Three for the Money

The ‘threesome’ is a pretty common fantasy. It’s a staple of the ever-present ‘adult entertainment’ industry. And for those first discovering Costa Rica, it’s a surprisingly available commodity.

From the female point of view, it has its pluses. First of all, there is safety in numbers. Although the great majority of ‘hobbyists’ have nothing but good intentions, there is a small percentage that are downright scary and another percentage that will turn into problems due to misunderstandings and/or intoxication. The girls feel safer when a friend (or even just a fellow-working girl) is there with them.

I’ve lost count of how many threesomes I’ve done in the past seven years. There have been a few that were outstanding but I don’t seek them out any more. Generally, for me at least, threesomes are more exciting in theory than in practice. If you are among those who haven’t had the experience yet here in Costa Rica, you may be interested in my experiences and observations.

First of all, there are two categories of threesomes. Category one is similar to those videos you watch… where the girls interact with each other. Category two is where they don’t. There is a gray area here, but we’ll get to that later. Category one threesomes usually let you know, as part of their sales pitch, that they offer a ‘lesbi’ show.

As often as not, you won’t have to search high and low for this sort of thing, especially in the Del Rey and some of the ‘night’ clubs. And if you see two girls together that you desire, and they seem to know each other, you can always ask. Just say ‘lesbi show?’ and they will either say si or no. A word of caution… if you approach them, you will probably be quoted a pretty steep price. If you wait for them (or some other duo) to approach you, your bargaining position is a hell of a lot stronger.

Just what you’re going to get with your ‘lesbi’ show varies greatly. Once in a while you’ll get two girls who are truly bisexual and very much into each other. Once in a while. Other times you’ll get a token performance or one so fake it puts TV wrestling to shame. But in any case, you’ll USUALLY get to join in with both girls.

The non-interactive threesome will lack the voyeuristic appeal but can be fun depending, as always, on the attitudes the girls bring with them. If both of your ‘dates’ are ‘into’ you, it can be more fun by far than a halfhearted, fake ‘show.’ For that matter, if even ONE of the two is really good, it beats a fake show in my book any day.

With either type of threesome, there’s always the issue of just what to do with two at the same time. Of course you have two hands and a mouth in addition to your you-know-what. Just how much it excites you having two bodies to play with at once is pretty much a mental thing that varies from man to man. In my own case, the novelty has rather worn off and I usually find myself enjoying one of the girls more than the other, and at that point the other becomes more of a distraction than a turn-on. But as I say, your mileage may vary, possibly a LOT.

One of the biggest negatives about threesomes is the opportunity for the girls to do a little larceny. If you are always hyper security-conscious, and have nothing of any value that one of them could get her hands on, then it’s not an issue. Those who aren’t always vigilant can end up missing anything imaginable… from toothpaste to all your cash and everything not nailed down.

I’ll close this out with a couple of examples. Probably the best time I had was with one chica I knew to be bisexual, and also quite fond of me, and another chica I had talked to and gotten good vibes from, but never took home. This was in the old New York bar. We were all talking together and having a good time and chica two wanted to go home with me (and get paid, of course) and so did chica one. Chica two said she had never been with a woman, though she had been in the business for at least a decade. But she said she wouldn’t mind giving it a try, and seemed to be sincere, so off we went to my place.

It turned into the perfect threesome, from my perspective. The two girls were equally into each other and me. They weren’t centerfolds but the overall experience was great. I had another recent threesome where I basically took two because it was the only way I was going to get to be with the one I was interested in (that night, at least). As it turned out, the one I wasn’t all that enthused about turned out to be hotter than Tabasco sauce and the other, pretty as she was, was just ‘there.’ Phoned it in, as they say.

Undoubtedly the worst experience I ever had was a couple of women I met in the New York bar one night near closing time who said they just wanted to have a good time, no charge. It never turned into an actual threesome, though one of the two was indeed there to have a good time. The other, quite drunk, turned out to be a clumsy thief, who caused a scene when she was caught trying to steal that almost got me kicked out of my apartment.

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  1. cubadave says:

    Closing time at the New York Bar mmmmmm sounds like you got off lucky – I tried closing time at the Nashville Bar – Not so lucky

  2. We call them a wolf pack ( lobas)! a couple of girls work together offering a Lesbi show and are thinking about robbing or drugging the newbie. Your better paying the high price of the Del Rey rooms and girls for your first or 3rd experience have a little more protection. I am with you I do not look for the three some anymore from my experiences.

  3. Go to the HLH for threesomes!

  4. i had threesome, at dell, christmas, it was o.k. but not again, i may have been with the wolf pack , rusty talk about..i guess i was to smart , for these 2, girls….i do not do drugs..and i never, get shit faced drunk..i will be at dell. april 1 thru, april 7…i know going in …3 days of no drinking….it was fun last year, i get out and do fun things …and hang out with ticas, that dont need to be drunk, to sleep with me….win win…