The Heredia Train

I had been itching to try out my new slick video camera and wanted to take the train again so I mixed the two together and, voila!

A couple of friends and I decided to take the first afternoon train up to Heredia, mostly for the ride (nothing against Heredia, but it has even FEWER points of interest than San Jose, if you can imagine that!) The first train departs the station at 3:30, so we figured being there by 10 after 3 would be plenty early. Well, we were almost right. It was plenty of time to stand in line and wait to buy tickets, then crowd aboard the standing-room-only train. I don’t take the train every day so I can only imagine it is like that every day. Being a long time resident, I didn’t bother wondering why they didn’t add another car to the train or add another earlier trip. After all, this IS Costa Rica, where efficiency and planning are punishable by severe taunting.

The video gives you a fair idea of what you can see out the windows. I decided to put in some nice music instead of the nearly constant whine of the train’s horn and the clickity clack and chatter of the passengers. It’s a nice little excursion and only costs 350 colones each way (around 70 cents). If you want to recreate the video experience bring along your ipod and put ‘La Paloma’ by Angel Romero on repeat.’

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  1. Hi, Thanks for posting this. But for us train lovers, how about uploading the original with natural sound? Thanks.

  2. david strecker says:

    Great clip, kinda reminded me of a subway ride through the South Bronx, except the South Bronx had much nicer homes – nothing like having to much time on your hands. LOL

  3. cloudwarmer says:

    Well, I think I'd take even Heredia over the South Bronx! ;^)

    NoCal: what kind of camera did you get?

    _ Casey

  4. Loved it. it was like being there.