A Glorious Day

After the rainy season, and after the mini-winter we always seem to get around Christmas, today was SO welcome. It was one of those picture postcard days that the tour operators would like to see every day. And to be honest, San Jose has it’s share of them, especially from now until May. But today had that ‘first day of Spring’ feel to it that I always loved back in California.

I had to go drop off my prescriptions at the clinic’s pharmacy, and the 15 minute walk was very pleasant to the point that the usual bad drivers hardly crossed my radar. I had my shades on and looked almost like a typical tourist, though I wasn’t wearing shorts and my print shirt was only one color plus white. But I caught a glimpse of myself in a big plate glass window and thought ‘there goes a gringo’ before I realized I was looking at myself.

The line at the pharmacy was a bit longer than usual, but still only about 5 minutes to drop off the prescriptions. Tomorrow I’ll make the hike again and go get my FREE medicine. Pura Vida! I am paying less per year here for my health care than I paid per month back in Sacramento and there are no copays. Can you imagine a hospital without a cashier? Seems un-American doesn’t it?

So walking back down the hill towards home I took time to be thankful for the fact that I won’t end up on the street just by getting sick. I walked down and ran into one of the local publicans, Harry Hart, owner of the Bar Poas. I was reminded that there are some very nice gringos down here in addition to the ‘ugly American’ types.

I made a short trip back at my apartment to pick up a donated computer before I headed up to Desamparados to give it to a single mom and her four kids. I spent a while there and was once again reminded just how sweet Costa Rican children can be. I took the bus both ways, probably 10 miles, and it cost me about a dollar, total. Another thing to be grateful for.

I got back home and lo and behold one of my roomie’s sisters was celebrating a birthday. There was pizza for all, except me since I am on a low carb diet, but as I looked down at my waistline, I was satisfied in that I was on the skinniest notch of my belt.

So, I hope this nice positive post counterbalances some of my more curmudgeonly posts. Yeah the place isn’t how it’s sold by the tour operators and real estate salesmen, but it’s still lovely.

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  1. Nicaragua's better.

  2. Raymond L. Franklin says:

    Just curious as to what motivated you to move to Costa Rica. I can't imagine why anyone would want to leave California.
    I live in San Bernardino county and it is a paradise on earth. If you call a hole in the ground paradise. This is supposed to be a winter haven. It is going to be 39 degrees tonight. What a wonderful place to live!