Down to the Night Club

A couple of legendary (non-resident) m0ngers just happened to stumble into town at the same time. So we made plans to do a little tour of a few of the local hot spots. We started out early, at VIP’s Taberna (Amon). Along with the two visitors were a trio of local hobbyists, bringing our number up to a healthy count of six.

Due to the early hour, I suspect, VIP’s was pretty quiet. After our first round of beers were drained, we WALKED (six of us, recall, and some of us pretty beefy) over to the Bella Mansion. They are back on my ‘to visit at night’ list since they stopped charging cover. I never liked paying for a drink before I could take a peek inside. As it turned out, the place was semi-busy, busy enough to where we couldn’t get seats enough at the bar where we could even sit in groups of three. I’ve been in there at other times and all in all it’s not a bad option if you’re on the North side of town.

Having failed to find suitable seating, we headed a few steps downhill to Nicole’s/Josephine’s. What I say as of this writing may change at any time, but as of late April, 2012, the place is one of the better options on the North side. They charged no cover (perhaps we beat the buzzer by going early) but in any case, we strolled right in and sat down at a nice couple of tables near the stage, where we could get a pretty nice view of the dancers. The very polite waiter came over and asked us what we wanted to drink. Ever vigilant, I asked how much for a Pilsen. 1500 Colones. Same as the Del Rey. Well, you can girl watch in the Rey, for sure, but they tend to keep their clothes on. Understandable, but all in all…

One of the hazards, or attractions if you prefer, are the girls who will come over and sit with you, flirting and hoping you’ll buy them a chica drink. I realize that this is how they make their money, but being as I am a rather frugal type, I generally tell the girls that they are very lovely but I am just there to have a beer or two and watch the show. The lineup that night was pretty decent and improving by the time we left, at around 10 pm.

Our party of six lost a couple of members at this point. After a consultation we decided to make the trip across the great divide (Avenida Dos) and see what was happening at Las Margaritas. Well, one thing that was definitely happening was the $5 cover charge for 1 beer or well drink. Didn’t much care for that, but Las Margaritas was a favorite of the two travelers so we paid our cover charges and went in.

I have to say that the place was as dead as I have seen it since the bleak days of the second owners. The female to male ratio was bad, and what dancers/companions there were left all of us unimpressed. Now, as a ‘portly’ gentleman, I an slow to criticize ladies for a few extra pounds. I know it’s not easy to lose fat, and I never had the ‘pleasure’ of having a baby, unlike most of the working girls in San Jose. But, holy moly, what a parade of chubbies we saw that night. We all agreed that we might hit on them back in the States, but here? Not gonna happen. We were somewhat patient, hoping that perhaps the hotties were in back with clients, but if they were, they never came out where we could see them. When we finished our drinks, it was time to move along, we all agreed.

Now there were plenty of other places we could have gone at that time of night, around eleven, but the two travelers had each done a session or two that afternoon at some of the numerous daytime places, and so we decided to head back toward the gulch, where there was a birthday party for one of the bartenders at one of the smaller gringo bars in the area. It turned out to be a good choice, as there was a pretty decent party going on and several independent girls to choose from, should the urge strike.

At that point my memory starts to blur a little, and I can’t really remember when my friends departed or if they were alone or not. I ended up with a nice chica I had known for quite a while but had never ‘pulled the trigger,’ so to speak. We came to an agreement and headed back to my place about 1.

She ended up spending the night, no extra charge, and fortunately for me she curled up on her side of the bed and we both slept well until it got to be morning and she could catch a bus.

But getting back to the ‘night club’ thing, I can recommend Nicole/Josephine’s at least for now, and the Bella Mansion to a somewhat lesser degree. By the way, the prices for full service at Nicole/Josephine’s was somewhere around 40 or 50 dollars, which wasn’t outrageous at all, considering what similarly posh places are charging. Two snaps up. Party on, guys.

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