
    I asked her what was her usual fee to enjoy her company and warned her not to say $100 dollars, because I would only spend that much if she brought a friend along for the ride. She smiled and whispered "50" in my ear and added"but don't tell anyone!" so…it can be done for a lot less than what they were getting in Dec !
    Life is good !

  5. mike321 says:

    i'll be down in july to help out a favorite and some others.

  6. Larry olson says:

    Right on. I basically have found it that way in CR. Cuba. DR

  7. alexander says:

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  8. Just got here yesterday (23 June) and will be here until Thursday morning. Any pointers…or anyone willing to personally show me the ropes while in San Jose. I make an excellent wing-man…lol. Staying at the Hoe-tel Little Havana…look for a guy named Sid (tall-ish black guy). Thought about putting my email address on here…but not sure about that. I am staying in room 229 though.