Escape from San Jose

I sometimes like to make fun of AM Costa Rica, I can’t help myself. Today’s headline is a case in point:

President immortalized on new postal emission

Postal emission??? But still I read the site regularly. In the June 10th, 2011 edition they had a little article that nicely summarized the good things about Costa Rica. To highlight/summarize, these things would include:

  • The weather
  • Cheap and useful transportation
  • Affordable housing
  • Affordable health care
  • Cheap and good fruits and veggies
  • I’m not much into fruits and veggies, I hate to say, but the rest of the list is pretty spot on for me. Other people put more or less value on these items depending on what they feel they must have to be happy. If you need to have your own car, then scratch cheap transportation. If you want a villa on the beach or along a golf course then housing isn’t much more affordable than in the USA.

    For yours truly, life is pretty economical here. I don’t save all that much on food, but my rent and health insurance are much more affordable here than back in Sacred-tomato. And as far as transportation goes, I really love not having a car to worry about. Once or twice a year I may have a use for my own car, but I can usually sit down and those moments pass.

    Then there is the vaunted natural beauty of Costa Rica. At the moment I live in downtown San Jose, which is not on anybody’s list of beautiful places. This brings me around to the title, to whit, my ‘escape’ from this place. At the moment I’m living here because it’s extremely convenient and fun. I live within a few blocks of several major banks. Why does this matter? Do I need to keep an eye on my stash? Well, no. But let me tell you that when the lights go out, it’s great to be in the area that gets first attention. I used to live out in the suburbs and know first hand that residential areas are far down on the power company’s priority list.

    I had a bit of a medical emergency once, a transient ischemic attack. Let me say it’s great to be able to walk to the street in front of my building and catch a taxi, and be in ER in minutes.

    Now, looking forward, I can foresee a time when the noise and bustle of San Jose are no longer counterbalanced by its fun quotient and convenience factor. I’ll be looking for a quiet place to settle down that still has the central valley weather and has a hospital reasonably close by. And unless my mind has deserted me I’ll want high speed internet as well. I wouldn’t mind living out away from town, whatever small town I choose, but there are drawbacks to that. One thing would be that I’d probably need some sort of vehicle, and going back to driving, in this country, scares the tar out of me. Not only that but the cost of owning and keeping up a vehicle isn’t a happy thought either. Then there’s the problem with the ever-present thieves. I don’t know anybody who lives out in the country that hasn’t been burglarized. One friend has been ripped off three times.

    Yeah… I daydream of escaping the dirt and noise of San Jose, but for now it just makes sense for me. I’d write more but it’s chicken wing night at the Bar Poas and the finals of the Stanley Cup. I always enjoy jiving with Canadians. No shortage of them in the Poas… after all, we ARE in Costa Rica.

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