Working Girl Tales – A Brush with Death

I have many friends among the working girls. One in particular has led a very event-filled life, and we are trying to collaborate and produce a book of her life and work. She told me the story below only days after it happened. Look for more to come in this series.

I was in the Poás Bar with a couple of gringos and a friend around 2 AM, which was closing time, and we decided to walk over to the Baja Beach Club. I usually go home before 11 when the last bus leaves but I still needed about $30 more to pay my rent, which was due the next day.

As we were walking over, a VW Microbus was following us, and there was a guy inside who was calling out to me. I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to go with me, that I was very pretty, and he wanted have sex with me. My friends went inside and I stayed outside to talk to the guy. But all the while we were talking he was touching himself, and I felt he was vulgar and maybe dangerous.

While I was talking to him another guy came up on a small motorcyle and wanted to talk to me. I don’t like going out with Ticos, I almost never do. But I needed the money. The guy on the motorcycle wanted me to go with him to a hotel but I told him I was afraid of motorcycles because I had been in an accident once. He told me not to worry, that he would drive very slowly and carefully and if I got scared he would let me off and pay for a taxi for me. He spoke very gently to me and politely. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom, and went inside and stayed for about 10 minutes, I guess I was almost hoping he would lose patience and leave. But when I finally came out he was still there, so I agreed to go with him and we drove off towards San Sebastian where he said there was a hotel he knew. This was also close to my home so I agreed and got on the motorcycle. He only had the one helmet, which he wore, and none for me. I was afraid but I needed the money.

We went towards San Sebastian but when we were nearby he turned off onto a side street. I asked him why he was turning and he said he had to pee. He drove to a little park. There was nobody around. He stopped the motorcycle and got off, and turned his back to me. But then he suddenly turned around and had a pistol in his hand, and he put it up to my head. I yelled at him “What are you doing?” and he pushed me and yelled at me “Shut up and do everything I say.”

Well, when I saw the pistol I lost control. I shouted back “Go ahead and ill me, you bastard. My life is sh*t anyway!” and I ran up to him. He pushed me away and shot me twice, once just grazing my neck and the second into my forehead. Thank heaven it was only a pellet gun, or I would be dead now. As it was I was bleeding and crazy with rage. I guess this must have scared him or something. It hadn’t gone as he planned. Anyway, he hopped on his motorcycle and sped off. It’s funny to think of it now. He expected to scare me and I ended up scaring HIM.

My phone wasn’t working but I found a public phone and with the little money I had I called my sister. She said she was coming to get me, along with her son. They was almost there when they saw a police car that had pulled over a car with some guys inside. My sister told them that I had been shot, and would the please take her to help me. They told her no, they were in the middle of an arrest. She knew this was bull because the police car wasn’t from that area. The cops were shaking down the guy in the car.

When she saw how much I was bleeding she was very afraid, and we went back past the police car. They were still in the same place, and so was the other car. My sister yelled at the police “Look at my sister, she’s bleeding and all you want to do is get a bribe from this guy!” My nephew took some photos of the police car to report them, but they police grabbed his phone and wouldn’t give it back. So we all walked back to my sister’s house, where she cleaned me up and stopped the bleeding. I should have gone to the clinic but I don’t have insurance and I didn’t have the money to pay anybody. People have told me they would have had to treat me because it was an emergency, but I wasn’t thinking clearly and I am afraid of hospitals.

So the result is that I still have that pellet in my forehead, right above my right eyebrow. If I can get the money together I know I should go see a doctor and get the pellet removed. I don’t want to, though. I am still afraid of hospitals and I’m afraid it will hurt to take it out.

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  1. sad story
    you break my heart

    i'm very sad.

  2. Lots to understand about life in Costa Rica from this woman’s point of view. I know I could not have any of her humour in her place. She is quite remarkable.