The Eye of the Beholder

What is sexy? What is hot? What is pretty? What is beautiful? What is repulsive? We can all agree on those things, right? Okay, I’m obviously just kidding.

Tastes do vary, obviously. And there is also a certain amount of overlap in what is considered attractive. Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol because she appealed to a lot more men than, say, Mamie Eisenhower (just keeping things in the same era… I could have said Rosie O’Donnell or pick anybody you prefer). Still, you could find a large fan club for Elizabeth Taylor (back then) or Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and on into the night.

To bring matters a little more current, I can say I never found Madonna particularly attractive, nor do I find myself stimulated by Lady Gaga. Does this mean they aren’t attractive? No, just means they aren’t my particular cup of tea.

As I’ve said earlier, I am like most heterosexual males and enjoy doing a little girl watching. Whether it’s in the Hotel Little Havana, the Sportsmens Lodge, the Del Rey, the Key Largo or the Molino Rojo, I do the same thing every man I have ever known does, I give them a look and try to decide just where she rates on the Thomas O’Brien scale. As often as not I’m with fellow hobbyists and we compare notes. In some places, particularly the lower end joints we tend to agree more often than not on who the (relatively few) hot ones are. Agreement is a little harder to come by in a place like the Del Rey or Sportsmens. For that matter, I find it hard to even agree with myself, often enough.

I have certain things that I like in a woman. I find myself attracted to tallish, statuesque women with long dark hair, with light skin and a flawless complexion. Large breasts and a flat stomach go a long way too. Still, if I see a girl like that and she’s got her nose so high in the air she looks like she’s walking through a garbage dump and trying not to inhale, it doesn’t matter if she’s hitting on all the other cylinders, forget her.

One of the things that always comes up when I’m sitting with somebody checking out the talent, is that we will both take note of some girl and exchange a glance that says, without uttering a word, “What in the world is SHE doing here? Who in the world would pay to be with HER?” And more often than you would believe, not long after we’ll she her arm in arm with some monger off to do the coochie coochie.

There’s one girl I have seen working the Rey for the last seven years who has a rear end about the size of last years world record sized pumpkin. I think we can safely assume that she MUST be getting customers from time to time or she would have give up long ago. I have been told that she is a very nice girl, and I have no reason to doubt it. The conclusion I draw is that there are guys who like large cabooses and the larger the better.

This reminds me of the story of the famous Televangelist, Jimmy Lee Swaggart, who secretly enjoyed the services of ladies of the evening, and if my memory serves me, one of the more interesting aspects to the story was that the women in question were unusually unattractive. I guess if you are going to sin, maybe you get the Lord a little less angry if you sin in a less enjoyable way? Or maybe he just always associated sex with the ugly side of life and it turned him on to be with fuglies. If there is a Heaven or Hell, perhaps one of the angels or demons will explain to him (or to me, for that matter) exactly why Jimmy Lee preferred ugly, fat and old women when his moral compass went haywire.

As part of my project writing the story of a local working girl’s life, I am hearing actual stories of things that I had heard about but preferred not to think about. Aside from weird kinks, the matter of just whom any particular man finds appealing can seem equally weird, at least to the majority of his fellow hobbyists.

So next time you see some guy walking hand in hand with a female whom you find indifferent or even repulsive, my advice would be to just chalk it up to the old hippie motto: Different strokes for different folks. In fact, you should be grateful that everybody’s is not identical.

Can you imagine how long you’d have to wait for your turn with your favorita, and how much you’d have to pay?

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  1. Monger Mickey says:

    Always great content! Thank God we all have different preferences indeed! Keep up the great posts!

  2. Great insight! And if some guy is leaving witha gal that you consider fugly, GREAT!