Fools In Love: S#4 – Addendum

I ran across this and it really impressed me. BEFORE YOU WATCH, MUTE IT! VERY IMPORTANT. Watch it for a while, half a minute minimum, and ask yourself what you’re thinking. Then turn on the sound.

If this woman wasn’t speaking YOUR language, you would be thinking the same as you thought when you had it muted… MAN, WHAT A SET OF BAZOOMS! Okay, back to reality…

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  1. Wow, what a nut job. Nice boobies, though.

  2. Well, why should I worry? Big mama is on the case!!!!

  3. Twin Flame….I love it !!

  4. ok remeber when the world was going to end at the year 2000.. power go down and all. computers will fail and all.. ok ok I get it don't do drugs that is the point!!!!!!!!!

  5. have a little too much time on your hands do you, "Thomas O'Brien"? You folks gettin desperate to send something out new every day?

    • thomasobrien says:

      I ran across it, and I thought it demonstrated quite nicely the point I was trying to make in the prior post. If you didn't KNOW that woman was speaking total gibberish, you (well not YOU) might think she was do-able, even GF material if you are stuck in the States.

  6. First thought was she has lousy taste in art with the Thomas Kincaid knockoff in the background.

    Just looking at her silently my thoughts were I wouldn't F**K her with a stolen D**K.

    Plieadians!!!!! Andromedans!!!

  7. chicago dan says:

    Yes, she has a nice set of reptillions ! I like her much better with the sound off. Thomas, you made your point ! I'd still do her but I have something to shut her up !

  8. Do we get to have cleansing sex with the high priestest??? I'm a believer !!!

  9. Nah, she's fine, she just hasn't had a nice reptilion in her anus lately.

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