Girlfriend Quest Part 2

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If you speak little to no Spanish and/or can’t spend a lot of time in Costa Rica (or Colombia, etc.) there are other methods you can try. I emphasize ‘try’ because your chances of success are not nearly as good as they would be if you spoke the language and could spend as much time as you wanted chasing your prospective girlfriend.

One method that seems all too popular is the ‘Come-down-to-Costa-Rica-for-10-days-and-find-your-true-love-at-the-Del-Rey’ method. This would be early Clueless Clyde stuff. Believe me, I KNOW just how idiotic that sounds, and you can also believe me that it happens every day of the stinking week down here. Why? Simply put, because too many of us think with the little head, not the one on our shoulders. I know how much of a cliche that is, but sometimes things are so true they BECOME cliches.

You’ve seen them if you’ve been here. Lord knows I have. If you get past drooling over the sexy chicas and watch the Gringos, you can spot a few on any given night that seem to be falling all over themselves to impress some girl who is pretending to find him interesting/sexy/attractive and will do her best to forget him as soon as the hotel room door shuts behind her on the way out.

In a way it’s hard to blame them. They have been marooned on the sexual-desert-island that is North America, and all of a sudden a woman is letting him paw her, smiling at him promising wondrous erotic adventures. And it’s not just a woman, it’s a YOUNG and SEXY one! Well gawwww-leeee! The poor schmuck probably hasn’t had a young pretty girl even make eye contact with him in decades, let alone found one (seemingly) eager to share her warm and tender body with him.

Back when I was young (sigh) the girls who were willing to sleep with me either found me sexually appealing or at least about as sexually appealing as anybody else they could attract. It’s tempting to think I am STILL charming them out of their clothes. Reason tells me I’m not, but if men were reasonable we’d be content with our faithful right hand.

Men of a ‘certain age’ are simply not used to being fawned over and seduced by women 20, 30 or even 50 years younger than we are. Those who let their fancy run away with them can end up heartbroken at the least, and bankrupt AND heartbroken.

I know one man personally who is probably somewhere in his 70s, who is fortunate in that he can afford his fantasy. He spends about a third of his time in Costa Rica, and has a ‘girlfriend’ here that he went so far as to buy a house for. And when he comes here, he spends some time with her, though he books a room in a hotel so he can play around as well. Sounds like a guy with an open mind and an open wallet, but he confronted a friend of his who lives here about his girlfriend, asking if it was true that she was fooling around on him behind his back. When his friend told him the truth, he became enraged and got angry at his friend! This after he asked for the ‘truth.’ When his friend realized his mistake, he waffled enough to where the old boy could go back into his fantasy of how this beautiful young thing was in love with him and NOT after his money. Holy hand grenade, Batman!

Sadly, even though I am writing this, I know that the guys I describe above won’t pay any attention to words of advice from their own best friends, let alone ME. But as I have said before, if I can save ONE middle aged heart from breaking, I have done my job.

In part 3, we’ll go into dating and introduction services. Stay tuned.

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  1. The life there for women is very strange the country is headed by a women but women have little to no rights the average income is 500.00 per month. They are almost forced into working at the Del Rey or some other place to make a living. As one paper there said the most attractive women 'WORK' for a living and by work i mean the Del rey.

    • so true and not forget as I was talking to one girl last month, same that I will see in two weeks and have for ten days The owners look for girls for work and want sex for free with the girls for chance of job… four days with me she could make as much money for a month….

    • Minimum is $500 housekeeper. Clerical is about twice that. THen half the doctors are female and many other professionals. Proses are usually uneducated or just like sex or got preegnnt when they were 14. Don't feel sorry for them. Take what they have to offer and move on.

      • thomasobrien says:

        Ted, I don't know where you got your numbers, but they are not correct. Minimum wage for a housekeeper including all benefits is $1.78 an hour. For those with a high school diploma, it is $2.23 including benefits. Many workers work for less than minimum wage and get no benefits. Here is a link if anyone wants to look:

        You don't have to feel sorry for them, but even working 60 hour weeks a HS grad only makes a little over $500 a week. The housekeeper would make $427 assuming she was getting paid above the table and getting all benefits, which is seldom the case. Minimum for bachelors degree holders is $806 per month, once again using a 60 hour workweek to calculate salary, benefits counted as salary.

      • The new list of minimum salaries is out from the ministerio del trabajo.

        The bottom salary (TNCG) is $440 per month for full time labor. Many domestic employees get less because their employers give them room and board and are allowed to deduct for the expense.

        Tico typically pay people from the countryside or foreigners (Nicas) less than the legal minimum wage because they can.

        Put a ad in Diario Extra for 4 days for a maid, and you will get no less than 40 phone calls, perhaps more.

  2. Your all forgeting something? What you might ask? THEFT BENIFITS JA JA! fantastic, keep em cuming.

  3. Speaking Spanish is vital because YOU MUST have a relationship with her family. Anytime a relationship goes bad it is her family that will be giving her advice. Many a divorce is either prevented or at least done amicably because the family negotiates a settlement to the problems.

    If you do not speak Spanish, then you will be hiring your own bilingual attorney, and it will not be cheap.

    • thomas that is a new thing to write about..when the working girl has you meet her family and ..Now you know she like you but, the family wants money and she get jelous if girls looks at you, you can never meet any of her girl friends…drama drama drama…all the things that happen..your dream girl will turn into a nightmare…not say all girls…but you know It is true with most of the girls