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I think my interest in Russia and Russian women began with some article I read in the newspaper with a title something like “Here Come The Brides… Russian Style!” This was back in the early 90s, and the Soviet Union had just fallen apart. The economy there was never great to begin with, and had suddenly gotten even worse. As a result of ‘opening up’ the country and the economic problems they had, a number of businesses popped up to introduce Russian women to men from Europe and North America. I sent away for a free ‘catalog’ to see what it was all about. Thus began an obsession that lasted me for a couple of years.

I was in my middle 40s back then, and my ‘love life’ was becoming problematical. My youth was fading and what women I knew were fading as well. I decided to spend a few bucks and buy some addresses. I picked out a handful of theoretically suitable women and wrote to them. There were a couple of doctors and a couple of other well educated (and pretty) ladies. Several weeks later I had my first replies, and I was hooked.

I continued this for quite a while, even going to the trouble to try to learn Russian. Eventually I realized that letters were all well and good, but if I really wanted to get any further I would have to visit Russia. I wasn’t ready to do that, and once I admitted that to myself, I stopped writing to any of them. I was surprised then, about a year and a half later, to receive a letter from Natalia, a neurologist from a city several hundred miles East of Moscow. The real surprise, though, was that it came from San Diego!

I read the letter with interest. Apparently Natalia was now married to a guy named George and living in the USA. Well good for her! Or not. As I read further, things were not going so well. She asked me to please call her neighbor and give her my telephone number. She needed to talk to someone. I made the call and she told me her story.

She came to the USA on a K1/fiancee visa. Normally it’s required that the man and woman actually have met, but because of George’s medical problem (diabetes) they were granted a waiver. She went through all the interviews and other hassles to get approved, and finally George bought the tickets for Natalia and her son and they took the 20+ hour trip from Russia to California.

Things went alright for a while. George seemed very happy to have Natalia there, but there were things that bothered her. She went to open the blinds after he went to work and there was newspaper taped to the windows, to keep other people from looking in, apparently. Her 9 year old son, Boris, spoke no English, but George forbade them to speak Russian to each other (while he was around). Although Natalia spoke good English, it was mentally exhausting to speak English all the time. But being a dutiful bride-to-be and wanting to give it her best shot, she was willing to put up with this in the hope that George would mellow out a little as he came to trust her.

Things went on for a couple of weeks like this when George fell into diabetic shock. Luckily for him, Natalia was a physician and was able to keep him alive until the ambulance came and took him to the hospital. Whatever doubts George may have had about getting married disappeared, and he was in a hurry to tie the knot. Natalia went along with him. It may seem strange to some that she would marry so quickly like that, but her financial situation back in Russia (very bad) plus her fatalism persuaded her to go for it.

She hoped that now that she had saved his life he would be grateful and more considerate. She was wrong. It was only a few days later that George completely lost it. We’ve all seen similar stuff on our televisions… distraught husband holds wife and son at gunpoint, threatens to kill them and himself for reasons unknown. She was finally able to calm him down, take the gun from him, and run over to the neighbor’s house, who called 911. The police came and took George away.

George did a little jail time and along with a restraining order never bothered Natalia again. I began seeing her shortly thereafter and it went pretty well for a while. She was cute as a button, intelligent, and very eager to please. I was living in another part of the state, so my visits weren’t as frequent as she wanted. This was to be our eventual undoing. We got along pretty well when together, but when apart she was extremely jealous. She also had a pronounced tendency to want to share her bad mood with me. If she had a rough day and felt down, she didn’t seem to be satisfied until I was unhappy too. Every night there would be a two hour phone call, full of her interrogating me and (it seemed to me) trying to piss me off.

After about a year of this I told her enough was enough, and I told her I didn’t want to go on. She wasn’t quite ready to let go at that point, and we saw each other a few more times. Eventually we stopped seeing each other and she is now married to a guy who had been chasing her for a long time, but she didn’t love. I can only guess that being ‘married’ meant something to her that I can’t relate to.

In any case, I had my experience with a pretty, faithful, intelligent and sexy foreigner who wanted to get married and devote her life to me. Speaking just for myself, I’m happier just dealing with working girls.

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  1. astromax says:

    Are those two pictures of the same girl? I agree, why bother with all her unknown problems.

    • thomasobrien says:

      No, the first two girls are not the same person, though they do look alike and resemble my Russian somewhat. I have learned over the years that I'm just not 'domestic' and not interested in that whole scene.

  2. Did she give good head ?
    She spit or swallow

  3. Sounds to me that she was a DRAMA queen – for some women drama is like an addition.

  4. Having been married to a Russian-Ukrainian woman along with owning and operating a Russian-Ukrainian marriage agency, I will say this. The odds of those women entering the USA are truly comparable to winning the lottery once a week for months on end. The amount of beautiful women in the CIS coupled with their superior level of intelligence,charm, personalities and light years beyond American women is staggering. Their willingness to relocate to foreign countries is no surprise simply because their chances for a better life in Russia-Ukraine are slim and none. Many American men are in awe of those women v. their own women and so many make the journey. Once there, the odds of engagement and K-1(fiance) visa's are in the Russians favor. So, they enter the USA, possibly marry or vanish in the night. If, the former occurs, almost overnight they become "Americanized" utilizing almost every law in place designed for women in the USA. Point on, their "husband" gets cluster-fucked and the ladies enjoy the fruits of his labors for "Eons." And, yes there are exceptions but the exceptions are not the general rule of what truly transpires. If, any of you are inspired to visit Russian and or Ukraine, do it while baring in mind that whilst there your American passport makes you a God on earth and everything you want is there for the taking BUT do not take the ladies back to your country because you will regret it for a lifetime!!!! I agree 110% with Thomas, deal with working girls the world over with knowledge of what they are and what they stand for!

  5. I've met em from Siberia, Belarus and Romania, ( you know crazy Karina), at Del Rey. They're worth it if you like their look. They speak great English.

    • thomasobrien says:

      I know one Russian girl who works the Del Rey. Excellent English, a little frumpy. She sat next to me at the bar once and seemed intent on contradicting anything I might say. I decided it was time to take a walk around.