Thai One On

I’ve never been to Thailand, or anywhere else in Asia. So I’m not going to talk about how it is there, except repeat what I’ve heard from other like minded fellows who also enjoy the company of attractive females and are willing to pay for the privilege.

I have several friends who have made the long (27 hours from Miami) flight and lived to tell the tale. I think I’ve spent enough time talking about the San Jose, Costa Rica scene to where I can use it as a point of comparison. Thailand is cheaper, not counting the cost of getting there. It’s cheaper for food, lodging, company and probably anything else you may be inclined to buy. How much cheaper? Hard to say, but maybe 1/3 cheaper? Your mileage will vary.

The guys I talk to like the girls because they tend to be smaller and more ‘GFE.’ They are more likely to spend the night than the Ticas of Costa Rica. One negative I hear is that they are not as ‘hot,’ which I think means they are perhaps a little tamer in bed. But I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions to this generalization if you look around enough.

In three prior posts I covered some videos about an all inclusive vacation resort on Las Margaritas Island in Venezuela. Here is number one, here is number two, and here is number three. If you haven’t seen the videos, I recommend them, if only to get a glimpse of some Latina attitude, which is not (in my experience) totally typical, but also not completely off the mark either. I found an interesting set of similar videos about Thailand. Below is part 1.

Notable quote:

Without money there is no love.

The focus of the Thai videos is more on the girls looking for husbands, but you can definitely see some similarities along with some differences.

I’ve met plenty of girls in Costa Rica who are not quite as blatant about looking for husbands, but nonetheless are quite open to the possibility. I know lots of over-30 chicas who are married or have been married to gringos. But looking for a husband seems to be more of an industry in Thailand. I can’t imagine a contest in Costa Rica for who has the best gringo husband. Unlike Costa Rica, in Thailand foreigners (‘farang’) are a status symbol.

Looking at the videos you will notice how most of the girls are slim. This is another way that Thailand differs from Costa Rica. You can find slim girls in Costa Rica, but the ‘tipico’ girl (that you’ll meet and wants to meet you as well) is somewhere between having a little extra to having a LOT extra. But hey, we don’t need to do all of them, just one (or two, or three) at a time.

Another thing that struck me is that Thailand isn’t nearly as grungy as Costa Rica. Of course I can’t SMELL via a video, and I’m told that Bangkok has some rather ripe aromas, but even the poor people seem to have a little more pride in keeping up their neighborhoods.

Just as a matter of taste, I rather like the Thai girls’ slimness, but overall I rather prefer the varied looks you get from Latinas. If Thailand was just across the border I have no doubt I would have checked it out long ago. But living in San Jose as I do there’s not much point in a 27 hour (each way) plane ride when I can walk a block and find ‘company’ for a bit over $20. But it seems like a worthy destination for guys who love Asian girls. Anybody who has been there is MORE THAN WELCOME to comment. Go to it, boys!

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  1. Hey Tom!
    Most informative article and videos! After reading every word and viewing every video, I am more than happy with Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Brazil! :)))))

  2. Been there,done that. Been to CR for over 40 years and allthough the girls in Bangcock are great,it is a haul.I will say that I experienced my 1st 2 whole massage table in Thailand and it was wonderfull. Perhaps you can get one set up in New Fantasy. For a premium of course!

  3. Gunna be my New Yrs resolution to visit this place. Gunna need a wingman.

  4. It's like comparing apple and oranges. It's what u like,the latina hot,passionate and horny! the thai women hot,compassionate,an also very horny!