A Trip to Lima, Peru

I have traveled a fair amount, but most of my traveling was done before I discovered the wonderful world of Pay for Play. It was after my Prague adventure that I walked through Amsterdam’s red light district and flirted with a couple of the window girls, and I have been to Rio de Janeiro but didn’t end up paying for company in either location. In Amsterdam I was still a little shy about the scene and didn’t quite feel inspired enough to pull the trigger. In Rio I would have probably done something if I hadn’t connected with two young ladies I knew by way of internet. They were young, attractive, enthusiastic and free, and I never got around to looking for professional help.

But by the time I visited Lima I had several years of P4P experience under my belt and was determined to make the most of my visit. Living in San Jose as I do, it’s not easy to justify spending a ton of money on an airline ticket and hotel just to chase working girls. But the fact that a friend was going and I had heard some good things about Peru were sufficient to get me to pull the trigger.

Unfortunately for the consumer, the airlines that run from San Jose to Lima are pretty much restricted to a cartel of national monopolies… TACA, Lacsa, Copa and Avianca.. So I bit the bullet and bought my ticket. The flight went through Panama City, and I arrived mid afternoon at the Lima airport. I had booked a room in a hotel [the Maria Luisa] recommended by other guys of a similar hobby as being convenient and affordable. It was located in probably the nicest part of Lima, Miraflores, which is a good ways from the airport. I was struck by the size of the city. You could fit 10 San Joses in it and have plenty of room left over. It was also quite cool, and pretty much a desert.

There are numerous other differences between Lima and San Jose beyond size and weather. The food in Lima is, to put it bluntly… GOOD. San Jose is a gastronomical wasteland. Lima wins hands down. In October, when I was there, it was quite a bit cooler than San Jose. Even the tourists didn’t wear shorts. I also felt a lot safer walking around at night. The traffic wasn’t nearly as hectic either. Prices for most things were better than San Jose.

As far as looking for love in pay for play places, my results were mixed. Staying where I did put me within walking distance of the main pick up bar in the area, and possibly in all of Lima, Tequila Rock. It was also within walking distance of Pizza Alley, which is a hangout for assorted independents… street girls and bar girls.

I don’t mess with street girls in San Jose but I had heard they were a decent option in Lima so on my first night I took one back to the hotel for an uninspired and uninspiring session. The next night I went to Tequila Rock to see what it was all about. It’s not a giant place, but the over quality was probably a bit higher than the Del Rey average, though mainly from it’s lack of “what the heck is SHE doing here” types that you sometimes see in the Rey. I noticed a girl with a dream body who seemed to have a good attitude. We chatted for a while and struck a deal for $80 for 2 hours. That’s her in the blurry photo. As we were chatting I seemed to be having a problem understanding her. My Spanish isn’t world-class but I finally realized she had a cleft palate. At any rate I really enjoyed her ‘company’ and got her phone number, which I used a few nights later.

My friend and I checked out a few of the other options in town, including a few massage places and a number of night spots. Probably the worst thing about Lima, besides the undrinkable water, is how spread out it is. We probably spent a half hour plus several times just seeing some of the obligatory hot spots.  We went to Lima Centro and checked out Cucardas and La Nenne. Both are great values for the money, though the point and shoot approach doesn’t turn me on that much. But in terms of bang and quality for the buck they were good deals. We scoped out some night clubs and once again the prices and quality was pretty good. I saw plenty of attractive girls I would have been interested in if I hadn’t used up my mojo earlier in the evening.

I finished off my week with my cleft palate girl and another extremely pretty girl from Tequlia Rock whose performance was nowhere near that of my cleft palate sweetie. Unfortunately for me, I came down with something that confined me to my bed for the last part of my trip. Fever, nausea, aches and another effect I don’t care to describe. No fun at all. So I didn’t do as much as I had hoped. But I still think I got a fair idea of what the city has to offer.

I don’t know that I’ll ever return to Lima, but if you are considering it, I give it a thumbs up.

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  1. I love Peru. Women love men in Peru, even the P4P, women. The weirdest thing about Peru that I noticed was then number of P4P women that pushed my head down to their snatch. This was more from the Tequila girls than out call escorts or massage girls. Maybe because they considered themselves more like paid girlfriends than pros. Lot's of semi pro action in Peru as well. It is an interesting place.

  2. Peru puts a great twist on the latin american country. It has a strong middle class, very beautiful women, lots of very well done breast implants, very good food, and excellent surfing. Had some of my best p4p experiences there of all time. Two thumbs up.

  3. anyone go to machu pichu while there?

  4. I don't know what you guys are talking about. The few times I've been in miraflores, the women are fugly. dark, and all have that basic indian look. not as hot as colombians, venezuelan, brazilians or costa ricans.

    not once did I see any hot chicks in the malls, restaurants, etc.

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