Inside the Working Girl Mind – Part 2

Other than the top tier girls, you’ll find they tend to have a lot in common. For starters, I have met VERY few with an education beyond 6th grade. I have two girls I know who never spent a single day in school. Yes, they can read and write (not well) but they were self taught, or taught by friends/family. Contrary to what Costa Rica would like you to believe, the public education system here is pathetic. The classes are overcrowded and it takes an exceptionally bright and/or motivated student to learn much of anything.

Beyond that, they public schools are ‘free’ in name only. Way back in the dark days when I was in grammar school, there was no expense outside of having clothes to wear, and since we didn’t run around naked that wasn’t really an extra expense. In Costa Rica, students not only have to buy uniforms, but they have to buy virtually all of their supplies. No free pencils HERE. It gets to a point where the kids can read and write, and since they won’t be going on to the university, why try to scrape together the money for 13 year old Maria to continue?

Then comes the next gotcha… one of the local boys (or Uncle Tito…) gets little Maria pregnant. Maybe she holds out to the ripe old age of 17 but if you ask the working girls how old they were when they had their first baby, it’s usually somewhere in the teens, sometimes shockingly young. And don’t think that they stop with that first one. If you find a working girl past 24 without 3 kids, you have stumbled across a rare one. Remember that that Costa Rica’s official government policy towards sex education is ‘abstinence only.’ You can see how well it works.

I won’t bother citing statistics, but teenage pregnancy, unemployment and single parent households are off the charts, along with child poverty.

One thing that amazes gringos is the seemingly total lack of planning on the part of the girls. The girls have a streak of the ‘good luck’ and the first thing they do is blow a chunk of the money on a new tattoo or something equally idiotic. The mindset behind this is that if they don’t indulge themselves when they have a little spare money, when CAN they indulge themselves? The whole ‘Horatio Alger’ mindset is totally foreign to them. If they dream of success, it isn’t by hard work and thrift, it’s by luck: winning the lottery, marrying a gringo… something that happens to them, not something they MAKE happen.

I have a friend who lives with his Tica girlfriend, not a working girl, but from the same culture, same educational level. I noticed a little ‘shrine’ on a table in their home: a few pictures of Jesus and some candles burning, along with a note of some sort written out. I asked what it was. It was to send Jesus a prayer for the novio to make more money. Voodoo economics?

(in part 3, we get down to what you REALLY want to hear… their attitudes about SEX! stay tuned)

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  1. Accept for legalized prostitution you can pretty much substitute the United States where the writer is saying Costa Rica. It has been a while since you were in school, most schools do expect U.S students to buy some supplies if not all. Some dedicated teachers will buy school supplies out of their own pocket. As for teen pregnancy have you seen the statistics for the U.S.? As for planning for your financial future our lottery programs are not hurting for customers. As for uniforms I would guess that it might even be cheaper than trying to" keep up with the Jones" like many of Americans do and it eliminates false brevoldo and embaresment about what one can or can not afford. And finally the writer is correct about tica 's looking for a Gringo meal ticket we are so lucky in this country that our women do not want or care if their man has money!!

  2. biggeratl says:

    Just got back from my trip to CR, this is very true almost every working girl I spoke to had one kid, and just walking down the street or sitting at a bar with a good view of the people walking by you can see some many young women with kids or pregnant.
    looking forward to the next post about sex. I observed four different attitudes towards sex while I was on my trip.

  3. Not sure where Jay lives but the women here sure as hell care if you have MONEY! And sex forget it! ITs show me the money! Its cheaper to Rent than buy! All my married buddies forgot last time the got laid!

  4. I have met two women so far who have not had a child. One is living with an older Tico boyfriend and is very anti-baby seeing it a the ruin of her peers. But she still lives and spends for the moment and if she has a windfall from a Gringo session she spends it immediately.
    The other is more 'capitalist' working long hours in a MP and living with her parents. She is an only child, never wants a child or marriage and seems to be quite content. She also gives the best massage I have ever had.
    Both women also are much more 'snug' than their child bearing contemporaries.