Land of the Free

A friend of mine sent me this link from his local newspaper’s online site about a local real estate tycoon.

Before I go any further, let me categorically state that I am against taking photos or videos of girls/women without their permission. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at this story. The FBI… not Barney Fife or Gomer Pyle making a citizens arrest… the FBI investigated this man because he hired/used prostitutes. THIS is how the FBI spends its time and resources? I’m just glad there’s no drug problem or bank fraud going on.

If you read the article, you see that during this investigation, the FBI MAY have turned up additional evidence about the secret recording of video. They aren’t quite sure what they have yet, apparently. Still, Michael Lyon is being charged with a FELONY for taking video of sex acts secretly. In California, 3 felonies and you get life in prison. Other than job creation for prison guards, nobody I know has pointed to any success of this program, but that’s not really the point.

My point is, what kind of country is it that the FBI goes on a fishing expedition just because a guy pays some women for sex? Beyond that, how many of the ‘single male travelers’ who come to Costa Rica are guilty of taking photos or video without permission? I am not going to name names here, but there are plenty of pictures in circulation among the Costa Rica mongering community that were taken without the chica’s knowledge, and a lot more that have shown up on internet despite promises to the contrary. Thank heaven things are different down here… or ARE THEY?

Certainly you can not get arrested here for simply using the services of a prostitute. UNLESS somebody decides to make an example of you. The legal system here is even fuzzier than the average Del Rey girl’s brain, and if somebody decides to mess with you, you are in for a world of trouble. Being in the right doesn’t help. And although prostitution is legal here, pornography is not. If somebody catches you with some XXX rated video or stills on your camera, you could be prosecuted for it. In reality, it would most likely just be a shakedown for some bribe money. Ticos aren’t prudes, just thieves. (yes, not ALL Ticos… some ARE prudes and some AREN’T thieves. There are exceptions to most generalizations).

I have no idea why the FBI had a grudge against Mr. Lyon, but I wonder if he donated money to the wrong candidate or something. All in all, I’m glad I live in Costa Rica where the law can be bought off relatively cheaply, and the moral crusaders are content with photo ops.

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  1. In a nut shell why do you suppose prostitution is not legal in the States? Ive heard it said supression breeds aggression. Perhaps sex crimes would drop, if the paying for coochie was legal.

  2. Mongers need to understand they are taking risks in their activities, regardless of how innocent they make their explanation sound. Yes it's heady to walk into a place and know you can take your pick of the ladies there. Yes, any women you can lay your eyes on will shortly be submitting to you in a back room for just a few bucks. Or, is it because of your undeniable charm? NOT! Here is the bottom line. Abuse of a women is a serious offense. You want the extreme? Watch "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Costa Rican women are available for sex becausreCosta Rican men require it, not because tourists do. My father, full blooded Costa Rican, was taken to an MP by his father to make him a man. Costa Rican men require the availability of sex when ever they want it. I remember my junior high school days. Just a block or two from my school there was a house that turned their front room into a candy store. Another turned their's into a sandwich shop. That place was sexy because they sold cigs singly from open packs. Ohhhhhhh! Both offered relief from the boring school lunch. It's that simple folks. Now, enter the tourist.