Phone Spanish: Setting Up a Date

The video and transcript is intended for those who speak little or no Spanish. My own Spanish is decent but not perfect, so IF your Spanish is better than mine and you find errors, correct me if you must, but really, you don’t need this video or transcript anyway.

The basic concept here is to TRY to keep it SIMPLE, and keep the girl’s responses mostly limited to ‘si’ or ‘no.’ The following dialog is not fool proof but it should work more often than not. If the conversation comes to an impasse, just say thanks and hang up. [see the end of the transcript or video] No harm, no foul.

Hola! Puedo hablar con Maria?
OH-lah. PWAY-doh AH-blahr cone Maria?
Hello, may I speak with Maria?

Hola Maria, es David
OH-lah Maria, ace dah-VEED
Hello Maria, it’s David

Conocemos en el Hotel Rey
coh-noh-SAY-mos ayn ayl OH-tayl Ray
We met in the Hotel Rey

Soy amigo de Roberto
Soy ah-MEE-goh day ro-BAYR-toh
I’m a friend of Robert

Quisiera verte
kee-see-AYR-ah VAYR-tay
I would like to see you

Estas disponible hoy?
Ay-STAHS dee-spohn-EE-blay OY?
Are you available today?


El Lunes?
Ayl LOO-ays

El Martes?
Ayl MAHR-tays?

El Miercoles?
Ayl me-AYR-coh-lays?

El Jueves?
Ayl hoo-AY-vays?

El Viernes?
Ayl vee-AYR-nays?

El Sabado?
Ayl SAH-bah-doh

El Domingo?
ayl doh-MEEN-goh?

A la una?
ah lah OOH-nah?
at 1?

A la una y media
ah lah OOH-nah ee MAY-dee-ah?
at 1:30?

A las dos?
Ah lahs dohs?
at 2?

A las dos y media?
Ah lahs dohs ee MAY-dee-ah?
at 2:30?

A las tres?
Ah lahs trays?
at 3?

A las cuatro?
Ah lahs KWAH-troh?
at 4?

A las cinco?
Ah lahs SEEN-koh?
at 5?

A las seis?
Ah lahs says?
at 6?

A las siete?
Ah lahs see-AY-tay?
at 7?

A las ocho?
Ah lahs OH-choh?
at 8?

A las nueve?
Ah lahs noo-AY-vay?
at 9?

A las dies?
Ah lahs dee-AYS?
at 10?

A las once?
Ah lahs OHN-say?
at 11?

A las doce?
Ah las DOH-say?
at 12?

A media dia?
Ah MAY-dee-ah DEE-ah?
at noon?

A media noche?
Ah MAY-dee-ah NOH-chay?
at midnight?

[Now you need a place to meet. You can TRY to get her to
come to your hotel but she may not know where it is.]

Conoces el Hotel Castillo?
Coh-NO-says ayl OH-tayl cas-TEE-yoh?
Do you know the Hotel Castillo?

[If she doesn’t know your hotel, try the place you met.]

Encontremos en frente del Key Largo.
Ayn-cohn-TRAY-mohs ayn FRAYN-te dayl kay lahr-goh.
Let’s meet in front of the Key Largo

[If that doesn’t work, try a well known landmark]

Encontremos en frente del Teatro Nacional.
Ayn-cohn-TRAY-mohs ayn FRAYN-te dayl tay-AH-troh nah-syoh-NAHL
Let’s meet in front of the National Theatre

[Once you have a meeting place]

Muy Bien, a las siete en frente del Teatro Nacional. Hasta Luego!
Moo-EE BEE-ayn, ah lahs see-AY-tay ayn FRAYN-tay dayl tay-AH-troh nah-syoh-NAHL. AH-stah loo-AY-goh!
Great, at 7, in front of the National Theatre. ‘Till then!

[If at any time you get too confused or discouraged, just say thanks
and goodbye.]

Okay, gracias, ciao!
Okay, grah-SEE-ahs, chow!
Okay, thanks, bye!

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  1. Terrific. I used an earlier version of this and it really works. The incentive is all on her part to make it work and that helps.

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  2. Thanks so much for this info.Very helpful for us Gringos who need to be able to say more than "Hola" to women who speak little or no Ingles.
    I've found that the Ticas appreciate our attempts at speaking the local lingo, too.

  3. Jump got back from Sosua Sunday 3/19/12. The girls are there. Had a lot of fun and a lot laughs. Met up with 4 other friends. Two were new to the whole scene. They loved it. Of course we needed to slow them down and let them know how the game is played. Dave is right everything is back to normal. Be careful not to drive the prices up. All the girls are starting off with 3000 pesos for an hour. Say no and be willing to walk away. You start at 1500 or lower and don't go beyond 2500. At 3000 that all night. Hit Costa Rica in October/November 2011. Girls $65 – $100 for an hour. They will take $100 for all night, but be willing to walk and know what want for your money and get it set in both the DR and CR up front. If you want multiple pops, say so. Some girls will try to give one and leave or just until morning if you not careful after one pop. Good luck guys. Cuba Dave has always been spot on, and I hope bump to him someday to buy him a few drinks and a girl or two. I would know what I do or how to play the game if not for the information has provided us over the years. Cuba Dave – I need a Columbia report if you have one.