Another Good Day

This is getting to be a habit. I hope. At any rate, I had a couple of nice things happen to me today, and thought I’d share.

It started with a problem Saturday afternoon. The worst thing imaginable happened… my INTERNET stopped working. I called tech support at ICE, although I had been warned not to expect much help. WELL…

I talked (in Spanish) for a while to one of the customer servicers, who asked me if I preferred someone who spoke English. I did. Although my Spanish isn’t bad, I do have problems understanding when some people talk to me, especially when it’s about something I am unaccustomed to talking about.

The English speaker decided I needed to talk to a technician, so she transferred me. After waiting five minutes (this was Saturday night, by the way) I was losing hope of the call being answered when lo and behold, it was answered.

I was able to explain what was happening, and after trying a few tests, and the tech having to speak some English to me, he figured out the problem was NOT on their end. I was able to confirm this by the simple test of hooking up the other computer in the house to internet. Duh. I thanked him and planned a Sunday without internet. Saved by the NFL!

So early (for me) Monday morning I packed up the old laptop and headed for the computer shop. I thought I would need a part replaced, so I left it with the repair guy and headed for the bank to make a transaction. Now, on a Monday morning, at Bank of Costa Rica, I expected a nice long line, but it was going to be okay because the computer would take a while to repair anyway.

Imagine my surprise when I only saw a half dozen other customers in the bank, 3 at the windows! Amazingly enough, I was done in about 5 minutes, almost unheard of here, and on a Monday, an event that boggeled my tiny mind.

So I went back to the computer shop expecting to wait quite a while, or have to go home and come back later, but the tech was working on it with a straightened out paper clip! It seems the connector had been damaged by me trying to put in the cable upside down. He tinkered with it for 5 more minutes and said ‘ya listo.’ (ready now)

He handed me back the laptop and waved his hand when I went for my wallet. He said it was on the house. I have had this happen to me more than once in Costa Rica. For all it’s faults, the people can be quite kind and generous. I tried to give him a ‘propina’ but he wasn’t having any of it. I thanked him and walked out with a spring to my step.

Once home and with my life back in order (on line, that is) I browsed AM Costa Rica and read an interesting letter from a gringo who was saved by the CR police from a bunch of rowdy Soccer louts near Parque Morazan.

He was praising the CR police for their rapid response, while noting that the Presidenta was having some meeting very close by, and that people were waiting to board a bus to a soccer game. Just as a bit of warning to any unwary visitors… you should avoid Morazan park before a Saprisa game when the ‘fans’ are congregating. It’s a recurring problem with the ‘fans’ who seem to get worked up at the idea of a futbol match. Fights break out and there’s lots of drinking and other antisocial behavior. My best explanation is that they have watched so many scoreless ties in their lives that they need to release pent up hostility SOMEHOW. Just a theory.

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