Then and Now… 1947 Travel Film

A friend sent me this link and I had to share. It’s from MGM in 1947.

A few things struck me, one of which is how the shots of downtown San Jose look as if they could have been taken last week. There are, of course, a lot of new and shiny modern buildings that we don’t see in the 1947 video, but I’d say the greater part of San Jose doesn’t look all that different. The street cars are gone and you would only see a horse during a tope, but there are a lot of areas where similar shots could be taken to this day.

I had to smile when the narrator lauded Costa Rica’s road systems as being ‘among the best in the world.’ I wasn’t alive in 1947, let alone an expert on road conditions, but IF that was true in 1947, it SURE AIN’T now. He goes on to say that Costa Rica ‘boasts that it was one of the first to complete its portion of the Pan American highway.’ Now it can boast that it was the LAST to complete the coastal route, even though funding was provided from the other countries. Well… maybe not boast…

I rather enjoyed the bathing beauty parade, though no self-respecting modern Tica would ever consider covering that much skin with a bathing suit. As much as we may bemoan the wheel of progress, it has its pluses, too.

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  1. Superb! Really enjoyed this flash from the past, made just before CR abolished the army.