Hits and Misses, Blasts from the Past

It’s coming up on two full years of “Love Costa Rica Style” and I decided to take a look at some of the statistics that are kept with the idea of finding out which of my articles have been most popular, least popular and so on. The idea was to give myself a little direction as to what the readers have enjoyed most and subjects that don’t seem to be of as much interest, and to use that to help me decide what to write about in the future.

The most viewed article of all time (so far) is “The Latina Myth,” where I talk about some common misconceptions and a few generalizations about the girls who work in ‘the business’ in Costa Rica (and elsewhere in Latin America. Second most viewed is one called “Look Who I Found! Mya from the Del Rey!” Mya is a very pretty and personable girl who happens to be a Del Rey Bartender (or was at the time). I found her profile on Amo Latina and found that interesting enough to write an article about it.

Coming in third was one called “Free Sex Can Costa You Plenty in Costa Rica.” in which a freebie ends up a nightmare. Probably the most unusual thing about the popularity of the article/story is that it was a very early one. When the blog first started there were only about 2,000 page views per month. Last month there were 14,000. Exactly why this one got so many views is hard to say. It could just be that the words ‘free sex’ and ‘Costa Rica’ appear in the title. Cheap mothers! Or not… who knows?

I have a few personal favorites that were done in the early days that many readers may have missed, and I’ll mention some of them in case you missed them or may want to read them again now that I mention them.

They are favorites to me not because I did some incredible writing job, but because I just think the stories and articles happen to be particularly interesting. One of my favorites of all time is “Girlfriend Experience… To Pay or Not to Pay?” It actually happened and I love the girl’s last line. It was one of the first posts on the blog, and it’s a classic.

Another good one from early on, when there weren’t as many readers, is “The Canadian Hooker in the Taxi.” Another true story, (names changed to protect the stupid) which should be a cautionary tale to all. Another early cautionary tale that hasn’t been viewed as many times as I think it deserves is one called “Walt and the Bride from Hell.” It’s not a feel-good story but one that should be required reading for anyone considering marrying a girl from Costa Rica (or anyplace, really).

The ‘happy ending’ is something my readers enjoy, whether it’s from a massage parlor girl or an article here. I have some limitations on what I’m able to say, due to the way the site’s advertising works, so I can’t get quite as specific as I might elsewhere, and for this reason some of my fun experiences don’t make it into print. But among those that are primarily about the fun of our hobby, one such story would be “Elena, Mariana and their Identical Twin Sisters.” One that has been quite popular for reasons I can’t say I understand is “Susana: Instant Party Girl.” It’s a nice story of a nice girl but nothing too much out of the ordinary. Still, for some reason, it is one of the most viewed stories. I just wish I could run into her and tell her how popular her story has been, I know she’d be flattered to hear it.

I would be shirking my duty if I left out the entire “Clueless Clyde” series. Among people I know who read the blog, they generally want to talk about Clyde and always ask me when the next installment will be and what’s going to happen to the poor sap next. But strangely, the individual episodes aren’t usually anywhere near the most-read stories/articles. I’ve gone back and numbered most of them, but if you click on the category at the top of the page (Clueless Clyde) and go to the bottom of the page and keep hitting ‘older entries’ until there aren’t any more, you can begin at the beginning and follow the whole story, assuming you haven’t followed the whole story from the beginning.

Just what gets read and why depends on a lot of factors, many of which I am unaware, no doubt). In any case, I have done almost 140 articles/stories and since the winter months are approaching in North America, maybe you will want to explore the site and find some stories you missed or want to read again.

One last thing… If you know anybody you think might be interested in the site, I’d be grateful if you told them about site. And if you would like to be notified every time a new post is put up, you can join the mailing list by filling in your email address up near the top of the page and clicking on ‘submit.’ You will receive an email asking you to confirm that you really wanted to be on the mailing list, and after you do that, you’re set.

As I have said before, I enjoy writing this blog and I welcome comments and questions. I make a little money with the advertising but I mostly just do this for fun. I hope you have fun reading it.

T. O.

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  1. Informative as always. Thanks for writing.

  2. Hey Thomas!
    Thanks ever so much for ALL your informative articles that were/are " life savers" throughout the year!
    Please keep them coming cause I do not know what we would do without you!
    Best wishes for continued success, health, happiness and love.
    Happy holidays to you and family.
    Ron Scott

  3. I mainly watch this site as there are so many Lovey girls that you take pictures of. You are one lucky guy .

  4. Good to know how you see your articles. To me they are never uninteresting but most compelling for me are the ones on the hard luck men and women that inhabit this strange world.

  5. Great blog. I appreciate the regular updates, especially when I don't get my fill of information and stories on CRT and ISG. Happy Holidays. Bunda Man.