Inside the Working Girl Mind Part 3a – S E X

Well, I’ve covered most of the stuff most guys don’t care about, so now on the the ‘meat’ of the matter: SEX.

It’s an unfortunate fact for us mongers that all working girls are different. Sure, we like that they LOOK different, but inside those pretty little heads are attitudes towards sex that provide never ending surprises for the paying customer.

It is probably safe to say that every girl has her rules, that is, what she will do and what she won’t do. Even the wildest of the wild may not be into somebody do a number two on her stomach. And if you find one that will allow that (you sick b*_st*_rd) she may still not allow you to touch her hair, or something else equally innocuous.

Still, in order to say anything at all, you have to make some generalizations. I would say that most of the girls enjoy sex, at least when their customer isn’t totally gross. But to say they enjoy it doesn’t mean they enjoy it a LOT. In my numerous encounters, I have found that most girls will at least fake an orgasm, or something that could be mistaken for one, except that NO female orgasm begins at insertion and continues until YOU are done, then suddenly stops.

Perhaps I am naive but I am convinced that several of my ‘providers’ have had actual climaxes. It’s possible that they have learned to do vaginal contractions and are willing to raise their heartbeat in the 120 range just to fool me, but it seems a little far fetched. I don’t pay that much.

At the other end of the scale are the girls who don’t even try. There is a girl who works the Del Rey who has the nickname ‘Del Rey Barbie.’ She has a pretty face and a body that has been enhanced to the point of absurdity. I know somebody who ‘took a chance’ on her, and reported that she was the worst ‘shag’ he had ever had in his life. About all she was willing to do was lie naked, like a cadaver with her legs apart, and… oh yeah, and ask the Spanish equivalent of asking ‘aren’t you done YET?’

I have met some guys who are ALMOST satisfied with a hot body. I’ll get into monger psychology in a later article, but most mongers want some combination of the PSE (porn star experience) and the GFE (girlfriend experience). I suppose there are some guys who enjoy having sex with a girl who is obviously not enjoying herself, but most guys I talk to don’t.
The really GOOD providers are those who are out to enjoy themselves as well as make a buck. When you find one of those who happens to inhabit a hot body, and you don’t have to take out a second mortgage (good luck with THAT!) to afford her.

(more to come)

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  1. You really need to post how the girls talk to each other about us..because I know for a fact that they do..which customers treat them wth respect or badly.. Think about it ,we talk about them..they talk about us.

    • thomasobrien says:

      Excellent idea, Tinman. That is now on my official 'to do' list.

      • The girls at the del rey know the men that pay well and are new, they also know men that not pay well or treat them badly. I have seen a few 10s not give some men the time of day,If they know the man want them for only 60 a hour when they know they wait and will get 100 easy. they talk with each other which are good customers.I know some of the women ask for money first ,only if you are new and not know you.,It is a trust thing. I always pay what is the deal is with the girl, but if she is bad in room it is one and done.The smart ones are hot in bed and keep you wanting more.

  2. Yes, can we do some interviews of the girls.

  3. I haven't visited Costa Rica yet, but I enjoy your newsletter. Just one question, the girl who's picture is at the top of this column, what bar does she work at? Thanks

    • I hope you get to go sometime, it is really an amazing place, I personaly just lurk about the del rey/Blue Marlin, and exercise my bargaining skills, the girls are quite open to this, I think in 7 years perhaps only one refusal, any way it is a candy store, your pick. I don't like outside it scares me, all the num num I need is inside, great room service for feeding time, I dart across the street for the all you can eat buffett. The girls are really very nice, I go for the 7s or 8s tica or nica, they seem the warmest to me, most appreciative, Its a hum dinger when they say thank you.

    • thomasobrien says:

      Tom, the two top pictures aren't bartenders anywhere, they are pictures from 'Amo Latina.' The bottom picture is a girl who used to work the lower end strip joints. The other two are definitely NOT working lower end strip clubs.

  4. Yup great subject. Here is my first negotiating item. Uso mis manos, ok? I use my hands, ok? If I can't use my hands inside (fingers) and out, I break it off. If you know your way around a women's vagina, insid and out, you've got her where you want her. Press those two main buttons and she'll start floping around like a fish out of water. Porn can be such an educational tool.

  5. ah the subtle nuance's Ive been experimenting with turning the girls loose with a companion jelly dong prior to my own eventual release, enchanting really, running the gambit . One girl was so enthralled she said she no longer needed a husband, and was going to take it home draw a hot bath, put on some jazz music and get with with it as she lovingly placed it between her breasts. I think she fell in love with me.

  6. Latin America $4P says:

    I recommend bringing battery powered toys with you to Costa Rica. They make for a nice warm up.

    Never let a chica go unless you have exhausted her. If she is really tired, then you have done the trick.

  7. Ment Cuba Dave, He posted #24 and #23 of his favorite mp girls and that seems like months ago. Thought he'd be near the top ten by now.

  8. I think an interesting question is "Why so many mps in Costa Rica?" Lets take the opportunity to discuss and therefore learn about other cultures every now and then. Lets avoid the boring generalization, "they are all sluts". My old high school sandwich shop and candy store are mps in a way because they offer relief the the boring school lunch. Their MP, which is there for Ticos, does busines with tourists because of the obvious charm of their money. Take pics and vids and spread them on the internet using your finest braggers font, there will be some blow-back. Cuba Dave, nice guy I'm sure, doesn't really get it to my way of thinking. He couldn't understand why his pics and vids weren't appreciated for advertising Hotel Havana, as if he can teach the primitives an advertising lesson. Get careless and abuse their culture and the law will engage is in an obvious case of dual standards that will make your wallet spin. Good luck with that. Like the sarge used to say to his fellow cops before they hit the streets in Hill Street Blues, "Lets Be Careful out there".

  9. Latin America $4P says:

    What the Costa Ricans have to say in person is pretty negligible. It's actually the Americans in Costa Rica that are MUCH more verbal about pictures of their "girls" being posted.

    You can have a girl for the entire night in DR for $30. Ticas by comparison are spoiled and want everything for nothing. I think that has far more to do with dave not being in Costa Rica.

  10. I agree tinman, but it should be about more than just "am I having a great time". How bout we start a club. Hmmmm lets see…..lets call the club…."Is she having a great time". Yeah, lets do that. "Is she having a great time?" Let me tell you. I've been to a Superbowl, a World series, an NBA Championship but there is no greater spectical than having a front row seat to a women in the throws of multiple orgasm. It rivals Vesuvius, and that’s what I'm talking about !

  11. Robert Driscoll says:

    I don't see the big excitement about the Del Ray, almost every girl is out to rob you if they can get away with it! And the managers will back the girls, if you complain! I know, I've been thru some hell when I was there!

    • Robert, Your so right. The Del Rey has lost a lot of it's luster. It is a lot of average working girls charging twice as much as the MP. If you like silicone, fake smiles and a actress for 30 mins and part at least 100 bucks this place is for you. Over priced drinks and food. A dump in my opinion.