Rainy Season Night Club Action

My first visit to a Costa Rican ‘night club’ was a long time ago, probably seven years ago. I was fortunate to have a friend who had lived in San Jose quite a while and knew a number of places, and he was also fluent in Spanish. He showed me a couple of places that catered mostly to the locals and were affordable and fun.

Since then I have visited a ton of similar places ranging from high class ripoff joints to grungy dives. I have met and spent ‘quality time’ with ladies ranging from beautiful to ‘oh my God!’ I have had great sessions, good sessions, just-okay sessions and a few that were downright lousy. There have been times I chose a girl and she was so lame I just grabbed another one right afterward. At some places even doing two like this set me back under $40.

At any rate, I have been to most of the non-ripoff places and know how to find them and what to expect, more or less. As most of my readers know, I offer tours to show some of the local places a guy can go and find a sexy companion and/or just watch unclad dancers sashay around a pole on a stage.

Over the years I have spent less and less time at these places for assorted reasons, but when I have some friends come into town or somebody hires me to show them the nighttime hot spots I break up my usual routine and head out for the sexy underbelly of San Jose.

It just so happened that last week a couple of friends from Florida were in town and so we all went out to a couple of our old standby places. Our first stop was VIPs Amon. It’s a good place to start the evening because it’s usually decent by 8 pm. It was Thursday night, which is usually a decent night, and there were a dozen girls working of whom half were at least passable and a couple were above average. One of my friends saw a girl on his way in that intrigued him and so he got up to take a little walk back in her direction to get a better look. When he didn’t return to the table right away friend #2 and I knew that he had undoubtedly decided to throw his business her way. He was back at the table 20 minutes later with a smile on his face. The girl was nineteen and had only been working there a short time. I got a good look at her and she definitely could have worked at a more expensive place but that’s how it works some times with cute girls… they start out in a low rent place and when they get to understand the business they move upscale. At any rate my friend got a bargain that night.

Next up we headed to Las Margaritas, where once again there was a wide variety ranging from hot down to ‘no-f’ing-way.’ The star of the show was a tall, well built girl whose name may have been Rose. She started out dancing to an uptempo song and was nothing special, but when it came time to do her slow number she did some amazing things, showing flexibility that was amazing and some pole moves worthy of a gymnast. She also had quite a sense of humor, as she kept following men into the men’s room then would come out and give a critique of what she saw, which everybody (those who understood Spanish at least) found hilarious.

Our next stop was the Molino Rojo, where there was the usual mix with some new faces and a number that had been working there since my first trip seven years earlier. As the Molino Rojo and VIPs Amon are owned by the same people it wasn’t a big shocker to see that the nineteen year old had moved over to the Rojo when the Amon location closed. Friend number two was impressed by her look and encouraged by the good review given by friend number one, so he decided to ‘give her his business, in a manner of speaking.

At that point we were approaching the end of our night, not very late but they were tired from their flights and I am not the night owl I used to be. So we headed back to our respective abodes for the night.

Two nights later I was sitting in my easy chair at about 10 pm when I got a call from somebody who had emailed me about a tour. It took me a little off balance to get a call so late but after a little thought I told him sure and we met at his hotel to do my second tour in three nights.

He had done some research. He had a list of places he was considering and we discussed them. First stop was the Pantera Rosa. We got there around ten thirty, and it was just starting to get going. We watched the show for maybe forty minutes when I could see he was getting bored. So when I suggested we go to another spot, he readily agreed. He had heard about the Pirate Club and since he was paying I said sure. It was odd, but the door was locked and we had to ring the bell to get somebody to let us in. Once inside there were maybe half a dozen to ten girls there, a couple of whom were pretty decent looking. But there was no ‘show’ there and my ‘client’ wasn’t interested in doing anything ‘on site’ even though the rooms are quite nice there. I now discovered that what he was looking for was a girl who spoke English and was willing to spend the whole night with him.

The next stop was the Grillion. We paid the cover and went in and sat down. As is customary there, we had a couple of girls come over and sit in our laps, asking us to buy them drinks, though not in a high pressure way. When we declined they smiled and wandered off. My ‘client’ was quite impressed by one of the girls there, but she spoke virtually no English and he liked to be able to talk with his ‘date.’ The waiter DID speak English and brought over another girl who was a bit less of a knockout but spoke good English and had a pleasant personality.

My ‘client,’ with a little help from me to translate a few tricky things, was able to find out what the bar fine and the cost of the girl’s ‘company’ would be for the night. Well, it was $150 bar fine and the girl wanted another $150 for herself. I didn’t think this was a great deal and my client agreed.

By now it was one thirty, and our options would be more of the same or go back to the ‘gulch’ and see what was going on. So we took a taxi to the Key Largo and strolled through. I have to say that I can’t ever recall seeing the place that empty on a Saturday night at half past one. Since the KL was dead, we wandered over to the Del Rey. I spotted a girl I knew who spoke English, was a good performer and wouldn’t break his budget, but she wasn’t his type, apparently. So we wandered over to the front bar, the one near the door on Av 1, and he struck up a conversation with a girl I knew to be a pretty unenthusiastic performer, but fortunately for the ‘client’ she spoke no English and he moved on. While he was looking around I was approached by a fairly nice looking girl who spoke to me in English, although I speak pretty fair Spanish. Maybe this was the girl for him? I tapped him on the shoulder, and introduced the two of them. I backed off to a respectable distance and they chatted for a few minutes. At that point he came over and told me that he was done for the night, and that he had struck a deal with this girl to go back to his hotel and spend the night with him.

He seemed to have had a good time at all the places we went but all in all, considering what he wanted, he probably should have just started at the Rey or Sportsmens or Key Largo. But then, the chase is part of the fun, and he seemed to have fun, so what the hey…!

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  1. Thomas Nice reading your report. I agree the chase is half the fun. I live here. So I like meeting the Ticas/Nicas at the various bars. Nothing much I end up at the key largo.. I am going out tonight I believe Thursdays are the best. Still I like meet regular girls that work and like to have fun on the side..

  2. Biggeratk says:

    Sounds like my first time to costa rica. I have a Tico buddy who took me down there showed me a bunch of Tico hang outs outside of San Jose. I had a blast, i went back again be myself. I didn't have as much fun but still it was good time. I'm ready head back again.

  3. Thomas I recognize our reviewer in your story. He'd already been to the Sportsmens, Key Largo and the del Rey and as he was working it was his job to hit and review what was at the best places for our readers. He tells me that he personally doesn't like crowds or loud noise. That he isn't interested in just getting his "rocks off." What he is interested in is GFE. Most of the time we send our reviewers to evaluate resorts where the girls with you 24 hrs a day and they are included in the room rate or escort agencies where they book them for 24 to 72 hours. (We really like the concept behind http://www.girlfriend4aweek.com out of Medellin.)
    Our reviewer said there were some girls he liked but he still had to complete his survey and when you said places were closing he got worried that he would spend the night alone. But he did have a great time and much appreciated your tour.
    You will find your website listed 2/3rds of the way down our Costa Rica page (http://www.sexcation-review.com/Travel-CentralAmerica-CR.html)
    For your readers I need to explain that we never tell the businesses we are reviewing that we are in fact reviewing them for our website.
    Have a great time in Costa Rica and where ever you wander.

  4. Hey, Thomas – any suggestions for places near the airport, Alajuela, or up near La Fortuna or Tilaran or even Liberia?