Magdelena’s “Childhood”

The following is more of the project I have been working on, the story of the life of “Magdelena,” as she has told it to me. The story is often sad, sometimes funny, sometimes violent and sometimes sexy… all part of the life she has led.

The first thing I can remember was when I was five or six years old I went to live with my mother’s mother after my father’s mother died. There were only three of us then; my sister Marleny who was two or three years younger than me and my brother Carlos who was two or three years younger than my sister.

When we lived with my grandmother the children slept on the ground. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but after she died we went to live with my mother in Moravia in a neighborhood that was called “Lehman the 25th of July.” I think I may have been seven years old. We lived in a “rancho,” (shanty, lean to shack) without running water or a bathroom and a dirt floor. My mother washed clothes for other people to earn enough to buy something to eat once in a while, but mostly to buy guaro (the local liquor). My mother has always been an alcoholic. Even when we were that young, she would leave us alone. Although I was only seven years old I was the oldest and I had to try to take care of my little sister and brother.

I guess I was around nine when my mother came home with a man named Juan who moved in with us. She told us he was a Salvadoran. He was an alcoholic too and they were both always drunk and we almost never had money for food. They would buy guaro first and maybe if anything was left buy some food for us kids. They were always arguing and hitting each other. When my mother would pass out Juan would have sex with my mother, all of this right in front of us. When my mother was passed out or and sleeping, my sister and brother and I had to hide ourselves and put the clothes dresser behind the door to the room because Juan liked to come in and fondle my sister and I. I lived in fear that he would rape me and my sister. We were just kids. We didn’t know what to do, so we just had to tolerate being hungry and mistreated.

I only spent a little time in school, a part of first grade, because my mother was always drunk and there was so little money. Even the few times she sent me to school, I was usually hungry. I remember my teacher felt sorry for me and used to give me some of her lunch. The other kids were jealous and thought the teacher was playing favorites, so they used to pick on me. There usually wasn’t any food in the house. Even when there was some food, my mother and her boyfriend would sleep late, drunk, and we’d have to fend for ourselves. I remember a lot of times when the only food was some onions that I would fry up for my brother, sister and myself.

I was about eight years old then, and I had to put up with that miserable sort of life until I was twelve. I had already had my first period at nine. I was growing up. Juan told my mother that that she had to let him have sex with him or he was going to leave. She didn’t want him to leave, so she told me I had to sleep with him. This was my nightmare. I had a sort of boyfriend, Ernesto, who was eighteen. I told him all this and that I didn’t want to sleep with my mother’s boyfriend. My boyfriend told me that he would take me far away. And although I was afraid to go, I decided I would rather run away with my boyfriend than let Juan rape me.

My sister, Yorleny had the same trouble I did with Juan, only worse. One day she went to watch the house of a neighbor lady who lived close by, who had to go into town to do some errands. So while Yorleny was alone Julio came in and tried to rape her. The lady came back while he was on top of her and called the police, who came and took him away. My mother got down on her knees to Yorleny to please not testify against him, so they would let Juan out of jail. Yorleny didn’t want to do it, but my mother kept begging. Finally she told my mother, okay, I’ll do that but from now on you aren’t my mother, and she left the house and never came back. She was only 12 years old at the time. She hasn’t seen my mother since then.

Anyway, because I didn’t want to stay with my mother and have sex with Juan, I ran away with Ernesto to Limon. After I left, my mother had the police looking for me, though I have no idea why since she didn’t seem to give a damn about me. But the police found us five days later and brought us back to San Jose; me with my mother and Ernesto in the paddy wagon. The police gave Ernesto the choice of marrying me or going to jail. He married me. He would have married me anyway, since he was in love with me, but the police made it happen. So we married, even though I was still a twelve year old girl. I didn’t feel I was old enough, but it was either get married to Ernesto or go back my mother’s house and be raped by her drunken boyfriend.

It wasn’t long after we were married when I got pregnant. Even though I was young I already loved sex. While I was pregnant my best friend Sandra began to come over with her boyfriend Alex and bring glue or marijuana to get high with. When Ernesto found out what I was doing after he went to work, he was very upset. So he asked me if I didn’t love him? I told him that I just I wanted to be free, that I didn’t want to be married. But since I was pregnant he told me he would wait until after I had my baby and afterward we would get divorced. So my daughter Vera was born, and soon afterwards I was a divorced, single mother, all of 14 years old.

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  1. I have heard similar stories from ladies during my visits to CR. Once I was told that a lady's father was the culprit. He even struck his daughter with his fist and blinded her in one eye when she refused his advances. We sat together and cried.

  2. My take is that it is pretty much the same story, different place. It is a shame to read about it. Even more so, when the chica is right there describing it to you. When stationed in the PI and Korea, and got too close, (GFE), the girls would give me their sob story to get me to help them. and I couldn't blame them. Most of the time I would, since I always had my favorites. But it was only in the form of extra propina or tip, just so they wouldn't brush me off the next time I came in their place. It all works out in the end. Give a little, get a little. Love and money makes the world go round. No money, no honey! Since I was married at the time, LTR (long term relationship) was out of the question.

    BTW, see ya all Halloween! staying at Freebird, as I waited too long to book the Pura Vida room at the Sportsman. Like the Freebird, as Dennis is great!

  3. It is odd to think the only decent guy in this story is Ernesto who had sex with a 12 year old. Yikes.

  4. Lorne Goetz-Sarnia says:

    these things (boyfriend's fuking the g/f's daughter, or fuking their daughter/step-daughter, etc.) happen in USA & Canada as well.