Del Rey Random Thoughts

I suppose I hang out in the Del Rey for an hour a week, usually just to girl watch and shoot the bull with a friend or two. I’ve written about this before in Saturday at the Meat Market and I don’t want to go over the same ground yet again. But even though sometimes it can seem like the same old same old, I usually find something or someone new that sparks some thought in my peculiar mind and once in a while I remember them when I think about writing something for this blog.

My last visit was at around six or seven in the evening, not prime time, but the place wasn’t dead. I walked around a little and noticed a few things. One thing that struck me was how many locals were there, or at least guys who looked like locals, to whit, Latin males who weren’t wearing shorts or Hawaiian shirts or even sandals. Quite a few were dressed as if they might have just gotten off work and dropped in to have a beer and girl watch. Strangely enough, the upper bar where most of them sat had very few girls compared to local looking guys. Maybe they realize the local boys aren’t serious about finding company, or maybe that they aren’t as likely to overpay. I’m just speculating about that, of course, but the part about the high pct of local types seemed pretty solid to my eyes.

There’s not much doubt in my mind that the economy is having an effect on the tourist trade, especially of the mongering persuasion. Although there is no such thing as too many girls as far as the boys are concerned, it can definitely discourage girls from bothering to come out. It seems like a paradox, but a girl who doesn’t work every night may lose hope if she happens to show up once or twice in a row when the place is wall to wall women and no men. That doesn’t seem to stop the fuglies, though, who always rate some raised eyebrows from my friends and me. It never fails that we’ll see plenty of girls that we don’t find attractive, and a handful that we wouldn’t do EVEN IF WE WERE STRANDED IN THE STATES!! Remembering back to my last extended stay in the USA, the bar (at the bar) was pretty low for an aging non-millionaire. But it never fails that I see a girl or two that I just can’t imagine anybody paying for. One of the boys will always say something like “What in the world does she think she’s doing here?” and the rest of us at the table will nod or murmur agreement. I am never short of theories (always unprovable) and I have two ideas why they think they can turn a trick there.

Theory #1 one revolves around the fact that the Del Rey is not just world famous, but famous in Costa Rica as well, and that there are girls who hear vague stories about gringos paying $100 for sex and think that all they have to do is walk in there and some gringo will grab them and throw a Franklin at them. My second theory ties in with the first, and I call it the “Donna the Primadona” syndrome. Maybe we all know girls like this, maybe a bunch of them. They were the unattractive girls who for some reason thought they were hot stuff, and would run for homecoming queen or Miss Rutabaga Festival. I remember a Christmas party I went to for the department I worked in and I met the step daughter of one of my co workers. She was about 5′ 11” and weighed well over 200 lbs. She had a sallow complexion and a lantern jaw, along with stringy, dishwater colored hair. And guess what, her father thought she was gorgeous and thought she should be a model or enter beauty contests or some such. Another case of love is blind I suppose.

In any case, there are always girls (and guys, to be fair to the girls) who think they are a lot hotter than they are… a LOT hotter. So maybe the fuglies in the Rey think they are 10s, or at least 9s. If you have another explanation, by all means leave a comment. That’s about all I can think of to explain the phenomenon.

One last observation, generally agreed to by most of the mongers who have hung out there over the years, is that business seems to be off. I’m not privy to the actual numbers, but I have heard a number of comments about just how deserted the place has been from time to time. It seems less jumpin’ than it used to be to my eyes as well. It was only a few weeks ago that I wandered through the Key Largo at about 1 pm on a Saturday night and the place was nearly deserted. It NEVER used to be that way that I can remember, not on a Saturday night.

My last post mentioned a number of older articles/stories and the response was quite positive, so I am going to put a recommendation at the end of every new article/story of a good, older post that readers may have missed. This week’s pick is Date with a Redheaded ‘Exotic Dancer. It’s one of the early stories that is hard to classify, but one I hope you will enjoy.

So until next time, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, or if your an atheist or agnostic, celebrate the money you save on decorations.

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  1. I can say that for myself I was there 2 weeks ago and noticed a drop off of gringos compared to just 3 years ago my first trip. That being said the fuglies or less attractive girls will go for a lot less had one offer $40 for a session I told her no but if she can get 5 guys to bite a week that's $800 a month still a lot money compared to other jobs there or maybe she can't find work figures what the hell got to feed my babies.

  2. slimindian says:

    The economy is definitely a major factor. An exact flight from Orlando to sjo (round trip) has jumped from $400.00 to $750.00 in the last 14 months. Of course, that is just one expense that has increased, so it stands to reason that patrons are visiting less……..sad indeed.

  3. Airfares are way up but rooms cost are about the same as 10 years ago. Women in quanity and quality are there at fair prices and more willing than ever to bargin. Where else can you hook up with beautiful women from so many countries? Costa rica is still my favoriate place.

  4. A friend has just been to South East Asia including Thailand. The locals tell him that all the good looking women disappeared about 3 years ago. In his case all he could see were a sea of fuglies. And the price and time to get there are many fold for a trip to CR. Bang for the buck (with Columbia and DR in contention) here in San Jose is still the best.

  5. craigslist and other meet up sights are making it easier for people to find what they want in the states .. as the prices are dropping in the hot spots..tourism is off everywhere and its the american women with the money now ..