Is She or Isn’t She?

Is she or isn’t she WHAT? A natural blonde? (unlikely) A transvestite? (not impossible, and worth asking yourself) Or am I talking about something else?

Well, it should come as no surprise that I’m talking about something else. In my never-ending quest for wisdom (yeah right) I have run across a couple of opposing views regarding whether there is such thing as a semi-pro. Group A would contend that there is no such thing. Any woman who ever had sex and accepted money is a pro, end of discussion.

I have to admit this point of view has a certain attraction in its simplicity. The main problem I see is that it’s not particularly useful. The only use I can see is for guys who are looking for a wife/girlfriend and could not live with the idea that his woman was ‘one of those.’ After all, if all you want is somebody to boink and are willing to pay, that’s who you’re looking for, right?

For those who aren’t looking for a monogamous relationship (on the woman’s side at least) it may be worth looking at things in less than black and white terms. Why, you ask? Well, that’s what this post is all about.

Before we get into the potential benefits of adopting a ‘shades of gray’ approach, let’s talk about a few of those shades of gray that I have seen. Let’s start with the shade of gray closest to black. You can find a fair number of that stripe in the Del Rey Hotel, strutting through the various bars and casino areas, with a look of disdain, a phony smile or making lewd faces at anyone making eye contact. I’m talking here about the hardened professionals, those who love the money but don’t like the actual work, at least the sex part of the work. Among these you will find a few girls who no longer ‘work’ because they have found boyfriends/husbands who provide them with enough money to live (well) on. Should their source(s) of income dry up or diminish, they would not hesitate to return to ‘the life.’

At the other end of the spectrum are a few girls I have met who were suddenly in need of some cash. Maybe her husband/boyfriend decided to run off along with his $125 a week salary. Almost certainly she had a cousin or neighbor who hooked so she decided it might be worth a try. I’ve run into a few who never even made it through a session. Others tried a few times and for one reason or another never tried again.

I’ve had more than a few pass through my door who claimed I was their only customer, and more often than not I tended to believe them. Usually we were introduced by the aforementioned relative or neighbor and the girl showed no interest in working the bars or MPs, and some even declined my offer to introduce them to a few of my friends. There were some that had ‘regular’ jobs didn’t pay much and they didn’t mind discretely spending a little of their time with an older gentleman willing to pay her for her ‘company.’

In between the hardcore pros who put in a full workweek and more to earn as much as possible and the choir girl who is more than happy with her one customer per week, there are more variations than any one man could know in a lifetime of debauchery. Just this week I reconnected with someone I hadn’t seen in about a year, who had found a ‘regular’ job but a family emergency compelled her to dust off one of her sexy outfits and ‘moonlight.’ This particular girl is a well liked veteran of the old Park Hotel and in terms of performance she’s hard to beat. Her 20s are long behind her, though she still has a trim body and her face doesn’t show a lot of wear.

I had another ‘date’ this week with a girl who had been earning a pretty fair amount of money working the bars but just doesn’t want to do that any more. Our ‘session’ was a little unsatisfactory for me due to a mismatch of styles, and she realized it and told me that if I didn’t want her ‘company’ again it was okay, but maybe I wanted house cleaning? This girl is very pretty, very personable, speaks good English and enjoys sex, but just doesn’t want to live ‘the life’ any more.

But to return to something I said many paragraphs ago, that it can pay to know a little about just how hardcore a girl is or isn’t. I told the story before of my ‘voucher’ girl, and how that turned out. No question she had a body and face that could get $100, and even had a pleasant personality to boot. Unfortunately, she just wasn’t a convincing enough actress for me to really enjoy the experience. It’s a failing of mine that a hot body and pretty face aren’t enough, by themselves. Despite her obvious charm, I found myself regretting my choice within the first five minutes.

There are unquestionably some very pretty girls who would probably be just what I like in other ways too. I have actually been with a few. On the other hand, I seem to find more what I like among the part-timers. There is a subset of them that not only like the fact that they are earning money, but enjoy the sex too. Of the girls I have been seeing in the last few months I have had a couple of very pleasant surprises from girls who are strictly part-timers, but when they come visit me, they are there to have a good time and their enthusiasm coupled with their other charms makes for a very nice time. I’ll take a 6 with a 10 attitude over a 10 with a 6 attitude any time.

And it’s a fortunate fact that the girls with the good attitudes, regardless of how nice they look, will often not be as hung up about squeezing every dollar possible out of you. Win win, no?

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  1. Another excellent article – I will be down later this month and hope you will introduce me to a few of the "part timers" you mentioned. (Please…..LOL)

    Also agree w/ you 100% about a 6 in looks and a 10 in attitude!

    I'm too old to just focus on the 9's and 10's – I find the 6's and 7's far better in many ways.

  2. you are spot on with the attitude, thing , tom…when i first get to del rey, i tell every girl… i am waiting for my girlfriend, i am not waiting for anyone…i am reading people…when i find, girl i think i want , i walk over , and ask if i can buy her a drink,,, she will open her mind in short order….if she is cool . o.k. if not , i am still waiting for my steady, and i do have them,,one phon call away,,,i know what i am getting…i did my homework at the del…i spent good money for ho hum sex….the funny part is , the same girls that give so, so, sex… come up to me everytime i am there and say….remember me ? i am nice,,, but my standard answer is…i am waiting for my girl friend….jerry

    • Better! Yes, they do remind of The American Girl dolls. My real live American girl aoders her’s, too. No Bratz here. In face, we make a point of deconstructing them. Something I frequently consider, when reflecting on how highly sexualized children’s culture is, is how we’re helping to shape desire and a sense of beauty in boys, too. Think about how sleek and shapely Disney moms are in movies and on TV; the boys also see their 9 year old counterparts in hot pink with Princess written across their bellies and behinds. So at an early age, boys start seeing and accepting, sort of as part of the regular landscape, girls their own age being sexualized AND an image of an adult woman that is thin, attractive and desirable. Very problematic!