Semana Santa = Easter Week = Living Death

They call it Semana Santa, or Holy Week in Gringlish. Although there has been a mountain of articles on how if you want to pick ONE week NOT to visit, this is the week, there are still guys who missed the message. I’ll repeat it yet again, although it may be too late for those who have already made reservations. Still, one final warning for those who can cancel and re-schedule.

This year, things looked to be at least a LITTLE different, as there was legislation waiting to be approved to allow the selling and serving of alcohol during the usual ‘dry’ period which begins Wednesday and ends Friday at midnight. Well, in typical Tico fashion, they didn’t quite get around to getting the final version approved in time. I’m not sure if it was because they were too busy making their vacation plans for Semana Santa or maybe just out stocking up on guaro, rum and cerveza because they knew their colleagues were going to screw up. If the latter reason, I tip my sombrero to the legislature, because they were on the money (for once).

As a resident of San Jose for about 7 years, I have seen the city liven up slightly during the week of the living death. There are a few more stores open and a few more places to eat during most normal business hours. For the most part, this doesn’t matter a lot to the unlucky tourist who walks into the Del Rey lobby Wednesday afternoon and is told he can’t order a beer while he wonders where all the girls went.

I have avoided going to ‘the beach’ during this period because I don’t like sitting in a 60 mile long parking lot for hours on end and paying double for hotel rooms, not to mention the oppressive heat and humidity you get to share with the thickest crowds of the year. But for the proverbial ‘single male traveler,’ it’s probably a better place to seek ‘company’ than San Jose.

The weather this time of year is usually dry, at least on the western side of the central valley. It’s pretty much the tail end of tourist season here, as the sunniest weather here hits just as the weather begins to warm up in the Great White North and that country just to the south. By sometime in May we’ll see some thunderstorms again, and by the time summer vacation hits for students and teachers, the weather will be more gray and wet stuff falling from the sky. So it’s rather an anti-climax (no pun intended, but on the other hand…) that the end of the nicest weather in San Jose coincides with Holy Week, but there ya go.

Anyway, I hope you won’t be here unless you live here, in which case you undoubtedly have lots of phone numbers and know enough to stock up whatever you may need when the stores close or refuse to sell you what you crave. If you do pass the week here, I suggest walking around a lot, since it’s about the only safe time to walk in San Jose. I’m going to just take it easy and if anything interesting happens, I promise to share.

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  1. Hey Tom,
    would I be able to find some massage places open where they do not serve alcohol or anywhere to hook up with some girls or be able to have a 'massage' in your hotel if you're there next week ?
    are those dry days also applicable for places like Jaco etc ?
    Is there any place outside the city that you can go for action that is close ?
    sorry , it is my first time there
    please let me know -Jake

  2. Thomas O'Brien says:

    Jake, there are places that serve no alcohol and those that do can still stay open, if the 'massage' part of the business makes it worth while. Most places don't close because they have to but because business is so slow and the girls take a vacation with their families. Not all. Jaco is looser about the 'dry' thing. And there are going to be girls there. It's still possible to find 'company,' it's just not as easy and the selection is much smaller.

  3. Tom, thanks !
    I am just thinking there must be enough tourists in San Jose that needs' ladies services' and not only drinks.My arrival is next Tuesday evening and leave the apr 10.Do you think that I can find enough "action "then to be in S.J ?Or should I just cancel , because I do not want to be alone in a hotel room ; or is it not that bad as when i look at your pics of the streets.What happens after Friday night , sat and sunday , monday the next week ?Maybe there is a chance to find a chica to stay with me over the quiet days longterm?Will you still find some regulars hanging around some areas and hotels?
    Please let me know , as i want to have some action and you need only one tica at a time , if availible.thanks man ,

    • These same kinds of questions come up every year, and its always the same…. Is there possibly, maybe some chance I will have a good time in Costa Rica during Semana Santa?

      The bottom line is it really sucks, Thursday through Sunday. The rest isn't that great. Locally, it's really a full week vacation for anyone who can afford it.

      I would reschedule for a couple weeks.