Inside the Working Girl Mind – Part 1

[disclaimer: I am not all-knowing nor a professional anything, psychologist or otherwise. The following are my opinions and conclusions. Feel free to disagree]

I have heard opinions expressed in certain quarters among certain mongers that it doesn’t matter what goes on inside a working girls head, the body is all that matters. If you can’t find fault with this logic then this little article will be of no interest to you. For the rest, read on.

I can not claim to have met every working girl in the country. Not even close. And there is a certain type that I have virtually no experience with, and I’ll get them out of the way right off. I have very little experience with the $100 and up Del Rey Barbies. Well, actually, two. I suppose they’ll have to do as examples, though I hate generalizing too much.

One was/is named Susana and she speaks nearly flawless English. She’s light skinned mulatta and although she’s over 30 she has kept her figure nicely. She has quite a high opinion of herself despite her profession. She has plenty of family drama on several fronts… ex husbands and daughters who seem to be constantly bothering her in one way or another. Although she is not a thief, she is not all that scrupulous in her dealings with her clients. She rather looks down on us poor pathetic men. After all, WE pay HER, not vice versa. As far as sex goes, she was adequate and workmanlike. Beyond that, she is of the opinion that you are paying to use her body, and that should be enough.

Number 2 is named Jaqueline, and she’s in her late 20s, trim and also has ample self-confidence. She was of the ‘slim’ type rather than Susana’s ‘curvy’ type. She bears a strong resemblance to a certain very famous pop star. I was able to enjoy her company for a discount and I saw her semi-regularly until she stood me up the second time without calling to tell me or even to apologize afterward. Jaqueline was very clean but like Susana, her performance in bed was just okay. When I met her she was in a lesbian relationship which she eventually left because her lover was too much of a problem. Like some other lesbian hookers I know, she is able to enjoy sex with a man, to a point, even to the point of orgasm, but she has no real interest in any emotional connection.

I know… why would I want an emotional connection with a hooker? Well, I would have been a fool to become emotionally attached to her, but that’s not what I wanted. What I like is at least the ILLUSION of a connection. Simply being allowed to perform a physical act isn’t what I enjoy most. Why even bother with anything but your hand if it’s only about physical sensation… you won’t get a tighter fit than your own mitt…

At any rate, I didn’t pay the dreaded $100 for either one, but they both charge and get that with reasonable frequency. Despite this, neither lives a life of even middle class Tico level. It’s not that they couldn’t, if that was their goal, but as strange as it seems, it is NOT.

The ‘American Dream’ of getting ahead is not nearly as universal as most Gringos imagine. Few, if any of these girls at any level had big dreams of moving up in the world. At least not the girls I have met. If they are ambitious at all, it’s in the direction of acquiring nicer clothes and for those blessed with enough physical talent, perhaps even a nice car and a house. Those that get that far are few and far between. And those that DO get that far don’t get there by doing 8 guys a night, 6 nights a week at $100 a pop. The ‘normal’ working girl is content to do one ‘client’ a day/night WHEN she feels like working at all, which usually translates to how much she needs/wants money.

There are some exceptions, but as a rule the girls are ‘one and done’ as soon as they make enough to meet whatever immediate needs they have. If they have enough THIS week, they may not come out until the figurative wolf is at the door again.

(more to come)

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  1. tom geiser says:

    Very nice

  2. ron scott says:

    Hello Thomas!
    First off, I want you to know that it is my honor, privilege and pleasure to read your articles as they become available; I am a great fan of yours as are all of my friends!
    This year marks my 6th visit to C.R. and I happen to love the country and its people,
    In fact, I have just signed off to lease a really nice home in Escazu!
    Anyway, thank you for your honesty and please keep up your serious, outstanding work!
    Best regards,

  3. I have never paid one hundred dollars for a chica. To be quite frank, it has been my experience that the typical "6 or 7" who charges

    I have never paid $100 for a chica. Quite frankly, it has been my experience that the typical "6 or 7" chica who charges much less [and is quite often a Nica] usually offers much more of a GFE experience, all part of the fantasy……and a fantasy is exactly what it is. Only a fool will allow his emotions to get the best of him with a working girl. You have to be able to "take them or leave them."

    Looking forward to more!

  4. Well we all have what think is the GFE experience , for me when I am in costa rica and I have a girls I like, and we work well together. I will take to dinner and even I have taken to a movie. If you just take the girl to hotel room and done with, to me there is no GFE experience( you just had time with the girl). I have about four girls that work at the del rey or sportmans that I would call friends that (we write to each other I send no money). when I come back in town they meet with me( yes still money. )I alway pay the girls even if they want free.. you still keep in your mind that she is a working girl. you not want to marry her just make her a special friend..REALLY WE SHOULD CALL IT SPECIAL FRIEND EXPERIENCE..if you treat the girls good they will do more, for less.