Random Notes (Dead week and Asian Girls)

Holy week has come and gone. There is definitely a trend away from closing everything and empty streets. The American fast food joints were open, as expected, but there were some local places open as well, and lots more people walking around than evidenced in my little video from a few years back.

Asian Girls in Costa Rica???

The depth (height) of dead time is Good Friday, so just to see how empty the Del Rey was, I went with a friend and spent maybe 3/4 of an hour there, watching whatever action there was. No alcohol was served, which is something that was SUPPOSED to have been changed but the ever-vigilant Costa Rican legislature missed the deadline. There were still gringos at the bar, mostly the bar near reception. The casino was open but only a couple of guys playing anything. To my mind it takes a pretty hard core gambler to sit in an empty casino playing blackjack one on one against the dealer, but since I’m not a gambler, what do I know?

There were between a half dozen and a dozen girls wandering around, and a similar number of gringos at the bar or tables. The chica selection was decent, considering the small number. Almost all had at least the minimum appeal I’d be willing to accept, if the price were right. There were at least two or three that were quite attractive… to the point where my friend asked me if I considered one of them to be a ‘Del Rey Barbie.’ She was quite attractive, but her lack of silicon enhancements inclined me to say no, she wasn’t. He asked if I thought she’d insist on $100 (or more). My answer was that I suspected if you ask her how much, $100 would be her answer. I also said I suspected she’d have no problem with $80 and might go for $60 or even $50 if approached properly. But I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ and neither was my friend, so that question shall remain unanswered (for now at least.)

Speaking of the infamous Rey… I was in there one Thursday evening with the same friend, girl watching, and happened to be joined by a first timer who had come down with a friend or two. One of his friends had found ‘company’ and left him to fend for himself. He was full of the usual questions… how much do you think that one wants… that sort of thing that really can’t be answered. Anyway, we all compared opinions on the relative hotness of the girls passing by.

His tastes were not particularly unusual. He liked large-ish breasseses, ample bums, and flat stomachs. He also wanted/liked Asians. I can understand guys liking Asian girls, though it’s no big deal to me, but I don’t know where they get the idea they are going to find a bunch of Asian girls working in Costa Rica at the Rey. Maybe we can blame the Chinese government for building that stadium and such. There are definitely Chinese in San Jose, and I have seen one or two in the Rey from time to time, but most work in family businesses, not the world’s oldest profession. In his defense, I actually saw one Asian girl in the Key Largo that night, but by then he had found a nice Latina and it was a moot point.

I almost forgot to mention that while I was off getting rid of some excess beer, a girl had come over and was sitting with him. She was one he had earlier mentioned as being ‘his type.’ She was nice enough looking, to be sure, though no more so than another dozen of the girls whom we saw walk by. At any rate, the point came where he asked her how much, and she quoted him $300! When I heard that, I laughed out loud. I give the girl credit for knowing she had a fresh fish, but no cigar for her that night, at least with him. If I hadn’t laughed who knows if he wouldn’t have gone for it.

To change the subject entirely, I was at Joe B and Karen’s last Saturday night, and there was some sort of birthday party going on, along with Karaoke. It just so happened that there were a number of working girls there that I knew, a few of them formerly of the fabled Park Hotel. Naturally, they were all past their prime years to work, but not necessarily unappealing. One of the nice things about the ‘mature’ types is that they aren’t going to ask for $300. Those who have lasted a decade or two (in some cases) are usually a pretty sociable bunch and will very likely enjoy the sex part of their job more than the Del Rey Barbie types.

In any case, I spent a couple of hours chatting with one of the most personable girls I know, who also happens to be very enthusiastic in the sack. As the evening wore down, she was getting ready to leave on the last bus, but I offered her taxi money and a little more if she cared to come home with me for a little fun. She didn’t bat an eye in accepting, and I could tell she was actually more enthused about what we were going to be doing than how much money she was going to make.

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  1. Midniterider says:

    This doesn't surprise me, because Filipinas are allowed into CR without a visa, the only requirement being a RP passport. There is a Filipino community in Panama as well, similar to Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., and the Chinese have been a major presence there for decades.

  2. another great post, Thomas. One of the reasons I enjoy CR so much is the unplanned meetings , the happy accidents, that occur on a regular basis around SJ. I have had several times that a young lady I have been eying has left with a Gringo with a better cash flow,or I waited too long to make a move, and then I end up meeting someone when I least expect it, someone who turns out to be very good company for me in my twilight years.


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