Your Place, or Theirs?

There is a pretty clear split between places where you do the deed ‘on site’ and those where the girls are working independently and you have to provide the room. The on-site places include massage parlors, night clubs (with and without dancers) and a few hybrid places. Among those places I would put Hotel Little Havana, New Fantasy, Idem, Relax, the Pirate Club, Pantera Rosa, Le Grillion, and too many others to bother listing here. As to independents, they can be found in profusion at the Sportsmens, the Key Largo and the Del Rey, and in smaller numbers at other gringo gulch bars such as Papi’s (formerly Dos Gringos), the Poas or Joe B and Karen’s.

In terms of physical appearance, I would say that the three prime spots for independents would definitely be the Del Rey, Sportsmens and the Key Largo. I have seen quite a number of truly stunning women in these places, though don’t expect that every girl in there will be a 10. Still, you aren’t going to have to DO every girl in there, all you need is one, right? Or is it two? Three? In any case, you won’t have to do them all.

The more expensive night clubs and massage parlors can also have some very lovely ladies, and it’s not unheard of to find a gem at one of the mid range or even one of the bargain places. The biggest difference will be the accommodations and/or the location. There is at least one place I know of that has pretty nice facilities and almost always one or two attractive girls and is priced under $20 for full service. But it’s in a dicey part of town and it takes a bit of confidence to go there, especially by yourself.

There are pros and cons to doing the deed at their place as opposed to finding an independent and taking her to your place (or perhaps a neutral site, one of the love hotels such as the Asia or the Eden). The pros of doing things on-site are twofold. Firstly, it’s probably going to cost you less. A half hour session will run you from as little as $15 up to around $60 so, with most places closer to $25. Although you can find independent company for as little as $20 once in a while, chances are she will be long in the tooth, or fat, or ugly, or all of the above. If you are willing to spend $60 you can usually get an appealing lady to accommodate you even at the Del Rey, though some of the primadonas there will refuse.

One of the pros to on-site places is that you are less likely to be the victim of theft. It can still happen if you are careless and happen to have the bad luck to run into a larcenous lady. But it’s less likely because first of all, you aren’t likely to have brought ALL your money with you to Calle 6, and the fact that the girl probably doesn’t want to get in trouble where she works. Whereas if you take her to your hotel room (or apartment if you live here), chances are you have a LOT of stuff in your place. Those who are very careful can prevent most theft by taking precautions such as using the safe (many hotels have them in every room) and not leaving the girl alone anywhere near your wallet. If you are careless enough, you can end up like the guy in the Canadian Hooker in the Taxi story.

There are a couple of downsides to the on-site approach. First would be the question of just how comfortable you are having sex on a bed that was recently used by god-knows-whom. Fastidious types aren’t often to be found in massage parlors or the lower end night clubs. The second issue is that the on-site places will invariably involve a time limit. This is no problem for those who are ready for her to leave as soon as they are finished. But there is a sizable percentage of guys who like to spend hours or all night when they choose a female companion. You MIGHT be able to negotiate this at a couple of the on-site places but it’s not something that happens every day and I can’t tell you any place that offers this sort of service routinely.

I know guys who mix it up, who visit massage places in the day time and at night will try to find somebody to stay until morning. One word of caution about the ‘all night’ arrangements. Often guys will negotiate for all night and be disappointed to see the girl getting dressed at the crack of dawn. For you all night might mean until after breakfast (or lunch for you late sleepers) but to most girls it means sunup. Most of the working girls have kids and have to get them ready for school or at the very least let the babysitter go take care of HERS. Keep this in mind when you negotiate. If you expect them to stay until 10 am, make sure it’s understood.

So there it is, in a nutshell. Good hunting.

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  1. Heading to CR in two weeks. Could sure use tge name of the $20 place


  2. Thanks, Thomas. I'll be there Dec 7-14, will you be around?