Three Beautiful Girls

I don’t usually bother with the obvious beauties. I’m put off with the ‘nose in the air’ bit. But once in a while I run across a girl who is both beautiful and down to earth. It’s rare, but it happens.

I first saw Alexa with her back to one of the walls in the Del Rey. At first I mistook her for one of the prettier Colombianas that hang out in Colombian Corner, but on second look I could see she wasn’t who I thought she was. A different girl, but equally attractive, more attractive really because of the attitude she DIDN’T have. As I sat at the table I found myself looking at her over and over. I hadn’t noticed initially, but she wasn’t dressed like a hooker. She had a dress on, but it didn’t really show any more skin than would have been acceptable in church.

She noticed me looking at her and we exchanged smiles. She seemed a little shy, but I motioned to her and she came over and sat down. I offered her a drink, and she accepted. Orange juice. She didn’t drink. We did the usual small talk, and I offered her $80, which is above my normal range, but she looked so pretty I made an exception. She was fine with the price, but declined to go with me to my apartment. I asked her why. Too dangerous. She didn’t want to leave the hotel premises. Wow, I say to myself. Wow.

Finally, after seeing her and talking to her another time, she agreed to come with me to my apartment, though I could tell she would have been much happier if I had a room upstairs. Nevertheless, once we got back to my place, she was sweet as could be and quite responsive. I felt I had picked a winner.

I saw her once or twice more when I wasn’t looking for company, and she was the same sweet girl. I called her a month or so later and asked her if she could come visit me. No. She couldn’t. She wasn’t doing THAT anymore. It was a BAD life. I told her she could trust me, she knew me didn’t she? She just said no, it was a BAD life.

Girl #2 came into the NY bar one night with a couple of working girls I knew who were her neighbors. She was 19 and picture perfect, and as we talked she turned out to be as charming as you could ask for. I made the mistake of not abandoning my friends and just grabbing her, but sometimes my sense of ‘brotherhood’ is overdone and that night I passed her up to fulfill a commitment to go club hopping with some friends. She ended up going with a guy I know who is rather a jerk sometimes. The girl eventually decided not to see him any more and was on the point of going home with me, but she felt she had to tell him why she wasn’t going home with him (he was married). Well, he was drunk and humiliated her beyond belief. I came very close to attacking him, but I followed the girl as she ran out of the bar, and caught up with her at the Baja Beach. I tried to soothe her feelings but I could tell it just wasn’t going to happen that night. I gave her my phone number (she didn’t have a phone) and asked her to PLEASE call me. She didn’t. I ran into her friends and have sent messages to her, but she never answers.

Girl #3 was a girl I ran into at one of the clubs we frequent. It was her first night there, and she was dressed totally unlike any of the other girls there. She had a full time job and spoke excellent English. I was there with a group of friends, and one of them was making his last trip to Costa Rica due to health reasons. Once again my sense of brotherhood got between me and a beautiful lady. We all let our friend have a free path to the beauty, and I was hoping to catch her on my next visit to the club. It was not to be, however. I talked to one of the waiters, and that was her first and last night. Our friend was her first and last customer.

Is there a moral to this story? Oh, probably not. If there is anything I may have learned out of this, however, it is that if you see somebody really outstanding, it may be your only chance. You may never see her again. There’s some saying about regrets and what you didn’t do. I still get a little twinge of regret when I think of those three.

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  1. here to discribe the two girl experiance. on my firat trip to cr i went to all ends with some restraints, i did the two girls a day then the three.( all from the dell rey} had some extra cash. they would ask for 100 id get them to 60 or80 depending on looks or what i percieved to be new statis. turns out i was correct in my observations. ON MY SECOND TRIP I MET ONE OF MY BEST GIRLS( ONE oF TWO) AND SHe HAD A FRIEND WITH HER, I PASsedD IT UP BUT NOW WISH I HAD NOT. THIS LITTLE GIRL HAD A HUNGER IN HER EYES THAT CAN ONLY COME FROM A NEWBY. THE FIRST TRIP WAS WHEN I HAD THE SISTERS(THEY ALL SAY THAT) AND THEY WERE VeRY INFORMATIVE AS TO HOW TO HANDLE THE GIRLS. THEY TOLD ME NOT TO LEAVE MY WALLET OUT, AND OTHER THINGS YOU GUYS KNOW, i now have two girls i call on everyday im there and try a new one when time (and stamana) alows; am planning my next trip and need info on realestate offices so i can find a month long lease.


  3. After years of living in Costa Rica I must admit I only cruise the Del Rey for the new girls. I might encounter one or two per month, and only when I spend a great deal of time in the Del Rey.

    Of course speaking Spanish fluently allows me to really vet them to see if they have friends who have explained the game, and being a frequent customers means I can spot thew new faces.

  4. scott berk says:

    Does anyone have any links to ladies they have pics of? I am looking for some eye candy before I get to town for my first trip at the end of the month…Thanks in advance

  5. thomasobrien says:

    The top picture was just taken on the street in San Jose, just a regular (beautiful) girl. The others are from Amo Latina. If you want to look around you can just click on their pictures. I am not sure if they even live in Costa Rica though, I just put them there because they ARE eye candy. But have no fear, you will find plenty of girls to choose from here, there is no shortage by any stretch of the imagination.

  6. Iv had a couple of these type of experiences various spots around the world, lucky for me I grabbed the bull by horns. Looking forward to my first trip to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks

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