Holiday Rerun

Are you looking for the prefect time to explore San Jose and not worry about the insane traffic? Well, may I suggest the coming week? The week preceding Easter Sunday is known locally as ‘Semana Santa’ and no, it has nothing to do with Santa Claus.

Here’s the deal… everybody who has a job or has kids in school takes the opportunity to get out of Dodge, usually to the playa (beach). Unless you enjoy traffic jams and giant hordes of people and overpaying for a hotel I would recommend you not pick Semana Santa to visit the beach, any beach.

It’s a bit of a rough go for barflies as well, as the bars are closed from Wednesday at noon until Friday at midnight. Forward thinking alcoholics stock up in advance. But it’s not just bars that close… almost EVERYTHING closes. I think there may be a restaurant or two open in the hotels or whatnot. Grocery stores will be closed though, so even if your hobby isn’t drinking you should consider stocking up on what you need beforehand.

In any case I hope you have a pleasant week and I hope you forgive me for recycling my video, it’s my ‘Citizen Kane.’ Happy Easter everybody!

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