In Search of the Perfect Companion

How do you define perfection? How do I define it? Unless I miss my guess, the two wouldn’t coincide 100%. But even if my definition and yours are wildly different, it’s still a very good idea to know what you are looking for and why. So let’s take a look at some common preferences and some common pitfalls in the never ending search for the perfect companion.

Let’s start where almost all men start: looks. Most of us have a certain look that always catches our attention. In my own case, although I don’t often encounter my #1 preference, it happens to be tall, statuesque girls with dark hair and dark eyes. Those who know me know I have been known to spend my time and money on a number of physical types. But if I were drawing up my ideal girl she would be that type.

A lot of guys I know prefer short girls, shorter the better. Some of these guys also want their women as slim as possible (perhaps not anorexic, but talking to them sometimes I wonder). Then there are the guys who want big chests or big booties. Age preference is another thing that differs from man to man. Some guys want chicas that are as young as legally possible. Others prefer mid 20s, while some like women in their 30s, or 40s. There was a rather famous woman who worked the Key Largo into her 50s named Lucy, who found customers among ‘mature’ gentlemen who preferred someone who wasn’t younger than their daughters (or granddaughters).

But if we can just accept that tastes differ when it comes to looks, we can move on to things that are a little more fruitful. After all, don’t most of us spend an awful lot of time just girl watching? I saw Ray Romano on the Letterman show a year or so ago, and he said that all men do the exact same thing when they see a woman. They (we) decide if we would: a) definitely do her, b) do her under most circumstances, c) only do her if she was the only choice and d) not do her under any circumstances EVER.

When it comes to paid companions, it probably comes down to something like: a) I’d pay as much as I could afford to do her, b) I’d do her if the price was right, c) I would only do her if nobody else was here and my friends weren’t watching and d) No way, Jose.

But moving along, what else is in the equation for the ideal companion besides looks? It all gets down to her psychology, for lack of a better word. I lost track long ago of how many ladies whose time I have rented. I can say without a doubt that the psychological spectrum is as wide as among non-professionals. I’ve met some who had dirtier minds than I do and were up for anything. I’ve met some who had more rules than the NFL, but weren’t nearly as much fun.

Aside from what they will or won’t allow, the biggest factor in whether or not the lady in question will be ‘good’ is her attitude. Lest you jump to conclusions, it isn’t as simple as looking for the girl with the biggest smile. I had an interesting date last week with a really pretty young lady who fit my physical requirements nicely and was playful and cheery. Unfortunately, although she seemed to enjoy my company, she had more fun joking around and playing than getting down to business. She did get down to business, such as it was, but it was ultimately unsatisfying, as she was clearly not all that into it.

And to me, the thing that can turn a 6 in looks to an 8 and an 8 in looks to a 5 is an attitude thing. If the girl is truly (as far as I can tell) trying to get off and if she makes me feel like I am an essential part of her enjoyment, she goes way up in my book. Conversely, if she’s a dead fish or if she’s obviously faking passion in the hope that I’ll just get done and let her get back to wherever/whatever, the customer satisfaction rating goes way down.

I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s SUCH a turn off to me when a chica is asking for my ‘leche’ at any point, unless I just happen to be exactly AT that point, which hasn’t happened yet. This technique must work for some, or they wouldn’t do it, I suppose. But to me it only means that I will never bother with her again.

There are things besides looks and attitude that can get in the way. You might find a really hot looking one that just LOVES some position you don’t, and just HATES your favorite. There are style differences that can ruin a good love match just as there are style differences that can ruin a good boxing match.

But if you find one that’s a go on looks and has enthusiasm for being with you, you are as close as you can get without actually taking her for a spin. So, take her for a spin, already.

It’s only money.


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  1. Rocketman says:

    Thanks for another good read Thomas. You you only make my expectations higher with the consistently good tales. It only hit 105-106F (41C) in Dallas this afternoon. 25 days in a row at or over 100F and it isn't even August. I miss Costa Rica and my little friends down there. LIke the ad says…life is short, Latinas are beautiful! Only 2 more weeks and I'll be in Paradise. Keep me on life support with the stories until then. Pura vida & Happy trails to you!

  2. A good appraisal. I have a weakness for little women and to be honest rarely have a good time with them. I am big and they are small which immediately shrinks the playing field. Best is about 5’3 or better. Attitude is problematic as you point point out as they might be great in sales poor in performance. The best advice I have heard presuming she meets one’s physical match is your’s ‘Does she like to kiss?’ best though to make sure she likes to kiss you.

  3. Well done Thomas! Our critic's circle gave you a 8.9 of 10! Wink!

  4. Hey Tom
    Any updates on the Presidente Hotel and it being "guest un-friendly?"

    • thomasobrien says:

      As far as I know the policy hasn't changed. I walked by there two weeks ago and the bar was totally closed and dark at about 9 pm on a Friday night. If I hear of any changes I'll post the news. For now I'd look elsewhere.


  5. metalcuban says:

    The president hotel is losing money with that policy..Is all over the internet..
    People are even posting that coments about the policy in

  6. Maybe they will learn sometning cutting there nose off to spite there face, Ill stick with The Dunn, and the Rey thanks, Morazon sucks in my book.

  7. thomasobrien says:

    I walked by the Prez last night and the bottom floor was being gutted. The rumor is that they are going to rent out the bottom floor to a real estate company. Good luck with that. I will post updates when I hear more rumors or get solid info.