Hotel Guest Policy, $ vs Colones and Tico Business Acumen

I have it from good sources that the Hotel Presidente in San Jose is in the process of becoming guest-UN-friendly. I got a call from a chica I know who was prevented from entering. The desk person told her there had been a complaint against her. The last guy she had been to the Prez with was a friend of mine and she asked me to contact him to find out why he complained about her. I contacted him and he said he DEFINITELY DID NOT complain about her, and he brought my attention to a thread on a discussion forum.

Apparently the hotel’s new policy is to blacklist every chica once they get their cedula number, which happens each time a guest brings a chica up to his room. The Prez let’s the guy and the chica go up, but they ban her in the future. If this seems pretty cowardly or devious to you, then we are in agreement. They are still accepting reservations and still proclaim they allow guests, but the truth is they will not allow any girl in whose cedula # is on file. Bottom line, book somewhere else or be ready to take Ms. Right-Now to the Asia if she’s been to the Presidente since the new bogus policy has been implemented.

Speaking of bogus,

I was in the Del Rey last night and got a bill for 2 beers. Now, get out your pencil and paper, because here comes a math problem. On the bill was written 3000 Colones OR $7 dollars. Quick, what’s the exchange rate? How much extra are you paying above the 495 official rate? Okay, if you don’t like math problems, it’s just about a dollar overcharge if you pay in dollars. This is not the first time the screw-you exchange rate at the bar has been brought to my attention. One of the perennial questions newcomers ask is “should I use colones or dollars?” If you don’t mind being screwed, dollars, by all means.

Page 3… (I feel like Paul Harvey here… no, not dead!) After paying our at the pink palace we headed over to the Molino Rojo, one of my favorite budget houses of ill repute. As my friend and I entered I was struck by just how incredibly dark it was inside. How dark was it? Well, there were girls inside, but I couldn’t have told you their age or whether they were pretty or coyote ugly. I asked the waiter what’s up, and he drew my attention to the screen with the projection TV, which was showing some very ‘adult’ videos. But the image was so blurry and pale that IF you were there to watch the videos, you would have watched the other TVs instead. Which nobody was, by the way.

But the waiter said they had to keep the lights low to be able to see the screen that nobody was watching. One of the things I have never understood about the Molino Rojo is why they keep it so dark. What kills me is that they made a place that was already too dark EVEN DARKER! I understand the idea that maybe these girls aren’t so great looking that you’d want them under a spotlight. But would YOU choose a girl you can’t even look at? I don’t think the Ticos do either, as I didn’t see any of them going over and picking a pig in a poke (figuratively speaking(?))

Anyway, I hope that by the next time I visit they have given up on the lousy projection TV thing and gone back to just being too dark, instead of WAY too dark.

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  1. thomasobrien says:

    The only other hotels close by are the Del Rey, the Sleep Inn, the Holiday Inn and the Morazan. The Sleep Inn and the Holiday Inn charge heavy guest fees. Morazan is decent and monger friendly. Other hotels not TOO far away would include the Castillo, Inca Real, Amistad and Sportsmens Lodge. Avoid the Grand Hotel de Costa Rica at all costs. I think the Balmoral is not a good option either, from what I hear.

  2. Absolute NON-SENSE! If, the lady is prevented from going upstairs it is because of her attire, legal ID OR a complaint filed against her and Not that the hotel has changed their policy which it has not! i have taken two ladies up to my room many, many times! How? You register one with yourself and pay a small guest fee for the second lady! You can take my comment to the bank!

    • Ron – when is your frame of reference – these changes at the Presidente have taken place w/in the last 6 weeks or so – I can't speak for regestering a lady when you check in – but i can tell you the Prez has NEVER charged a guest fee (are you sure we are talking about the same place??)

      I can also state with absolute certainity that the way it now works is if the lady has NEVER been to the Prez before, she get to go to your room – however, the next time – she goes on the banned list – I am absolutly certain of the facts – if you don't want to take my word for it, there is a detailed thread all about the new policy on CRT – read it and you will see what the new policy is.

      • Hey Rob,
        Thanks for the update regarding ladies @ the Presidente.
        After experiencing Sosua Beach, D.R. over the past year, I have taken a pass on S.J. permanently.
        The cost is a fragment of S.J., there are NO bans on women @ hotels or added charges, crime is almost non-existent and women are far more plentiful @ a cost of about $70.00 for the entire night. Boutique hotels range in cost from $32.00 night to $65.00 with oodles of goodies!
        The biggest "problem" is who you are going to do for the night and how many women!
        By the way, airfare is far less costly v. S.J and its 3 hours from New York, non-stop!

    • Continued………

      Previous to the new policy, your comments had some merit, but they were HIGHLT arbitary in who they banned – but not now – if she is on their list as having been there before, REGARDLESS OF HAVING NO COMPLAINTS – shes banned – can't be anymore blunt about the policy than that (I have stayed there numerous times over the past 15 years because I travel every Jan w/ a group who love that place – but no more – that place will not get another penny from me).

      PS Why do you find the policy so hard to believe? They have been headed this way for the last 2 or 3 years.

  3. Stayed at the Dunn Inn two weeks ago was the best hotel out of the last 3 times i was in C.R Food/Clean/ no charge for another person i will be back next month. PS Great Staff

  4. thomasobrien says:

    By the way, I just read an ad from the Presidente where the prices of rooms are FROM $125. I've been in the rooms, they aren't ALL THAT. I think I'd give it a miss EVEN if they weren't out to play games with you. Just my opinion.

  5. how about Hotel Dunn Inn…stayed twice a few months ago. Rooms in the newer wing are fairly nice and moderately priced depending on size. Not that far from most "places" (taxi recommended after dark).

    • thomasobrien says:

      Dunn Inn is a decent option. There are quite a few options. The main thing is to be sure they allow guests BEFORE you book, and even then some places may 'fib' in order to get your money.

  6. metalcuban says:

    People.this is a fact.Hotel Presidente is banning all girls,,Even girls who never been there before when they arrives for the first time the hotel concierge told her male companion that somebody complaints about them before.Is a fact…Hotel Presidente is having a new policy.No female companions allowed…

  7. metalcuban says:

    Hotel Tiquicia is conveniently located bloks from DEL REY.
    No charges for the girls,,,,,Rooms 25 dollars the night
    Adress 9 aven .3 y 3 bs streeet
    num 346
    tel 2222 0911

    • thomasobrien says:

      The Tiquicia is an option, BUT if you reserve make sure you reserve with a PRIVATE BATH… not all rooms have their own bathroom. Kind of a bummer to find out after you get there that your bathroom is down the hall.

  8. Yet guys like "Ron" are still going to post their nonsense – without any of the current facts – news flash Ron – things have changed – its not what it was a year ago….. But you go stay there – I'm sure you know best : (

  9. I just returned from Costa Rica. I had read different comments about the Hotel Presidente. The girls at the Hotel del Rey told me that they could not come to the HP. I met a very beautiful young lady who wanted to go with me to Jaco Beach. I told the lady at the desk and she gave her a door card. We had no problem coming or going from the hotel. One of the guys working at the hotel told me that a prostitute put a drug into the drink of a VIP friend of Hotel Presidente and then stole $3000.00 from him and hence the new and unpopular rules. I don't know who is in charge of the hotel so I can't verify the information.