Birthday Party at Harry’s Bar Poás

One of my favorite bartenders celebrated her birthday recently at Harry’s Bar Poás in San Jose. I like the place for a number of reasons. First, you won’t find a more genial gringo in San Jose than Harry.

Second, I can afford to drink there. Third, it’s only a few blocks from my apartment. And last but not least, the bartenders are wonderful. If your Spanish is… ‘challenged…’ they will try to decipher it or speak to you in English. They are friendly and easy on the eyes. The video features Veronica dancing on the bar. You might have to wait for her next birthday to see it in person, but then again, you might not. I hear Tequila works wonders.

It’s right next to the hostel Pangea on Av. 7 between Calle’s 3 and 5. Wednesday is chicken wing night and it’s the perfect place to watch a Cubs game (Harry is from Illinois). You might even run into me, but I promise not to tell on you.

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  1. Mmmm, yes the staff appear to be easy on the eyes. What about the clientele? Do single Ticas even frequent bars much?