The Working Girl Mind 3b – More S E and X

Someone made the suggestion that we get into what the girls say about US. I could tell you what the girls I know say about ME… but I try to avoid obvious fiction. But I CAN tell you SOME things they say about SOME guys, so here goes.

The greatest (in their minds) they can say about a guy is that he is generous. Conversely, the worst insult is ‘cheap.’ I suppose that ‘homicidal’ would be a worse insult, but it doesn’t come up that often in conversations. As a rule we men have seen a lot of videos and such that paint an odd picture of what women like in the sack. If you believe that real women think like the women in those videos… put down that crack pipe, dude!

Those videos are chock full of male fantasy, as they should be since males are the primary audience. The trouble comes when a guy thinks they represent reality. Oh, in a very superficial way there is some relation to ‘reality.’ There probably are beautiful lesbians who are interrupted in the middle of a hot session by some guy they don’t know and immediately invite him to join in. Well, maybe not… There ARE undoubtedly nymphomaniacs in this world, but their population density is nothing like it is in the adult video world. I read an article where Stephen King talked about his early career, when he was writing, shall we say, ‘adult’ fiction? The turning point for him was when he was writing a story about two beautiful lesbian sisters who were making love in a birdbath. It struck him just how ridiculous that whole world was, so he moved on to more realistic subjects such as a homicidal Plymouth Fury (Christine).

To get back to Costa Rica, I was in the Del Rey about a week ago and overheard a guy talking to a girl, asking her what kind of sex she liked… and he supplied an answer for her, I can’t recall what it was, and she agreed. Maybe it was ‘slow and romantic’ or perhaps ‘hard and fast.’ It doesn’t matter, because there is ONE kind of sex they love more than anything, and that is WELL PAID. While it’s true that paying retail doesn’t guarantee you good performance, I strongly suspect that it never makes a performance worse.

Beyond that, the average working girl has a few things she does NOT like, much to the surprise of adult video devotees. One thing they do NOT like is a large, ah… you know. This goes triple for girls in the MPs and night clubs who often do several customers a day/night. In a similar way, they do NOT love marathon sessions. This is a big difference between amateurs and pros, the ones I’ve met anyway. I don’t recall any of my pre-pay-for-play lovers asking me to hurry up and finish, but if I had a dollar for every time I heard ‘leche papi!’ from a working girl’s mouth, I’d have enough to have a good time at the Molino Rojo, with plenty left over.

Other than being cheap, too big, or too slow, other complaints include (lack of) personal hygiene and insistence on unwelcome acts/procedures. Loyal readers will have already heard this but it bears repeating… if there is something you want other than plain vanilla, ASK IN ADVANCE. If you need to put your tongue down her throat to have fun, ask her if that’s okay BEFORE you get in the room. Same goes for anything beyond wham bam.

[If you don’t know how to ask for something, be patient, there are more Spanish videos in the works.]

If you want to get a look into SOME working girls’ minds, I refer you to the series on Venezuela. But remember that bad attitudes and good ones exist in every walk of life. The Del Rey is no different than WalMart in that respect. So find a good attitude along with that hot body and you’re on the road to a good time.

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  1. I agree completely. If you let the girl know what you are looking for before going to the room or exchanging money you will not be disappointed. I have followed this policy for 10 years and have always been happy with the results. My friends who assume or leave things to chance cannot say the same. These girls want the session to go quickly but be fun enough for you to be a repeat customer.

  2. great post!!!! I have other one for you…can you tell me why(or ask the girls) they get jelous to see good customers with other girls..last time I was at the rey, I had a nica that I had the night before that looked at me all night, went to key largo wth other girl, only to have same girl follow us there and look at me??loco girl? last thing you want is a crazy tica..I know good customers are hard to find but please!!!!! I know some girls really hate each other at the del rey and there is competition for the best customers every night..

  3. Would somebody give me the def of a good customer? Why set your sites so low? Being a good customer is boring! You want to service her so she wonders if she's found her european wonder papi!

  4. whore dog t says:

    i had a day gal from the rey & a nite gal from the key largo. i have been dn there 6 times this yr. only had both of them then the day girl decided she wanted me to pay her apt & expenses. so got rid of her last mont the nite girl did the same. i have been told they all do this after they think u fall in love w/ them. so last trip i had several. do not get caught in that trap. my friends. they will try to get u to pay for there expenses but in the mean time they will be back at the rey & key l getting laid when u are back in the usa. or have 3 other guys paying there expenses also. beware they are just for rent. nite girl has been sending me e-mails pissed at me & 3 other guys coz we all did not bite the bait lol

    • Somebody needs spell-check. Capitalization makes a difference in "whore dog t helped his Uncle Jack off a donkey" or "whore dog t helped his uncle jack off a donkey."

      But mostly keep up the good work boys.

  5. Can you re-post this in English please?