The NYB Girls… Where to Now???

Quoth the raven "Nevermore"

I spent the night out and about and as is my duty to my loyal readers, I am ready to report on the subject closest to the hearts of bargain hunting chica-lovers everywhere… Where will the NYB girls ply their profession now that the NY bar is closed?

This was not my quest when I started out the night. I met a couple of friends for dinner and we went over to the Del Rey to watch the vendors (chicas) display their wares (bodies etc.). One of the 3 of us was new to the country so we took our time and successfully dodged a few of the more aggressive flesh peddlers. My friends had just arrived, and one of them was here for the first time. We decided to take a little walk over to the New Fantasy, and the newcomer had no problem finding a girl who tickled his fancy. The other friend and I left him there to enjoy his encounter and told him we’d come back in an hour.

Since we had an hour to kill, we took a walk down the avenida and down the calle to the Dunn Inn. They were in the final stages of getting ready for the grand opening on Superbowl Sunday and I have to say it was quite impressive. I recommend that you check it out, if not on the grand opening then soon after.

We decided to head up the Harry’s Bar Poas to kill some time, and lo and behold, my friend ran into one of his favoritas, Marisol. We decided that I could go fetch the other friend from the New Fantasy and he would take her back to his hotel for some recreation. I headed back to the NF and eventually the friend emerged, happy as a clam. Best massage he ever had, he told me. I made sure that he got back to his hotel and headed back to the Poas. There were several girls I knew in there, working in a low key way. I ordered up a drink and chatted with assorted gringos I knew.

I talked to Harry, the owner, and asked him if it was okay that the girls were working there. He said no problem as long as they don’t cause any problems. The girls wouldn’t turn your head at the Del Rey, as most of them were over 30, but I can say from personal experience that those I have been with are stellar performers.

Now that the NY bar is closed, probably forever, the girls who worked there have to find some other venue. If you are looking for some of the old Park Hotel crowd, you should check it out. If enough ‘customers’ show up, I am sure the girls will make it their home away from home. My advice to anyone who goes there is to go with a laid back attitude. If you have patience you will probably find somebody who will give you a very good time for not much money. If time and money are no object you can always head back to the Del Rey.

The place is easy enough to find. Turn right as you leave the Del Rey and go through Morazan Park and around the Holiday Inn on the left. When you get to the corner behind the Holiday Inn, turn left and it will be across the street (avenida) about 50 yards, on the other side of the street. Lots of fun to be had for not much money. It’s MY kind of place!

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  1. Harry, I have been your customer for a long time. In fact, I met my favorite spinner in your bar. Won't say her name. She has a bad rep in your bar and Jaco! Love all the old Park Hotel girls.See you soon! Roy

  2. Ron Horton says:

    Harry ,,Hope all is well with you and family.. Soon i hope to set again in your bar
    Be kinda cool to look at the pictures again,, even mine! lol
    Nice to see you are still the warm hearted guy i remember (taking those girls in,,,i can't see a downside
    unless they all don't play well together….. Ron from Idaho

  3. Who should I ask for at the NF ?

    • thomasobrien says:

      I didn't catch any names at the NF, other than a 'Nicole' whom I can't say anything other than she looked decent and chatted a little with me.