Look Who I Found! Mya from the Del Rey!

As I mentioned before in the comments to some of my ‘Girlfriend Experience’ posts, I sometimes use pictures from Amo Latina as eye candy, especially for my GFE series. Being a dedicated girl watcher (aren’t we all?), I took a look at their Costa Rica section, to see if I recognized any of the chicas from Costa Rica. Well, lo and behold, I DID!

Mya’s profile on Amo Latina

There were 201 girls/women between 18 and 80. The Costa Rica selection is nowhere near as impressive as say Brazil, but then it’s a much smaller country. My days of looking for a girlfriend are over, at least until I get to the point of looking for a nurse to care for me in my final years. But if I were in the market, there were definitely a generous handful I would consider taking out to dinner.

As far as the lady I recognized is concerned, I will say that I have met and talked to her more than once, and even flirted with her (it’s only natural). Although I am almost positive she wouldn’t know me from Nolan Ryan, I do feel justified in saying I know her a little. I have found her to be friendly, charming and yes, flirtatious. She says as much in her profile. And IF I thought there was a snowball’s chance in hell with her, I have to admit I would give it a shot despite my professed disinterest in a girlfriend. Luckily for me (and her) I am not her type of man. First off, I’m too old. And I strongly suspect I wouldn’t meet her definition of ‘generous’ either.

She does sound like the perfect girl for some guys, though. There have to be guys in their 30s and 40s worth a few million who like to party and travel and would like to do it in the company of a sexy and fun lady. After all, if YOU are in your 30s or 40s and worth a few million, why AREN’T you partying and traveling with a sexy and fun lady? What’s WRONG with you, anyway???

Alas, such a life was never in my grasp. I must content myself with girls who consider $40 to $60 an hour generous, or reasonable, at least. But for those of you looking for love and who meet the lady’s specifications, be heartened by the fact that she’s available. Even hot chicks are looking for a good man. Which are hard to find, I’m told.

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  1. Ahhh! Mia! Actually the first girl I ever met in San Jose. That set the bar pretty high for all the rest of the ticas. I was introduced to her by my Gringo friend Mike but had heard of her in the states. She was keeping company with a rich soccer stud last year as I recall. A hell of a girl! She's given me some phenominal photo ops. Gotta love her!

  2. ya I have seen that of mia in amo latina for some time. I know some men rip her apart, to me she has always been cool with me. just give give her some respect and she will give it back…there is other girl on amo latina too, her name is sue hellen and you can find her at the del rey at times for p4p. sexy as hell!!!! you see her grab her..

  3. thomasobrien says:

    I like Mya and wish her well.

  4. thomasobrien says:

    And Tinman, I found Sue Helen there too, ID 1148704

    • thomas, any other girls on amo latina you see at the del ray??

      • thomasobrien says:

        I can't say I recognized any others, but to be honest, I didn't recognize Sue Helen until Tinman pointed her out. You can join for free, it only costs to send messages, etc. It's fun to browse. Maybe you'll recognize someone.

  5. mefontdiscnges says: