Those ‘Hot Blooded’ Latinas

After dozens and dozens and dozens of Latinas have passed through my bedroom (and other places) I think I have enough experience with the species to venture a few observations. I’m sure my experiences aren’t totally consistent with everybody else, since we all choose our company based on our own preferences and perceptions. Nevertheless, maybe my observations/conclusions will be of some use.

The stereotype goes that Latinas have hot tempers and are ‘hot’ in the sack. I have to admit I’ve seen chicas that fit one or both of the descriptions. I’ve met Gringas who fit that bill too, but let’s assume that the hot-blooded type is more common among Latinas, if just for the sake of argument.

I am not a big believer in the ‘genetic’ explanation, though I certainly believe that much of any person’s temperament and sexual appetite is somewhere in his (or her) DNA. The other main line of reasoning goes that it’s ‘cultural,’ that their hot tempers and sexual appetites are something they pick up as they grow up. There’s certainly no question in my mind that the ‘average’ Latina has a different approach to sexuality than the ‘average’ Gringa. You don’t have to even leave San Jose to see it in action. I see young Gringa tourist types all the time walking around downtown, and it’s almost as if they go out of their way to hide their sex appeal. I suspect they don’t dress quite as frumpily back home, but even there they seem to reserve their sexiness for special occasions, whereas Latinas don’t want to be caught anywhere without makeup or dressed like they were going to lie on the couch all day.

I ran into a Gringa a few months back in the Poas bar and chatted with her a while. She told me everybody she ran into in San Jose asked her if she was a lesbian, and she asked me why. It was more of a whine than a real question but I answered anyway. “Because you DRESS like one, and don’t wear makeup.”


She didn’t think that was fair, but she didn’t argue the point very much because as she looked around, she could see that all the local woman, no matter what age or marital status, were trying to look the best they could. I definitely couldn’t say that for the Gringa.

I really noticed the difference when I visited Mexico, my first ‘Latin’ country I spent much time in. This was back a few years, and I couldn’t get over how much cleavage was displayed by virtually any female who was over 14 and under 70. Not just when they were out on the town, but when they were shopping, taking the kids somewhere, whatever. Being sexy isn’t a crime in Latin America. That’s one reason I live here. (not that I’d get ARRESTED anywhere for being too sexy… you know what I mean…)

Another aspect of the Latina hot-blood thing is the reputation for having hot tempers. I haven’t had a lot of anger directed at me, but I sure have seen it displayed, to the point of violence all too often. It seems to happen most frequently when alcohol is in the mix. One friend of mine has a girlfriend who will go from sweetheart to total bitch in 60 seconds (or less). I’m not joking or exaggerating. The catalyst could be anything that irritates her. I have seen her go off on her boyfriend because some woman with silicone implants walked into the bar. Not because he was staring, but because it simply pissed her off that the other woman had them and looked good with them (or not, who knows exactly?) All the anger that has built up for whatever reasons can be unleashed, much like a the sound of a gunshot can release an avalanche.

My own explanation for most of it is the culture. In a lot of ways, the girls we Gringos come in contact with would be candidates for the Jerry Springer show back in the USA. They are usually poor and poorly educated. When you meet a girl who actually has the local equivalent of a high school diploma you have met the exception. Gringos complain that the girls only watch cartoons and soap operas. As far as the soap operas go, it’s a woman thing, and Latin women love drama as much if not more than their North American counterparts. And as far as the cartoons go, I can forgive them that too. I watched them when *I* was in the fifth grade, too.

Conventional wisdom says Latinas grow up faster. I’m not so sure about that. Maybe it just SEEMS that way because they STOP growing up when they hit 15.

(As always, restrictions and exceptions apply. See your local Latina for details)

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  1. The points you raise I think are explained by them living in near poverty. Culture, education it's all connected. These girls don't come to town in their best short skirts because those handsome europeans are there. With mama watching the baby, they come to check out your package, namely your wallet pocket. There is no defference between the guys on the Del Rey's sidewalk begging to polish your shoes for $.50 and the chicas inside aiming to polish your knob for $50, except the subject of the polish . Never once have I thought of hauling every shoe I own to CR to get them all shined for such a great price. I have however calculated how much V I have and just which Chica do I want to make that long term investment in. Will she be up to and worthy of a marathon session? That can be tricky but practice makes perfect.

  2. As far as the Ticas being hot I have been around 2 diff families that were teaching their young daughters to dance sexy, I said never see that in the USA. Reaction both times how do they get a man? Also was at a bar above a bar that was rented for a 15 year old B day party. The teens that came there one went straight to the beach to chug cheap win, two were dressed in so little miniskirts and shorts they would have made a putas blush.

    On the last post about putas looking to upgrade gringo boyfriends. Well I posted months ago about a impending divorce. Since then X has gone to USA 2 times in search of the upgrade and landed her a big fish that was never married and didn’t do a prenuptial as I had before marriage to her. (Sucker) She has since moved back her awaiting her part of his cashola I am sure looking for another sucker. Prenuptial is all I can say if hooking up here, or anyplace.

  3. It is so funny when you go to costa rica and just watch the girls at outside malls, even. the fat girls even try to look sexy. the girls love to have american men look at them and if they see you looking at them, you will get a big smile from any girl.. not just del rey girls ..any girl

  4. de Colorado says:

    Every thing you gentleman said is oh sooo true…But you forgot to mention the music videos..oh how they love that #$@%

  5. truthbetold2014 says:

    Where I live I see massive amounts of Latin girls and they don't wear all that crappy makeup like you guys are talkin about. They have naturally beautiful glowing soft skin, they don't need that crap. Neither do I see them dressing any different than white, black or Asian girls. Not all of them are out to try and get picked up by some stupid pathetic guy. Some are head strong and very smart. Do not stereotype.

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