The Story of Dave

In a way I suppose it’s all my fault. I was the one who told him about Costa Rica. He came down for a visit and within a year he was living here. Actually, it isn’t ALL my fault, but I did set the chain of events in motion. Here’s (part of) Dave’s story.

I knew Dave from the place we used to hang out, a bar in Northern California. We had a lot of mutual friends. One friend was Mike, who also happened to be in a band with me. After I moved down to Costa Rica, I talked Mike into coming down to visit. I thought he’d really enjoy a vacation here. Mike convinced a couple of other local guys to make the trip with him, and one of them was Dave. They came down for two weeks and fell in love with the place. Dave spoke a bit of Spanish due to his job as a construction foreman, where he supervised construction crews that were often Mexican.

This was back in late 2004. California real estate prices, like many other areas of the country, were skyrocketing. Mike decided to sell his condo and sold it for more than his asking price in about a week. It was a feeding frenzy. His first thought was to buy a bar in our home town, and he thought he had a deal worked out. It fell through, and he decided to come down to Costa Rica instead and see if he could do something.

Meanwhile, Dave was considering his options. His construction job was slowing down and he had this big house in a boom area. After some indecision he finally put the place up for sale, and although the market was cooling, he was able to sell it for a good price and walk away with a fair amount of money in his pocket.

By this time Mike was here in Costa Rica and working in real estate as a salesman. When Dave got here, Mike showed him the development he was working with, and Dave liked the area. Dave had a lot of cash and decided to buy a lot in the development. All three of us were bachelors, though by this time Mike had a girlfriend who lived with him. Dave found a girl he really liked and in a short time they were living together as well.

Dave decided to build a house on his lot. He found a local Tico contractor, found a design he liked, and construction began. As expected, there were the usually hassles and cost overruns that anybody who builds a house goes through. Dave admits he should have been more hands-on but he was in his ‘honeymoon’ phase with his girlfriend and spent less time at the site than he probably should have.

The house was finally finished and he was ready to move in with his girlfriend. Only one problem. She wouldn’t live there. Oh, the place was very nice, had a pool, beautiful nature all around, but she was afraid living in the country, and didn’t like being away from her family. So Dave’s dream took a big hit. Sadly, he decided to sell after the real estate bubble popped, and instead of being able to sell quickly, for a profit, he just hopes to be able to sell and move on.

The bottom line is that the house is now for sale, and you can see it in the video.

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  1. Why not tell Dave to just find a new girlfriend! This Costa Rica, I am sure there are many girls that would die to live there.

  2. …but didn't she know he was building a house for them?